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  1. 105Coues

    Turkey with my 8 gauge

    That is badass! Good for you! Congrats and way to be proactive changing laws with common sense!
  2. 105Coues

    Ethical Arizona hunting point

    Well chit! It is true just looked it up. Crap like this is why they have lost the support of the AZ resident hunters. dang shame..... but anything for a buck I guess. Hopefully their rep will chime in.
  3. 105Coues

    Ethical Arizona hunting point

    So just like auto emissions, you fail, pay more, and get a pass bc u paid extra. If this is true, that is a kick in the nuts to those who met the standard.
  4. 105Coues

    Memorial Thanks

  5. 105Coues


    Awesome! Congrats! Beautiful animals! On my bucket list haven't drawn yet! Definitely want to try the meat some day.
  6. 105Coues

    2024 Governors Lion Tag

    Big Ole noggin on him! Congrats!
  7. 105Coues

    Leftover Tags,,,,

    They have always sent my app back unopened. That was my notice I guess.
  8. 105Coues

    Mexico dead head

    Well how big is big?
  9. Tough unit for sure. Good luck!
  10. 105Coues

    Some AZ History

    Pretty cool. Had no idea. Thanks for sharing!
  11. 105Coues

    2023 Coues

    Congrats to you!
  12. 105Coues

    2023 Kaibab Bison Success!

    Congrats brother! Sounds like an awesome hunt! Love hearing stories like this!
  13. 105Coues

    Thanks AZ...

    Congrats brother! Looks like like you had an incredible hunt!
  14. I heard it was as successful as Bidens inflation package for the money spent so I would guess prolly not. 😬 my .02
  15. 105Coues

    Big Boguillas Gone?

    I agree game and fish should exclude it from 10 and make hunting on the ranch illegal since the animals belong to the state. Aka the people. If this practice gets started it spread like wildfire and people will be locking every piece of state land they can. I have seen a fair amount of this through the years where roads crossing state land for access were closed due to access being allowed through private. Only to have the private locked later, thus making the state land or forest inaccessible.