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  1. HuntHarder

    Red flag laws

    I agree with most of that.
  2. HuntHarder

    Red flag laws

    Not saying I am in favor of the new law by any stretch. I agree, this state is now purple and slowly transitioning to blue. It is sad to see. I do, however, think something needs to be done and I do not have the answer. Mental health is a very, very tough thing to enact laws to try and curb. Not sure it is possible, but looking at different options never hurts.
  3. HuntHarder

    Red flag laws

    Aren't there background checks right now on firearms purchased at FFl's?
  4. HuntHarder

    Who has the early hunt?

    I have been scouting for a buddy with the same tag. #'s seem down to me or they are just hiding better in the trees this year. Seen plenty of Mule deer bucks, but lacking on the Antelope. 13 points seems like a lot to burn on this hunt. I would guess the amount of goats killed on the last 5 archery hunts in there are sub 10 total.
  5. HuntHarder

    Bison reports

    The last 10 tags, there was 1 paying client. They killed early. I think 8-9 of the tags participated in Russ's program.
  6. HuntHarder

    Bison reports

    The last cow hunt had above 60% success rate. I heard of 6 taken with a day or so left in the hunt.
  7. HuntHarder

    fake turf installer

    Somehow I was labeled a dentist with small hands. Poor guy is confused. Some weird fantasy of the rich I guess.
  8. HuntHarder

    Clinton Body Count Tally

    So many different accounts of how this happened. I read a report that he was taken off of suicide watch the day before he "committed suicide". Like anything else of this magnitude, the truth will never be known. The fact is, this scum bag got off way to easy.
  9. HuntHarder

    Clinton Body Count Tally

    It's crazy, I usually hope asswipes like this get the death penalty some how, some way. Then this lowlife kills himself and I am pissed that he did not have to face any more shame, took the easiest way out possible.
  10. HuntHarder

    fake turf installer

    Lol. I remember my first night drinking too.
  11. HuntHarder

    fake turf installer

    Your cool, I wish I had your money, I would light mine on fire.
  12. HuntHarder

    'Violation of Community Standards"

    Why even post on Facebook? They clearly do not share the same views. The more users, the more valuable the are...
  13. HuntHarder

    Mullins bull VS A3 bull

    Everyone Knows A3's tapes are always loose. Such a difference in class between the 2 guide services used. At the end of the day tho, both bulls are solid. 12 more days until another bull hits the dirt?
  14. HuntHarder


    Bojangles has it all figured out.. No more free thinking allowed. Whatever he says is clearly the best option.