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  1. I have a .50 Pedersoli Kentucky flinter that needs the muzzle crowned. Can anyone point me toward a good to excellent gunsmith?
  2. Firewater Forge

    Do something nice for your dog today

    Had a lot of excellent adventures together. Josie- February 2009 - 28 September 2021
  3. Firewater Forge

    Looks like someone broke into Judge Dredd's locker....

    Yep, in all it's glory.
  4. Firewater Forge

    Looks like someone broke into Judge Dredd's locker....

    I think she is wearing the ribbon for "meritorious service in taking out a Klingon battlecruiser". The others are for up leveling in Space Invaders.
  5. Firewater Forge

    SOLD- 45-70 bullets

    Yes, they are 300gr. I stand corrected. Thank you.
  6. Firewater Forge

    SOLD- 45-70 single shot rifle

    Cave Creek 85331. On the north end of the Phoenix area.
  7. Firewater Forge

    SOLD- 45-70 bullets

    Remington brand. 305 grain. 200 total (100 per bag). $80.00 Will ship for $20.00 more.
  8. Firewater Forge

    SOLD- .45-70 Bullets

    X2 bags of 100per bag. Selling together for $80.00 Will ship for $20.00 more.
  9. Firewater Forge

    WTS- 45-70 brass

    X100 new unprimed Remington cases (which retail for around $125.00 each bag) and an un numbered amount of once fired cases. My estimate is X200 of them. $250.00 for the lot. Will ship for an additional $20.00
  10. Firewater Forge

    SOLD CVA Trapper model 12ga muzzleloading shotgun

    I have been advised you may be a scammer. Is there any way you can prove otherwise?
  11. Firewater Forge

    Need a source of pure lead

    I would not have thought they did. Even free shipping. Thanks to Crazymonkey.