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  1. Tried to message you but says cannot receive messages. You have a number I can text you at?
  2. Pretty summed up already what I was going to say but will add that only an atf agent can ask you for your paperwork. been stopped by game and fish when rabbit hunting once when I first got it and he didn’t want to see paperwork for it. I would imagine that an atf agent could show up to your home and ask to see the suppressor and stamp but not like a full search without a warrant
  3. Scammer. If they send you a pic of a drivers license it’s usually someone else’s who they scammed
  4. Man wish you were here in Phoenix
  5. Fern

    IMR 8208XBR powder

    Seconds if something doesn’t work out
  6. Fern

    Hodgdon Varget

    I’ll take both
  7. Fern

    Hodgdon Varget

  8. Fern

    Just wondering

    Usually I check how many posts they have or when they registered. have gotten messages saying my friend has that for sale contact him. When I check they just registered within last couple hours with maybe 1 post
  9. Fern

    Dillon tool head and misc. parts SPF

    Well someone got a heck of a deal I think. but I will keep it at price I agreed to. sold to krag first person to respond I have a 750 so not familiar with the square b deal (which is what I believe me it was)
  10. Have a tool head that I believe is for a square deal press. Appears to be set up for 45acp and have misc parts as well $40 for everything located in north Phoenix SPF Edit sorry forgot to upload pic no Dillon dies just what you see in pic. Appears decapper, expanding powder funnel, seater and a hollow die. krag you are first to reply check your messages for my cell
  11. Fern


    Dang it missed it to
  12. Fern


    Website that you can set an alert for Amazon items. If it drops to what ever price point you set you get an email
  13. Fern

    SCAMMER? The name says it all. folly675

    Yup he sent me message to. His buddy has everything aparently
  14. Fern


    Set a alert on camel camel camel in case it drops in price. When it dropped to $280 I ordered and couple other people did to after I mentioned it on another board and within two days it went up $60. it’s normally around 300. The main thing that attracted me to it was the wheels were metal and wouldn’t melt or get tacky as another member mentioned. The wheel has a grit to it to help it spin
  15. Fern


    Here was a quick video I did when I got mine and did 204 brass. Turned off lights in garage and let it run while timing the time it took to get that quick glow. Then ran it again no flame and dialed it in for that time and let it rip i had the plexi glass too tight and you will see the one brass suspended from it IMG_0037.MOV