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  1. Fern

    WTB RCBS 17/223 FL 2 Die Set

    Sent you a pm. I have a set
  2. Fern

    FS misc. once fired brass

    If the 6.5 falls through or buyer has a change of heart please let me know I am interested in it
  3. Fern


    Just to clarify this is a sbr? So will require a stamp
  4. Fern

    6.5prc 143 eldx

    I’ll take it pm incoming
  5. Thanks guys for feedback I’ll hold onto them for now
  6. Have a box of cci br2 primers and thought about offering them up for trade for a box standard lrp and one box of spp. Is this unrealistic trade?
  7. Fern

    FS: Hornady.22 cal Bullet Puller Collet $14

    How much are you asking?
  8. Well leaning towards the chargemaster lite but Natchez who had it at the best price says it’s sold out and discontinued. mother sites have it in stock but have the price almost at the price of the chargemaster at Natchez
  9. Fern

    Wtt 40g. VMax for 55g/60g vmax

    Thank you for the offer but at this time I’m only interested in trades
  10. Have a sealed sleeve of 40g vmax in 224 that I would like to trade for 55g or 60g vmax Long shot but even som 39g sbk in 204
  11. Been wanting a auto powder trickler/thrower. Any suggestions good or bad? Was looking at the chargemaster price range. min not ready to jump all in for the high end ones yet
  12. Fern

    6.5x284 dies and brass

  13. Fern

    6.5x284 dies and brass

    I have a FL rcbs die set for 6.5x284 Win Also have 73 pieces of Hornady brass for it that have been decapped and cleaned (no history on brass). also has a lee case length gauge. Asking $60 for it all. Located in north Phoenix near 17/happy valley
  14. Fern

    Reloading Room Mods

    Thank you guys for sharing. I just got into reloading about year ago and what a bad time to get into it. Slowly been buying the stuff I need or want. Inkike some of the way you have stuff organized and gave me ideas for mine. inalso have the online stand it’s it’s nice I can slide it back on the bench out of the way
  15. Fern

    WTB Sierra Blitzking 39g 204 bullets

    I been trying to locate them myself with no luck. Found a place that had them when I checked they were gone. I will you know if I find some. Heard they are great for 204. i had good luck with 40g vmax and cfe223