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  1. Firewater Forge


    Yes. I know for "production" holsters there are molds available to form the kydex in the vacuum device I have listed here. Some have used their handguns to mold the kydex around but I have not seen it done. There may be a video on YT showing this.
  2. They came out of a bulk pack of brass. They are stamped R-P. The price is $60.00 (plus $10 if you want them shipped to you). This is around half of what they retail for, even if you can get them. It seems they are backordered almost everywhere. Face to face transaction in the north Phx area has to be cash. A check or money order will hold up shipping until it clears. Email me at firewaterforgeaz@yahoo.com.
  3. I have for sale kydex sheath making equipment. I have a knife smithing business but I need to cut back on work due to health. An eyelet setter press, vacuum press with vacuum pump and a 15"x15" heat press. All used less than a dozen times so everything is like new. New costs total is $1340.00. My price is $600.00. Comes with nine 12"x24" and two 12"x12" kydex sheets Pictures available upon request. Would like to make it a face-to-face transaction as shipping is costly anymore. Cash only. Will consider some form of trade though I am only interested in black powder items.
  4. Firewater Forge

    SOLD- Benchmade Mini-Reflex Automatic Knife (3.16" Satin) 2550

    Please text me at 6027177939 and refer to this item so I know it's not spam. Thanks, W.S.
  5. They may be a little dusty from long term storage. The first one is a Cold Steel Kobun made in Taiwan. It is in excellent condition. OAL of 10 1/4" with sheath, 5 1/4" blade including the ricasso. Next is a genuine Air Force survival knife. I believe it was made by Cammilus in the 1980's. It came without an edge (which can be typical) and put one on it. The odd-looking leather object on it is a molle/pals adapter I made for it. It is in excellent condition. It has never been used in the field, just sat around for a quarter century in a safe. Comes with the original sharpening stone. Next one down is a SOG field pup. Is a bit dusty as you can see but is in excellent condition. I used it once a couple years ago to process an elk I got and been cleaned and stored since. On the upper right is a Cold Steel Safekeeper III push dagger which is no longer in production, is in excellent condition. Finally, a Spyderco Rescue 79mm. I got it for when I was a SAR medic but never took it out into the field. It comes with the original box but the pocket clip is gone. Five blades in all for $110.00 face to face. $10.00 more ships them to your door in AZ. Anywhere else in the CONUS will have to be negotiated.
  6. Benchmade Mini-Reflex Automatic Knife (3.16" Satin) 2550. Iv'e had this in my collection for around 17-18 years. I used it for an everyday carry for a while but has been sitting in the safe for some time now and has to find a new home. These sell new for $170.00 to well over $200.00. Obviously, I am not asking for that kind of money. While some of the paint may be gone on the protruding parts, the blade is in excellent condition and the action is smooth and fast. $110.00 gets it to your door in AZ. NOTE: If you are not sure as to the legality of owning one of these, they are legal to possess in the state of Arizona, though I personally would not take one on tribal land. But that's just me. The following below is from the manufacture's description: The 2550 Mini Reflex has a matte satin finished blade with a plain cutting edge. The handle is black anodized aluminum with a tip-up pocket clip. The Benchmade Mini-Reflex 2550 series has the solid performance and toughness you expect from Benchmade. This automatic knife fires and locks open via the push-button lock. The black anodized 6061 T-6 aluminum handle has a great profile for grip and comfort with a deep index groove and lip at the base. The 2550 also has an integrated safety on the handle. The 154-CM stainless steel drop-point blade is perfect for a wide range of tasks.
  7. This is the smaller version which works out to 85% of the larger version. I am the original owner and it comes with the original box. I bought it a couple years ago and it has been sitting in the safe all this time and needs a new home. The date on the clip states 01/2020. The retail price is right around $200.00 not counting taxes. I am selling it out of my collection for $150.00 and that price includes shipping. Save yourself $50.00, you won't find this knife in this condition anywhere near my price.
  8. Firewater Forge


    I "inherited" this blade and it is part of my collection which I am selling off piece by piece. I don't have an idea how old this is but it has been in my collection for around 25 years, I suspect it is 30 to 35 years old, I have no way of knowing. Made in Japan. Has a rubber grip and brass guard and pommel, original sheath. 8" overall length with a 3 5/8"edge, the ricasso is 1/2". $100.00 gets it to your door in AZ.
  9. It's been a safe queen for decades and needs to be rehomed. New condition without box (cannot find it). These are selling for $140 to $180. $100.00 gets it to your door in AZ.
  10. Firewater Forge


    I bought this about 30 years ago for my collection and has been a safe queen ever since. This is a modern made knife and not one from WW2. It has a marlin spike that I didn't show deployed in the pics. Comes with original box. Closed it measures 6" and has a blade of 3 7/8". $110.00 gets it to your door in AZ.
  11. Firewater Forge


    I am located in Cave Creek.
  12. Firewater Forge


    This is the retail breakdown: Sierra 35 caliber .358 225gr 50count box $40.00 each X 4 boxes =$160.00+ AZ sales tax of $8.96=$168.96 retail. Hornaday #3510 35 caliber bullets, 200gr sp box of 100count box $54.00 each X 2 boxes =$108.00+ AZ sales tax of $6.05=$114.05 Total retail price is $283.01 which works out to $0.67 per bullet. My price is $120.00 cash, which works out to $0.30 per bullet. Should be a face to face exchange as shipping them would cost alot. I can meet up part way.
  13. Firewater Forge


    Lot of 450 .45cal bullets. The list is: Hornaday #45218 225gr FTX 100-count, retail $54.89. Hornaday #45201 258gr FTX 50-count, retail $44.89. Hornaday #45235 300gr XTR Mag 50-count, retail $40.89. Berry’s Manufacturing 45cal 250gr FMJ FP 200-count $48.98. Retail total (not counting tax that would be $10.22) is $182.66. I am selling them for $100.00 cash. Save $82.00+$10.15tax=$92.15. It should be a face to face transaction as shipping would be horrendous. I can meet part of the way.