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  1. hunter72

    Leupold Vx6 7-42x56

    How about a Swarovski spotting scope?
  2. hunter72

    Nikon 1x20 scope

    Pm sent
  3. I've shot 1 elk and 13 deer with the slicktrick standard with perfect results.
  4. hunter72

    Womens Hand Gun

    S&W 38 airweight is really hard to beat.
  5. hunter72

    Selling camper shell for Toyota tundra

    Interested years it will work for and pics
  6. If you will ship it I will take everything l left for 100 bucks deal.
  7. hunter72

    wts rcbs swagger tool

  8. Early bull for me.
  9. hunter72


    Let them know I have a bunch of brass in 220 swift if they need some.
  10. hunter72

    Colt Anaconda 44 Mag - **SOLD**

    Do you have any trades you are looking for?
  11. hunter72

    Riton X5 Primal 3-18x44 SOLD

    Pm sent local sale
  12. hunter72

    Safe clean out

  13. hunter72

    5B Coues

    My father has some big coues sheds from unit 5
  14. hunter72

    H4350 8 pounders

    Location and how many?