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Found 16 results

  1. BeardWonder62

    Reloading Items

    I have couple items for sale. 30 Cal 165gr BTSP Interlock(100count) 30 Cal 180gr SP interlock (100count) 30 Cal 168gr Match(100 count) RCBS Scale for sale nothing wrong with it. I just upgraded to automatic dispenser. Only open once.( Sold) Powder - 1lb H335 Never been open. Willing to separate everything ammo and powder $50 a piece. The scale $30. Located in Chandler willing to meet half way. Three Zero seven Three two one eight six zero eight
  2. creek hunter

    Reloading Items - Bullets, Powder

    1-lb unopened bottle of Hodgdon H4831SC - $50 - - - or trade for a bottle of Unique Hornady A-TIP Match Bullets - $70 6.5mm 135g New Box of 100 Berger VLD Hunting - $30 30 cal 168g Partial Box 70 bullets
  3. Code4arms

    32 auto FMC 71 gr

    351 bullets of 32 Auto FMC 71gr 100 Hornady 32 cal 85 gr hollow .10 per bullet for $45 make me an offer.
  4. Code4arms

    32 auto FMC 71 gr

    351 bullets of 32 Auto FMC 71gr
  5. Firewater Forge

    SOLD - 45/70 BULLETS

    From my Uncle’s estate, 940 total bullets in 45/70 caliber. To get as accurate a count as possible, I weighed the opened boxes and the ones without a box, converted the weight to grains and divided by bullet weight. When I did the calculation, I erred on the side of less weight to be sure to not over count. What I have is as follows: Laser cast brand unopened box of 405gr bullets, 250 rounds. ($74.00 retail price) Laser cast brand opened box of 300gr bullets, 250 rounds. ($55.00 retail price) Hand casted box of 405gr bullets, 230 rounds. Hand casted box of 500gr bullets, 70 rounds. Hand casted box of 340gr bullets, 140 rounds. $120.00 cash which works out to around 13 cents per bullet overall. Will only sell the whole lot, I don’t want to break it up for individual sales. Transaction would have to be in person as shipping of these would be too much. Could meet somewhere between. Might negotiate partial trade for black powder items.
  6. Mad Mardigan

    Need 120-130 gr 7mm Bullets

    Hey Guys, on the hunt for some lighter 7mm bullets for my kids 7mm-08. Not getting great accuracy with anything above 130 grs with a Model Seven lightweight I setup for my kids. Got 2 daughters draw deer tags this year. Been reloading and trying a bunch of different bullets/powders, only thing that shoots good so far are some 120 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip Hunters. Only have about 20 bullets left, would love to find some more if any of you guys have some. Been searching on-line, no luck so far. Thanks!

    Rem 700 for sale

    I’ve got a Rem 700 for sale chambered in 338 EDGE (338-300RUM) Rem 700 LA with bolt knob and bolt shroud added. Factory trigger tuned ~2.75lbs Action Is cut for 4.00” wyatts box 27.5” stainless benchmark sendero contour barrel Vias muzzle brake. Hogue stock Gun shoots great! Barreled action is cerakoted black. I have a full custom EDGE being built and I don’t need two of the them. Hope my new one shoots as good as this one! will provide load data. Shoots 300gr Berger’s,SMKs,270 and 285 ELDs all better than I can shoot them. $950 FTF (bipod not included) pm or text 505six353six33
  8. keepontrekking

    Barnes Bullets

    Have some older 7mm or .284 Barnes X bullets for sale, want $30/box OBO...
  9. keepontrekking


    Have 4 boxes of Hornady 73gr ELD Match 224 cal. Would like $32 a box or $120 for all. Also willing to trade them for Hornady 143gr ELD-X bullets ( projectiles ).
  10. dcshorthairs

    Hornaday 7mm ELD-X

    1 box of 162 grain hornaday eld-x up for sale. Was trying them out--just purchased last week. I have 92 left in the box. Asking $33 TYD. PM if interested. Thanks
  11. lionhunter

    Nosler Accubond 270. 130 gr

    I have 45 nosler 130 gr Acubonds. Went with the 140 gr $20 picked up in Peoria Whitey
  12. Up for sale is a Weatherby Vanguard. This is a 257 Weatherby mag. It is the original Vanguard and not the sub moa although this rifle does shoot sub moa. The trigger has been replaced with a Timney and is 10 times better than the factory trigger. RCBS full length dies 100 Norma Brass once fired. Some are loaded ammo Misc Bullets. The Bergers are a full box. Each of the other boxes are partial Rifle includes 1 piece Leupold base $525.00 Jeff Mesa/McKellips and Country Club area
  13. I know the Berger VLD's have been in short supply lately - especially for the 7mm Mag long range shooters. We just got a decent supply of the 168gr back in stock - YES we ship all over AZ and the US - to buy over the phone call toll-free 1-855-321-GUNS (4867)
  14. I am in desperate search of anybody that has some of these new in 2013 Nosler Accubond in 30 caliber 125 grain. My load is dialed in, my scope is dialed in, my gun is ready and I dont have enough for my hunt. Ran through them and can't find anymore everybody is sold out I have searched high and low. I could easily change to a different load but nothing shoots out of my gun like this load and I have custom turret for it and all. Not even looking for a full box if it matters, 10 bullets would be enough to get me by I can back them up with some Nosler green tip hunting ballistic tips. I called nosler and they are 45-60 days out from any more production. Any direction, leads or ideas are appreciated. Thanks, Cowman
  15. azmetalman

    Reloading Components

    Reloading Components Barnes 180GR "X"BT .308 - 45 bullets in original box. *note these are the early style X bullets without the driving bands seen on the current TSX bullets. Otherwise same specs and manufacture details as the Triple Shock. $27.00 Winchester Western .270 130 grain Power Point – Lot of 500 bullets in original boxes. $125.00 Pistol Bullets Winchester Western – Vintage manufacture Lot of .38 Special 158 grain Semi-Wadcutter – 500 bullets in original boxes, 148 grain hollow base Wadcutter Mid-Range Match - 232 bullets in original boxes, .38 cal., - 158 grain Lubed Cast Semi-Wadcutter HP – 36 bullets not Winchester . $125.00 for the entire lot of Pistol Bullets. Send PM - Location - Fountain Hills.
  16. This is a nice fluted Remington Sendero 7MM RUM barrel. It is 27 1/4 inches long including the Gary Reeder muzzle brake. It has about 400 rounds through it and was newly re-crowned when I took the barrel off. The barrel is threaded for a Remington 700 so all you need is a magnum action and you are ready for some long range shooting. I am including: RCBS Reloading Dies 83 Remington Brass 5 Loaded Rounds And the following 7mm (.284) Bullets: 80 Berger VLDs 180 grain 64 Sciroccos 150 grain 50 Nosler Partition 150 grain 37 Nosler Solid Base 150 grain 24 Nosler Accubond 160 grain 10 Nosler Ballistic Tip 150 grain I can deliver to the Phoenix Metro area as well as Northern Arizona $300 Call or text 928-853-2119 I have had numerous questions about this barrel so I thought I would provide additional information. I am not at all unhappy with this caliber/barrel in fact, it was kind of fun to out run my buddies and their STWs... When this barrel was removed there appeared to be a small flaw on the crown so my gunsmith re-crowned the barrel. I fully intended to find an action and use this barrel on another build which is what I will do if it does not sell. This barrel always shot very well and the best load was 180 grain Bergers with 81 grains of IMR 7828. With this load we were getting 4 inch groups (actual not internet groups) at 800 yards. This is my sons rifle and he had the idea that bigger is better and re-barreled it with a carbon fiber barrel in 338 RUM so that is why this barrel is for sale.