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  1. HuntHarder

    Youth Rifle Recommendations for Big Game

    I think a kid should have their OWN rifle. I see the new trend is building up a sweet rig for yourself, doing the load development, sighting it in, carrying the rifle and then when you find an animal to shoot at, Dad gets kid behind the gun and they pull the trigger. I know when I got my first rifle, it was my rifle and that was the only gun I wanted to shoot. My suggestion is take the kid down to the store, let them hold a few rifles in set price range, and let the kid pick what rifle they like. Caliber depends on a few variables, but I honestly do not think it makes that big of a difference on deer sized game. Recoil would be my deciding factor.
  2. HuntHarder


    I am shooting a 6 pin slider sight for the above 2 reasons. I hated fiddling with the slider when the shot presented itself. I now have pins 20-70 for hunting and can dial for long range practice or follow up shots if they give ya one. I am of firm belief that if the animal is still standing, I am still sending them! .19 diameter pins 20-50 and .10 for 60-slider.
  3. hmmm.... Did hoghuntr hack into NOTAGS account? Pretty sure this is the campfire there Sheriff.
  4. HuntHarder

    So who’s air frying?

    No different than a Microwave, toaster oven, hair dryer. 1600W is actually 13.3 amps because 110v hasn't been used in quite some time. Utilities are now required to give you 120v +/- 5% or 114v to 126v with the majority getting 120ish.
  5. HuntHarder

    Which scope?

    I have a veracity on my AR-10. Decent scope for the money. Functions great, turrets are good. Scope itself is fairly large and lacking in the clarity in my opinion. When comparing it to a few other scopes I have (leupold, Zeiss, swaro) it is pretty far behind when you dial up the power. At lower power I am happy with it but once you zoom it in, the clarity diminishes. Good scope for the money, but with a budget of $1500.00, I would get something else. Plenty of scopes are less than $1500.00 and are better. Nightforce, Zeiss come to mind.
  6. HuntHarder

    Colt Python is Back!!!

    Crazy that Colt would put out a Python that is anything but top notch. Clearly they know the value of the older models and why they are so sought after. I think lots of companies now a days, put out new items with not enough testing. They are in such a rush to make profit on the time they have invested in products, that they forego longevity testing.
  7. HuntHarder

    horses in elk unit

    How do you think the population should be manged AZBH88? Pretty much every animal in the state is managed in some way. I wonder if a lion would try and kill a horse? I am sure they would, but it would have to be really hungry or some kind of circumstance. I honestly do not hunt the areas where the horses are a problem, but I do hunt where the Donkey population has exploded. With none or very few predators and no hunting season, they have become an absolute PIA. They tear the landscape up pretty bad.
  8. HuntHarder

    Anyone find a 3x3

    I think he wants you to post up a pin with where you were hunting. We all saw how the TMP buck thread turned out.... His buck today had some ground shrinkage so I think he is looking for new spots.
  9. HuntHarder

    Montana or Wyoming Whitetail hunt

    That is a huge Whitetail, almost looks like a Muley.😉
  10. HuntHarder

    God Bless Our Troops

    Did it crash on takeoff? I thought I read that it was shot down by an Iranian Missile?
  11. HuntHarder

    God Bless Our Troops

    Pentagon thinks missile from Iranian defense system shot down 737 on accident... big shocker
  12. HuntHarder

    unit 24b in arizona

    Those are illegals that got lost on their way north.....
  13. HuntHarder

    God Bless Our Troops

  14. HuntHarder

    Honda Pioneer 1000-5 deluxe

    That is the upcharge for dealing with the CWT.com assholes.
  15. HuntHarder

    unit 24b in arizona

    I have never had to take my boots off.. I figure that is the second stinkiest part of my body and one swirl of the wind and I am done. Just gotta be a ninja when you are bowhunting.