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  1. antlers1972

    357 magnum/ security guard rig

    I'll probably keep the ammo if the gun doesn't sell.not sure of the dash number,o can check wen I get home. 800 for just gun and ammo...I'm firm on that price, thanx for looking
  2. antlers1972

    357 magnum/ security guard rig

    Smith and Wesson model 686, 357 magnum w/200 rounds of ammo and holster rig. Rig includes mini maglite, 2 speed loaders, pepper spray,handcuffs and holster,leatherman wave.All is new or in excellent condition. Asking 1,000$. Thanx for looking
  3. antlers1972

    Remember the 80s in Phoenix

    Arizona Outfitters on SE corner of Scottsdale and Shea,next to Sabas
  4. antlers1972

    Which way to the lake?

    So beautiful ..thnx
  5. antlers1972

    Ramps for Quad needed again

    Mine are 50" wide
  6. antlers1972

    Ramps for Quad needed again

    Man...I'm in Ftn Hills,let me know if ya interested or got something to trade...around 50$ value
  7. antlers1972

    Ramps for Quad needed again

    I have some trifold ramps,where ya located?
  8. antlers1972

    Teton Cot

    Roomy for you probably a lot different than roomy for me...I'm the fat guy in camp,lol
  9. antlers1972

    Teton Cot

    Is this the XL or standard size? Thanx
  10. antlers1972

    2006 Ranger 500 4x4 Price dropped

    How many hrs?
  11. antlers1972


    Great price
  12. antlers1972


    I am selling my Starcraft Meteor pop-up. This small trailer is in excellent condition. Sleeps 4. The canvas, windows, screens and zippers are all flawless,no leaks and has never had one. It has indoor/outdoor stove, fridge,heater and sink. 2 attached awnings, good tires and spare . Trailers well and can be pulled with any car or truck,it's super lite. This trailer was only used a few times since new and is ready to be hooked up and taken out. Has current registration and clean title. Asking 2,300$. Call for more details (480)203-7883 .located in Ftn Hills,thanx for looking
  13. antlers1972

    Help from NC

    Wow.. glossing for clues,lol I meant glassing for coues.