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  1. Firewater Forge

    Do something nice for your dog today

    Had a lot of excellent adventures together. Josie- February 2009 - 28 September 2021
  2. Firewater Forge

    Looks like someone broke into Judge Dredd's locker....

    Yep, in all it's glory.
  3. Firewater Forge

    Looks like someone broke into Judge Dredd's locker....

    I think she is wearing the ribbon for "meritorious service in taking out a Klingon battlecruiser". The others are for up leveling in Space Invaders.
  4. Firewater Forge

    SOLD- 45-70 bullets

    Yes, they are 300gr. I stand corrected. Thank you.
  5. Firewater Forge

    SOLD- 45-70 single shot rifle

    Cave Creek 85331. On the north end of the Phoenix area.
  6. Firewater Forge

    SOLD- 45-70 bullets

    Remington brand. 305 grain. 200 total (100 per bag). $80.00 Will ship for $20.00 more.
  7. Firewater Forge

    SOLD- .45-70 Bullets

    X2 bags of 100per bag. Selling together for $80.00 Will ship for $20.00 more.
  8. Firewater Forge

    WTS- 45-70 brass

    X100 new unprimed Remington cases (which retail for around $125.00 each bag) and an un numbered amount of once fired cases. My estimate is X200 of them. $250.00 for the lot. Will ship for an additional $20.00
  9. Firewater Forge

    WTS CVA Trapper model 12ga muzzleloading shotgun in unfired condition

    I have been advised you may be a scammer. Is there any way you can prove otherwise?
  10. Firewater Forge

    Need a source of pure lead

    I would not have thought they did. Even free shipping. Thanks to Crazymonkey.
  11. Looking for recommendations for vendors of pure lead. Has to be pure because it will be used with black powder guns.
  12. Firewater Forge

    SOLD- .303 British 40 rounds

    Two boxes of .303 for $40.00 as long as I don't have to go far to deliver it. Current price as far as I can tell is around $1.57 to $3.00 per round.