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  1. campmeat

    Double Down

    Beautiful bulls! Congratulations to you both. I’ve had a decent few days of calling in 6a but can’t get the bulls to commit and come in.
  2. campmeat

    Good luck 11m hunters

    As soon as deer season ends and elk season starts you will . How it always works lol
  3. campmeat

    Good luck 11m hunters

    That's a dream bull right there!
  4. campmeat

    Euro mount?

    I've done a bunch of euros for friends and family. I would be interested on doing yours for 75 bucks a piece. message me if you're interested. I live in East mesa area heres a few I did in January
  5. campmeat

    how do you display your sheds

    My lady wanted me to share some more of her shed decorating for the fall season with all you fine people.
  6. campmeat

    2023 Coues

    Way to stick it out after all the attention the tank was getting. Congratulations he's a beautiful buck!
  7. campmeat

    ***** TODAY IS THE LAST DAY******

    Do I just email that address and they will send me the form to enter my son into the contest?
  8. campmeat

    34B Lope

    That was a rush I bet !!! Congratulations and thanks for sharing !
  9. campmeat

    Free Home Depot style pallet racking

    of course you did ! lmao
  10. campmeat

    Free Home Depot style pallet racking

    put me on the list please!
  11. campmeat

    Freezer fill!

    congrats! Anytime in the field with family is a successful hunt.
  12. campmeat

    Annual SD trip

    Great haul!
  13. campmeat

    Water proofing your hunting gear.

    Okay thanks. Do you know does it stain fabric with the silicone any?
  14. campmeat

    Water proofing your hunting gear.

    I have a nice rain cover for my pack and it works really well , but when I'm in hunt mode in the field and it starts to rain a little I always get torn between keep going and stopping and putting my cover on. I almost always wish i had just stopped put my cover on . lol
  15. campmeat

    Water proofing your hunting gear.

    Awesome and thank you again ! I'll give it a try for this upcoming bow season.