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  1. hunter72

    WTS - Remington 700 ADL .270

  2. hunter72

    Smith & Wesson .44 mag

    Browning abolt in 30/06 part trade?
  3. hunter72

    Unit 28 Sheep Draw: who got it?

    I was told at the sheep foundation there might not of been one this year for some reason. We have the 31 32 tag looking forward to it.
  4. hunter72

    Reloading odds and ends—-SOLD

  5. hunter72

    ISO Ruger 10/22

    I have a stainless one that I made for backpacking barrel was cut down to 161/2 stock was bedded.would trade for? +or - cash
  6. hunter72

    Found One

    Leopold 4x matte blue 200.00
  7. hunter72

    Ruger 22-250 with new barrel

    Ruger tang safety 22-250 with almost new shillin 1-8 twist barrel.ive put 48 rounds threw it sighting it in and a couple of yotes.The gun was built by Neff rifles in safford new barrel trued action lapped rings.it has a great trigger but don't know what brand it is.the action was ceracoted coyote brown.scope not included. The gun was built with the chamber cut to allow heavy bullets be seated out to the base of the neck.750.00
  8. hunter72

    Maxxis bighorn 2.0 tires

  9. hunter72


    Road is still closed last I heard might try right above springerville.
  10. Is this the evolve 35 or 32?
  11. hunter72

    Springfield XDM 40

  12. hunter72

    WTB Remington Model 7 Stock

    I have one of the nice brown lam stock I would sell.send me a PM with your number and I will send pics.
  13. hunter72

    CZ 452 American RH 17hmr rifle

    Could you meet in benson if I got it?I live in Safford and don't make it to Tucson very often.
  14. hunter72


    Interested in a Winchester 308 tactical with hs stock and a ziess z1000 scope?