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  1. Fern

    Reloading extras for sale

    I’ll take the Hornady 223 bullets for $75 depending on location where are you located? pm sent
  2. Fern

    Scammer alert Charlie120

    Got the same one
  3. Fern


    Good looking gun. Any brass or ammo with it? Asking what others may wonder glws
  4. Good friend of mine is looking for tikka in 300wm with a threaded barrel. Please let me know if you have one you are looking to sell. he has a savage 110 in 270 and a Springfield xd sub compact in 40 cal that is willing to work out a trade
  5. I’m in the same boat. Would love to watch someone do it in person
  6. Fern

    Looking for a plumber

    12ring you must be in westwing area. I’m just north of jomax on 67th Wife wanted it fixed for now so went to store and bought some fittings but I won’t close up drywall till I see if the utility sink is doable or not. Will send you a pm 12ring not sure why it keeps rotating the picture i want to add the sink to the left of the washer hookups as the right side is the dryer
  7. Fern

    Looking for a plumber

    Appreciate the thought boarman. Might just fix what’s broken and leave drywall opened up till we can figure it out. currently having tile put down so not trying to hold up or interfere
  8. Fern

    Looking for a plumber

    Yup boarman, you been following me? Lol
  9. Fern

    Looking for a plumber

    My waste line for my washer broke inside the wall at the 45 connector. while I can tackle the repair myself I’m wondering about adding a utility sink next to my washer while I have the drywall open and want to see if anyone here happens to be a plumber or recommend one?
  10. Fern


    Was picked up this evening thank you
  11. Fern


    pending pickup
  12. Fern


    Big solid desk for free you haul it away. Working on disassembly now. Located 67th ave and happy valley posted on other sites as well
  13. Fern

    European Skull Mount Plaque! Local AZ business

    Would you do an Africa one? I have an impala that I have yet to mount along with a dyker (spelling)
  14. Fern

    WTB. 17 cal center fire rifle

    I love the small calibers. I have shot my friends 17hornet at ground squirrels and it’s awesome. I always wondered about getting one I think you will be happy. I know you reload so that will be a big benefit GL in your endeavor
  15. Want to see if anyone has some 17wsm in the Winchester 15g lead free that want to trade for 25g Winchester