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Found 31 results

  1. Hello, Have a reloader that I would like to sell. Dillon XL 650 - $450.00 SOLD Dillion Square Deal B - $300.00 - SOLD $50 off each if you want both. Manuals for the XL 650, lots of misc knick knacks, and 2-3 sets of dies (need to verify, when pick up).
  2. Bill V

    Lyman Powder Measure

    FS Lyman no55 Powder measure with Redding bench top stand. In original box including instructions. Comes with both large and small caliber drop tubes. $50.00 Located in Peoria. 602 3seven6-one59eight.
  3. JColony

    IMR7828 and RL22 for sale

    Moving out of state and movers won't move for me. 1lb+ of IMR7828 - $25 Just shy of 1lb of RL22 - $20 Both obo, its gotta go...
  4. I have some .22-250 reloading supplies up for grabs. Lee die set 87 Nosler Ballistic Tip 55gr bullets 36 shells About 1/2 jug of Ramshot Big Game powder Asking $50 obo. Located in S.E. Gilbert
  5. Dpduckhunter13

    Spring cleaning

    100 (counted) .284 175gr ELDx $25 SOLD 50 cutting edge .30 150gr MTH $30 Leupold Vendetta $225 Frozen Elk Cape from 12/19 $125 Frozen coues cape from 11/18 $75 SOLD .32 auto ammo and keltec mag $100 Bushranger X Jack (brand new) $225 All prices OBO, pick up north phx or ship on your dime. Text 6028030916 For any additional info
  6. Hey guys, I figured I’d throw this on here before CL and see if any reloaders would be interested. Guy at church passed this stuff along and I am not set up to reload, so make me an offer. I know nothing about how old anything is...powder containers are both ~25% full. Lots of 30-06 brass and 257 Roberts. I don’t even know what a lot of it is, but the wife needs it gone, so hopefully someone here does! Will piece out stuff in anything is of interest to you!
  7. Tannert

    Dillon RL550C Reloader

    For sale is a Dillon RL550C (I believe the newest design). I posted a few weeks ago for some tips in the reloading section. Thats when I bought this reloader new in box. Its 3 weeks old. I have the box all paperwork and everything to reload 9mm. I had a blast learning how to dial the machine in and reloading but I shoot about 1 time a year for fun. Sticking to Archery. I will toss in the leftover power (quarter of a bottle), primers (600), bullets (100 maybe 200) and once fired 9mm brass (100 ish). I loaded 800 give or take a few round in two sits on this machine. A total of maybe 3 hours. Box says you can reload 500-600 an hour. I will leave it on my bench and show whoever buys it the little bit I know and have learned if you would like. https://www.dillonprecision.com/rl-550c_8_1_23594.html 9mm Die set I am into the machine alone a tad over $600.00 after tax and with the Die Set Extras....... Scale $30.00, Case Gauge, $19.95 and Extra tool head $20.00. $540.00 Text or call me 480-358-5193 - Tanner Here is the writeup from Dillions website. The Dillon RL550C is the most versatile reloading machine in the Dillon Precision Products line. It will accommodate the widest variety of cartridges from 32 ACP up to 338 Lapua, 416 Rigby, and 460 Weatherby. The "C" designation indicates a significant design change. The upper link arm pivot pins are now threaded in place, and have a grease groove around the pin that connects with a lube hole on the end of the pin. You can use a needle fitting on a grease gun to lubricate the upper pivot pins now. Base price with one shellplate kit is $459.95.
  8. SOLD RCBS 16501/.35 Rem - $25.00 (SPF) RCBS 15001/.300 H&H Mag - $30.00 RCBS 17601/.300 Rem Ultra Mag - $30.00 RCBS 17701 - .338 Rem Ultra Mag -$30.00 SOLD SOLD PM me for contact info or questions. Order of buyers will be from PM not posting on thread... can meet up in East Mesa, Queen creek/San Tan Valley areas...
  9. I live in Flagstaff but will be in Phoenix this Saturday and Sunday, 11/17-11/18. Pickup location will be 35th and Bell. This is what's left. Powder is all new/unused, full, unopened, and stored indoors. Rifle Powder $15/Lb IMR 4064 (5 available) IMR 3031 (5 available)
  10. All is new, unopened, stored indoors, new stock. Located in Flagstaff. No plans to go down to the Valley but am in Cottonwood/Sedona sometimes. Primers (per thousand) $24 each Small Pistol: Federal (standard) 1 available CCI 500 (standard) 5 available CCI 550 (magnum) 1 available Large Pistol: Federal (standard) 1 available CCI 300 (standard) 3 available CCI 350 (magnum) 1 available Winchester (standard or magnum) 4 available Large Rifle: CCI 200 (standard) 2 available Winchester (standard) 7 available Rifle Powder $24/lb H4350 (2 available) H335 (6 available) H4895 (3 available) Varget (2 available) Ramshot Hunter (1 available) Reloader 15 (2 available) Reloader 17 (2 available) Reloader 25 (1 available) Benchmark (1 available) W748 (2 available) IMR 4895 (2 available) IMR 4064 (10 available) IMR 3031 (6 available) IMR 4831 (1 available) IMR 4350 (2 available) IMR 4895 8lb jug $160 Hodgdon H1000 8lb jug $160 Pistol Powder Unique $24/lb (2 available) Hodgdon HS-6 $20/lb (2 available) Universal $20/lb (1 available)
  11. I have a bunch of Winchester .270 Caliber Reloading Components for sale. I have RCBS Winchester .270 FL Die Set P/N 13501 Two Bags of Winchester .270 Tumbled Brass 120 pieces Sierra Game King Bullets 270 Cal .277 Dia 150 Gr Spitzer Boat Tail #1840 Full Box Speer Bullets 270 Cal .277 Dia 130 Gr Spitzer 3/4 Box Speer Grand Slam 270 Cal .277 Dia 150 Gr 1/2 Box Hornady 270 Cal .277 Dia 130 Gr Spire Point 1/3 Box Jordan 270 Cal .277 Dia 100 Gr Soft Point 3/4 Box Three Boxes Nosler 270 Cal .277 Dia 140 Gr Spitzer #27140, 130 Gr Spitzer #16322 and 140 Gr Fail Safe #53140. All three boxes over 1/2 full. I am asking $125.00 for the whole works or your best offer. Please call me at (602) 540-4813. Thanks for Looking, Scott
  12. I have a bunch of 30 Cal reloading components that I would like to sell. Here is what I have: Reloading Dies: One (1) set of RCBS .308 FL Dies P/N 15501 w/ shell holder 03 One (1) set of RCBS 30-06 FL Dies P/N 14801 of RCBS w/ shell holder 03 Brass: Two (2) bags of 30-06 brass 185 pieces One (1) bag of 30-06 military brass 81 pieces One (1) bag of .308 brass 50 pieces Two RCBS trays of .308 brass with primers set 60 pieces $100.00 for the whole works or your best offer. Give me a call at (602) 540-4813 Thanks for looking Scott
  13. GingerRam

    3 MEC Shotgun reloading kits

    Hey everyone - I have inherited several reloading systems from my father. 2 of these appear to have been used, though I know he never used them and one appears to be brand new. I believe that I have a system set up to reload for 410, 12ga and 20ga but I don't have any idea if everything is there. There are two(2) MEC Versa-Mec systems and one(1) Mec 600JR. These are located in Tucson and I would gladly meet someone down there if interested. That being said, I am not available until 10/21. $200 OBO for the whole lot of stuff..
  14. Thanks to those who offered advice on my previous 6.5X55 Reloading Thread http://www.coueswhitetail.com/forums/topic/73806-65x55-se-handloading-whats-its-potential/ Took my new T3 to the range today. Shot 10 different 5 shot strings with both Reloder 23 and Reloder 26, shooting 143gr ELD-X,Lapua Brass, COAL 3.174", .003 off the lands, 22.4" fluted barrel. R26 showed higher velocity and got me up over 3050 fps but all R26 loads were right at, or a hair over 1 moa at 100 yards. Didn't see any classic signs of high pressure, but the brass offered more resistance than I'd like when I resized them. The R23 showed exceptional accuracy in loads between 2830 and 2865 fps (See pics below) and the brass resized effortlessly. I gotta say, this gun is a joy to shoot, weighs a little over 7 lbs scoped and all I did was put in a $7 varmint trigger spring from Ernie the Gunsmith, swap out the T3 Stock for a Takeoff T3X stock, and put on a limbsaver pad. I'm really impressed with the factory trigger, and it breaks cleanly at 1.3 lbs. with the new spring. I might do a little more work with the R26 or some VV N560 or MRP to see if there is an accuracy node around 2900fps, but for now, I'm more than happy with how it shot today and plan on hunting with this load in October. The R23 seems like a winner in the 6.5 swede! avg. 2860 fps avg. 2863 fps avg. 2843 fps
  15. chuckster


    I have an unopened 1 lb bottle of Reloder 16. I bought it for load development but decided to go another route. Paid $32 I'll take $25 looks to be good for light to midwight bullets in 6.5 CM, .260 rem, 30-06, and .270 win , sized cartridges and is temp stable. Click here to learn more. Shoot me a PM if your interested. I am in Chandler.
  16. I'm looking for handload info from those of you experienced with the 6.5X55 SE. I'm curious about what kind of velocity I can safely attain in a modern action. I'd like to get a new 6.5 for this fall and am considering both the 6.5X55 and the 6.5 Creedmoor. I like the new Tikka T3X and have been considering a Ruger American as well, but don't really want to replace the cheap stock. It will be a hunting rifle and something else to shoot when I get the urge. I'll probably stick to bullets it the 140gr range in either cartridge. The Creedmoor appears to top out at ~2700 fps with 140gr pills. The Swede sure seems like it could have a lot of potential in one of those new Tikka's!
  17. Up for sale is a set of RCBS 300wsm dies lightly used with box and no shell holder $25. Also I have a .223/5.56x45 RCBS small base seating die only also with no shell holder $25. Located in Tucson and will ship on buyers dime. PM or txt 520591188nine
  18. makaio333

    Cleaning house sale "updated"

    Cleaning house sale and making room for #3(kiddo). Comment in post or PM me and i will go with the first to comment/message. Located in San Tan Valley/Queen Creek area. Will meet within reason especially if you want multiple items. Thanks Small grill (heavy duty) - 35 SOLD Long bed camper - No glass on front part but has sliding windows and key to lock rear window hatch - 35 SOLD .38 spcl/.357 brass (403 peices) - 20 SOLD RCBS Jr - 40 SOLD Lee Hand Press (new) - 25 Montana 41 mag dies(3) needs a little clean - 10 Lee 44 mag dies(2) needs a little clean - 10 Lee .38 spcl/.357 carbide dies(4) Brand new - 35 Lee 284 winchester die (2) couple rust spots but nothing that can't be cleaned - 20 300 Win Mag once fired brass 50 pieces (a few are nickel plated) - 10 SOLD 38 Cal (.357) Berry's 125 gr Flat point (250 bullets) Brand new never opened - 25 RCBS F L die set 8mm Rem Mag - 10
  19. cowboyfp

    WTB 338 RUM ammo or brass

    I am building a custom 338 RUM and I am looking for brass or loaded ammo which I can disassemble and use to make custom loads.
  20. Only powder available last time I was able to pick some up and having some trouble finding data for Accurate Powders 4350. Everything is H4350 or IMR-4350 but hardly finding anything AA-4350. Using it to reload .243 with 80gr Hornady GMX. Any help is much appreciated.
  21. LJSIII

    WTS 1lb Retumbo

    I have one pound of unopened Retumbo. I got it for a friend that decided he didn't need it. $35 is what I paid. Would be will to trade for bullseye or unique.
  22. Annealing Cases I thought I would do a little review for those hard core reloading nuts like me that do everything in preparation to achieve the best accuracy and precision for long range hunting/shooting. I have done just about everything that I can in case prep to achieve the best SD/ES with accuracy and precision this includes annealing your cases. Most anneal to extend case life, I anneal for accuracy. I will explain. It starts when you fire a case, then size the case you are work hardening the brass. You will eventually split your case necks if you do not anneal. Annealing softens the brass and in turn can help with accuracy too. I have found if I anneal after every firing I can keep my ES 9/SD 3 down in the single digits with extreme accuracy because the case necks are more uniform with tension. If I did not anneal every time then my ES 18/SD 9 was a little higher but not much I was able to stay under 20 fps at least. I started with hand annealing with 2 Benzomatic torches facing each other. I apply some 750 degree Tempilaq to the case so I know when it has annealed. When the Tempilaq melts you are at your desired temp. Annealing process is 650 degrees for 15 minutes or so BUT if we did that the heat would travel down the case to the case head which is what you do not want. So in order for it to anneal properly we need to bring the neck of the case to 750 degrees (most preferred temp). We can then quench in water. Some think that water would harden like metal but instead it does nothing. The case will remain soft. The reason why most quench is so the heat will not travel down to the case head. I have been annealing by hand with great success but when I started annealing after every firing it started to become a pain and inconsistent. The Ballistic Edge Model 400 annealing machine was well packaged with well explained instructions for set up. I had to do some playing but was able to start annealing within 30 minutes. I did well over 50 cases within 15 minutes. Cases rotate thru the dual flames as the shell-plate turns. Torch height is adjustable, as is torch angle and intensity. Torch holders will accept any 1/2" to 5/8" diameter tip. After passing through the flame, cases drop out after a quarter-turn. Underneath is a fan that can be turned on as needed when annealing shorter-height cases or for just keeping the case heads cooler. The model 400 shell-plate on top can be made for one caliber or multiple calibers. When researching the different machines I found out that if you have to mess with the speed of how fast the plate turns that was one more variable you had to deal with, the model 400 has a constant speed. Eliminating the need to adjust each torch after they were properly adjusted, both torch tips were hooked up to a 5 gal BBQ tank with a splitter making the propane tank as the on/off valve. In closing if you are trying to achieve the best accuracy, ES/SD, and case life then this is a step that you may want to take into consideration. First see if annealing will even help by hand annealing, if it does help then this maybe something to consider. If you rarely shoot then you are probably better off by hand annealing. I know this machine will last me my lifetime by just the way it was built. Personally the Model 400 is the best for the money, design, material used, and the one on one help. You can call Phil Keil (Ballistics Edge owner) and he would be more than happy to help you out at any time or you can visit his website at annealingmachines.com. I do not work for or are associated with Ballistic Edge MFG. This is my personal views.
  23. LJSIII

    300 RUM Dies

    I have a brand new unused 300 RUM neck sizing die. I have decided to go a different route and would like to trade for a pound of the following powders: Varget, H414, or H335. Also willing to sell for cash but would rather trade.
  24. LJSIII

    .300 wsm brass

    I have recently aquired a .300 wsm and trying to find brass is a nightmare. If anyone has some brass they would be willing to part with I would be happy to purchase it. Thanks.
  25. I know the Berger VLD's have been in short supply lately - especially for the 7mm Mag long range shooters. We just got a decent supply of the 168gr back in stock - YES we ship all over AZ and the US - to buy over the phone call toll-free 1-855-321-GUNS (4867)