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  1. Fern

    Sold-5th wheel toy hauler

    I believe it’s 38’ long and garage is 10’ but I am taking a deposit on it currently so guess marking sold for now
  2. Decided to sell my toy hauler. It’s a 2016 torque https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/rvs/d/glendale-2016-heartland-torque-toyhauler/7599705997.html taking deposit on it so sold for now
  3. Fern

    gravity is a SCAMMER

    I don’t carry cash on me often so when I can meet someone face to face and do zelle or Venmo helps me out. but understand about sending it without meeting or seeing something in oerson
  4. Fern


    I’ll take the 22-250 ammo I’ll text you I’m on happy valley and 67th
  5. Fern

    Wanted. Free Humor to Uplift the Moment

    Lol I can attest to the field day class being a pita to get in. I took online course but didn’t complete the last exam until I had a field day scheduled. woke up early one day couldn’t sleep at 5 am and happened to check and there was a class at Ben Avery with 25 spots. by 9am it was sold out I heard they now offer a complete online course but haven’t seen
  6. Fern

    Varget and imr4166

    Sealed containers $50 a bottle for varget and $300 for the imr 4166. will trade for imr 8208 or h4895 located in north Phoenix 67th ave and happy valley
  7. Fern

    Any 22mag rifles out there? FOUND

    Something a 22lr can’t handle. Finding ammo will be your bigger problem. One of the reason I just didn’t get one myself. inwent for 17hmr instead lol
  8. Fern

    Shipping a rifle?

    I once had savage take back two rifles I bought and ere having issues with. They sent me shipping labels and arranged for pick up. Then when they were sent back they required adult to sign for them
  9. Fern

    Shipping a rifle?

    I thought you could ship with ups. Just have to follow their rules. Schedule pickup from your home cause ups stores will not take and people at the hub don’t know their own policy. have to make signed by adult and no reroute
  10. Fern

    Roofer recommendations?

    Following as I will be needing a roof myself
  11. Anyone have either 8208 or H4895?
  12. Fern

    WTB 6.5 Creedmoor Sizing Die or Set

    Look into making your own lube with lanolin. YouTube has directions on doing so. After my cases got stuck I gave them another spritz and was good
  13. Fern

    WTB 6.5 Creedmoor Sizing Die or Set

    Instead of buying a new die set can you remove the stuck case? Get a tap and die set drill it tap it and get a bolt to remove. happened to me recently and father in law had a tap and die set to remove it. mended up getting another stuck case afterwards and removed it again and out more lube on it
  14. Fern

    Looking for a couple of cheap stocks

    If there’s a second 700 sa bdl stock available after you get what you need I could use it. inhave a 223 skinny barrel 700 that I need a bdl stock. I already have the bottom metal. not trying to high jack your thread but if you find yours and anotherbisnavailblenolease let me know
  15. Fern


    What’s twist rate on barrel? Threaded? Is it a heavy barrel?