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  1. Yup. The camo is secondary to the performance of the garment. Prana zions, Eddie bauer guide pants, kuhl renegades are great non- camo bottoms. As far as camo tops go, the Sitka seem to be longer in torso length and fit much better than most of my kuiu. For an Alaska trip in late september, I chose to go with some of the higher end Sitka for the just in case moment of being caught in a storm. The technical aspect of some of their clothing is pretty awesome.
  2. I own quite a bit of camo from all the companies. I personally like the fit and selection better with Sitka.
  3. HuntHarder

    Super Raffle tag buck...

    I wish all Coues were hybrids... It would make chasing coues over carp easier.
  4. HuntHarder

    Velvet Bulls

    Old Friend looks like he is gonna be a stud! Got some great length on the fronts
  5. HuntHarder

    10mm for grizzly bear defense

    Cool topic here. I am heading to Alaska this year and was planning on taking my 4" 44 mag. I am thinking a Glock 29SF or 20SF is in my near future. I have always wanted a 10mm anyway.
  6. HuntHarder

    PSA 6.5

    The creedmoor is in the AR-10 platform and is a much bigger lower. I have a PSA gen 2 AR-10 in .308 that is right at MOA with gold medal match ammo. I havnt even attempted to reload for it, but I am sure I can squeeze some more out of it. I also have a PSA AR-15 in 6.5 grendal that shoots slightly sub moa with factory ammo. Again, I am sure I can get a little more out of it when I start to reload for it. The big thing on AR's imo is the triggers. I have a Timney in the .308, triggertech in the grendal and la rue in my blackout. They are all great triggers, but I think I lean toward my triggertech. As for the reliability, I own 4 PSA uppers and honestly have never had 1 jam or misfire. I know when the first gen creedmoors came out, they were having some issues, but I think those are ironed out now
  7. HuntHarder

    Traeger at Costco Tempe

    We all make mistakes in life... Just kidding, I equate the pellet grill makers to high end coolers. Yeti and traeger were the first to really do it and be able to charge a premium for their products. Now there are so many competitors that make comparable products that both companies have to step their game up to compete with all the new companies. I own a traeger and have nothing but good to say about it. I have changed out 1 hot rod in over 7 years of owning it. (I think it's been 7 maybe 8 years.) I really like some of the new advancements on pellet grills. A new one might be in my near future.
  8. HuntHarder

    Polaris General Crew VS Ranger Crew

    a million?
  9. HuntHarder

    270 win barrel life

    He is simply asking if any has ever shot out a .270 barrel. If you have, how many shots did it take to lose 1MOA of accuracy. I do not think he has shot his out, just trying to gauge when he might expect to start seeing signs of a shot out barrel.
  10. HuntHarder

    Idaho Draw

    That's awesome. Im going on my first caribou trip this year and then moose is next. Hopefully this Alaska caribou works out good and I can use the same transporter for moose the following year. Thanks for the info on Idaho and Montana. As you know the planning stage takes some time.
  11. HuntHarder

    Idaho Draw

    Cool looking Moose! Having not knowing much about Montana moose, is that considered above average, average or below? I honestly have no concept of what a big Montana moose looks like. Hopefully I ca get lucky and grab this tag in the next 10 years.
  12. HuntHarder

    unit 11M archery draw tag

    I am no biologists, but I would say this is overdue. The buck to doe ratio in 11m is out of hand.
  13. HuntHarder

    Time for a suppressor

    Yeah man, it sucked for like the first 2 months and then I honestly forgot about them. Then you get that phone call.... It is like Christmas in the middle of the year.
  14. HuntHarder

    Time for a suppressor

    Another easy option is Silencershop.com I have bought 2 from them. It was a very simple process, with dealers set up all over the valley. Some dealers have machines in their store that do your fingerprints and picture in house. Super simple process. Simply research the can you are interested in, check prices online and buy it. Some of their prices are higher than others, some are lower and they have a bunch of sales all thru out the year. Welcome to the addiction.
  15. HuntHarder

    Plumber Needed

    Lots of plumbers on here. Hopefully one who posted in your thread pmd you their number like you asked for.