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  1. baileybailey1


    PM sent
  2. baileybailey1

    SCCY CPX1 9MM for sale

    PM sent
  3. baileybailey1

    Vortex scope ring lot

    I will take the 30mm rings .. PM sent
  4. baileybailey1

    Zeiss 15x56 HD’s for sale

    I will take them ..PM sent
  5. baileybailey1

    Savage axis 7mm/08 youth rifle for sale

    PM sent
  6. baileybailey1

    Kuiu Tiburon

    PM sent
  7. baileybailey1

    Vias and Verde Kuiu Teton Tops

    PM sent
  8. baileybailey1

    Kuiu gloves, gaiters, shirt for sale

    I will take the gloves..PM sent
  9. baileybailey1

    Kuiu Solid Tops

    PM sent I will take the kuiu shirts..thank you
  10. baileybailey1

    300 blackout

    Will be in the Phx area this weekend if anyone is interested...
  11. baileybailey1

    300 blackout

  12. baileybailey1

    300 blackout

    Purchased at a shop in Phx..
  13. baileybailey1

    300 blackout

    Sorry located in Tucson ..
  14. baileybailey1

    300 blackout

    Selling for a friend..300 blackout has a magpul pistol grip, troy rail, spikes tactical charging handle magpul bolt release, spikes lower, troy magazine release and mbus sights. It also includes 3 30 round pmag (gen m3).. asking 600.00 ... PM or text me and I will get you in touch with him .. 520-262-5747