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  1. hunter72


    Road is still closed last I heard might try right above springerville.
  2. Is this the evolve 35 or 32?
  3. hunter72

    Springfield XDM 40

  4. hunter72

    WTB Remington Model 7 Stock

    I have one of the nice brown lam stock I would sell.send me a PM with your number and I will send pics.
  5. hunter72

    CZ 452 American RH 17hmr rifle

    Could you meet in benson if I got it?I live in Safford and don't make it to Tucson very often.
  6. hunter72


    Interested in a Winchester 308 tactical with hs stock and a ziess z1000 scope?
  7. hunter72

    Foxpro problems

    I've sent my hellfire back three time still has the same problems yours has.i was a big foxboro fan but my next call will be something else for sure.
  8. hunter72


    I've got a heavy barrel Winchester with the hs precision stock if interested.
  9. hunter72

    FS Leupold Fixed 24X Scope

    Message sent.
  10. hunter72


    I will take it if the first person doesn't work out.im located in safford also.
  11. hunter72

    Anyone else hunting the 30A (Oct. 26)

    I hunted the weekend saw alot of small bucks but not a shooter.the are a I was hunting I never saw anyone else.
  12. hunter72

    Sancarlos water level

    Has the lake been getting any water yet?
  13. hunter72

    Colt & Lugar for sale

    The marks on the side make it a shooter grade pistol too bad looks like a nice pistol.
  14. hunter72

    Once fired brass

  15. hunter72

    Once fired brass

    I would be interested in the 300 blackout.