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  1. antlers1972

    .22-250 dies

    Fountain Hills and work in Scottsdale
  2. antlers1972

    .22-250 dies

  3. antlers1972

    .22-250 dies

  4. antlers1972

    .22-250 dies

    2 RCBS 22-250 die sets for sale. 1full length and 1 neck sizing set. No more than 50 rounds loaded through these. Dont own the rifle anymore so no need for these. Also will throw in 21 loaded rounds and 24 pieces of brass. 65.00$
  5. antlers1972

    1 pound H4350 ***SPF***

    I'll take the 4350,pm inbound
  6. antlers1972

    Tools, one last push

    Are you in the valley?
  7. antlers1972

    Hornady 6.5 creedmoor dies

    I'm sure they'll sell quick, little far for me,thanx
  8. antlers1972

    Hornady 6.5 creedmoor dies

    Where ya located
  9. antlers1972

    Savage 110 switchback NIB and 6mm CM dies for sale

    I'll take the dies, PM in inbound
  10. antlers1972

    Reloading Dies

    Where ya located
  11. antlers1972


    Can anyone recommend a good detailer who can buff out some Arizona pinstriping ?Thanx in advance
  12. antlers1972

    WTT/WTS Frankford platinum case trim station

    Where ya located
  13. antlers1972


    I have one for free,located in Fountain Hills
  14. antlers1972

    357 magnum/ security guard rig

  15. antlers1972

    357 magnum/ security guard rig

    I'll probably keep the ammo if the gun doesn't sell.not sure of the dash number,o can check wen I get home. 800 for just gun and ammo...I'm firm on that price, thanx for looking