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  1. HuntHarder


    Sucks man... Pretty sure I have the same thing going on Rokslide right now. I do not get attached to an item until it shows up, just the world we live in now. The amount of BS involved in buying and selling is insane.
  2. HuntHarder

    SPOT messaging service

    Inreach here as well. Worked great while in the back country for an extended hunt. Very easy to use and worked flawlessly. I only turned it on a couple times a day and sent and received maybe 30 texts over a 7 day period. The device still had 75% battery.
  3. HuntHarder

    Finally made it down south

    Yeah. place is terrible. No big fish down there.😉
  4. HuntHarder

    Rrrrrattle Rattle

    I wear turtle skin gators if the grass is so tall and thick, there is no way I am going to see them. (19a antelope hunting). Some people disagree, but I usually kill the ones I see.
  5. HuntHarder

    Model 700 question

    I have trigger tech, Timney, (had) jewell and my triggertech is my favorite.
  6. HuntHarder

    Canada Bear hunt

    ^ Is a dick
  7. HuntHarder

    Trail Cam BAN

    Ban em'
  8. HuntHarder

    ATV trailer recommendations

    I have a 1000-5 and right now I am hauling it on a 10' x 5.5'. It is so tight it is crazy. I am too, looking for a new trailer. I am going to go with a 12x6.5'. 6' wide will only give you maybe 4" on each side, and that is, if you do not do anything to the wheels or tires or Arms. PJ is on top of my list. 7712 is perfect IMO
  9. HuntHarder

    Elk Back Pack

    Kifaru. Pick up a used one over on Rokslide.com and it will be be the best thing you have ever done for your back. They carry weight very well and are highly customizable to fit YOUR torso, waist, back profile and hunting needs. I used to think my Eberlestock's and badlands were comfortable. After Making the leap to Kifaru, the difference is like going from a cheap pack to a badlands or eberlestock. Some other good higher end companies to check out are EXO and Stone Glacier.
  10. HuntHarder

    New 1/2 Ton - What would you pick?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfHtcUZXljw I think Amiri King Sums it up pretty good. J/k but still funny.
  11. HuntHarder

    UofA seriously?

    Just threw up.... We are soooooo screwed as a country. I fear the next 10 years immensely
  12. HuntHarder

    6.5 PRC

    Makes more sense. Thanks for clarifying
  13. HuntHarder

    6.5 PRC

    Huh? Just naming another brass maker. I would take Bertram over Hornady brass...
  14. HuntHarder

    6.5 PRC

    Bertram is now making 6.5 PRC brass too
  15. HuntHarder

    1000 yards here we come

    What is spinning the cases to get a uniform heat?