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  1. 105Coues

    Raymond Cow Hunt

    Thanks for all the replies. I have talked to the ranch manager in previous years and he was super helpful with the questions I had. I will definitely be contacting him again. I had 35 points. taken a long time to draw a tag. Obviously not the luckiest guy in the draws. Looking forward to having the meat. I will definitely go out there and check it out prior.
  2. 105Coues

    Raymond Cow Hunt

    Good morning my brothers and sisters! I drew one of the Raymond Cow tags this fall and would like to chat with anyone who has been on this hunt in the past. I didn't see much in searches here. Trying to be as prepared as possible logistically for the hunt, meat care and quantity, and hide care. Pm me and will give you my phone number.
  3. 105Coues


    That will be a badass hunt! Enjoy. People talk chit but they probably all put in for it 1st choice. Jealousy is an ugly thing sometimes. Lol BTO is top notch for sure!
  4. I saw you had a tag for buffalo on Raymond. I drew a tag for this fall and would love to hear about how your hunt went and what to expect.

  5. 105Coues

    2020 sheep report?

    Soooo your saying there’s a chance!
  6. 105Coues

    Daytime Lion Footage

    Great pic!
  7. 105Coues

    300 win mag ammo

    Wow that is a score for sure! You must be lucky! Good luck with finding a certain ammo with the Biden effect going on. Just keep looking you have lots of time. Pick up a few boxes of what you can get and make it work! I drew the archery right before yours. Fortunate for me they havent attacked arrows........yet.
  8. 105Coues

    Need some info help on Unit 1 in AZ

    As mentioned by someone, Eagar and Springerville have RV parks and that time of year should be easy to get into. This will be a fun but cold hunt. I can give you some places to start if you PM me and answer any questions about the area.
  9. 105Coues

    Zeiss 15x60 help

    Got mine from Duane Adams years ago.
  10. 105Coues

    Results are up

    23N archery bull
  11. 105Coues

    Tick Tock (sanity version)

    The irony in all the drama is that for years the gf had issues every draw and we all just learned to accept it as the norm. Now that they have had almost a couple years of no issues, everyone goes batchit cray cray when we have issues again. although I always thought it was weird none of the other states I have put in for ever have issues.........maybe they are just screwing with us sitting back drinking a cold one and laughing!
  12. 105Coues

    9mm for Coues Deer.

    You asked for opinions so hear goes. 9mm is weak at best, 357 would be a way better choice. Not saying you can’t kill one but the probability of wounding one and losing it is much greater. Not trying to talk you out of it. You do you! It’s legal! I have shot both a ton and even had a lion crouched down at 25 feet with a tag in my pocket and my 9mm aimed at him for quite a spell while he sized me up. I didn’t shoot as I didn’t want to maim him and he run off to die somewhere. If I had my 357 mag I would have drilled him. 9mm works on people as they give up. Coues don’t give up. I have seen some hit hard with rifles that just amazed me how tough they are. Good luck whatever you decide! Nice pig btw!
  13. 105Coues

    Night hunting lights

    I thought it was always just yotes? Been wanting to try it for years. Just never had an open unit close.
  14. Chest with fmj. If you head shoot they are so bloodshot it makes it a beeeeaaattccchhh to skin without cutting holes. Hole will be small enough you shouldn’t have to sew. 22 also works great btw.
  15. 105Coues

    Night hunting lights

    I have never done this but any thoughts on the red lights?