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  1. HuntHarder

    Spot-and-Stalk or Sitting Water?

    Spot and stalk is a lot more fun. I've killed plenty both ways and here in AZ, much prefer spot and stalk. Coues are pretty habitual on the early hunt tho, late hunt is a shitshow. Those hill rats can move a mile in minutes.
  2. HuntHarder

    Riffle available for a good price

    If you will send me the rifle and $4,000.00, I will western union you back $6000.00.
  3. HuntHarder

    Need Help.. Missed biggest deer of my life

    Gotta put fur and 110" racks on those rocks?
  4. HuntHarder


    Gotta be those huge beanbags they have
  5. HuntHarder


    Like the dumbest big game animal we get to hunt. They make mule deer look smart
  6. HuntHarder

    New Draw

    Because it would generate exactly 0 more dollars doing that. Having a separate draw will entice people to apply.
  7. HuntHarder

    Back to 4B

    Giant or bust in 4B!!
  8. HuntHarder

    Leftover tags

    My question, Why TF are you in a hurry to get a leftover spring tag? To think we have a 3 page thread of people bitching about the leftover list taking too long. FFS ladies, get a life.
  9. HuntHarder

    RV's in the cold

  10. HuntHarder

    ISO: sxs utility trailer

    Stop shi*#ing on a guy's classified. Start a new thread if you want to do a PSA on hauling a SxS.
  11. HuntHarder

    Guess the score part 2

    That buck is a tough one for me. Looks light horned, longer beams, long tines. I keep getting 191". That could be way off tho. lol. I feel like judging from a video should be easier, but for me it's harder. Absolute stud buck tho. Thanks for the awesome mule deer videos.
  12. HuntHarder

    Guess the score results

    Great Buck! Not knowing what hunt you had, I would say that buck is hard to pass on for most hunts. His extra fork is pretty cool.
  13. HuntHarder

    Guess the Score??

    Anyone close on score? I see how at different angles you second guess his size dramatically. At any rate, solid coues for sure🥳
  14. HuntHarder

    Guess the Score??

    High 180's- 190