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  1. dcshorthairs

    Looking for a job?

    This one has potential.... 🤣 “This Wildlife Technician will have the primary duty of hazing wolves from areas with ongoing or potential wolf conflict with livestock operations” https://www.azstatejobs.gov/jobs/wl-tech-lakeside-arizona-united-states
  2. dcshorthairs

    WTB Winchester Long Beard XR 12 gauge 3 inch

    Thanks for checking guys. I do appreciate it. Big browns I’ll get with you to get you these 3.5s. I assume you are in the valley?
  3. dcshorthairs

    6.5 Creedmoor Brass

    I’ll take them
  4. dcshorthairs

    WTB Winchester Long Beard XR 12 gauge 3 inch

    Thanks for checking. Mine are the same but no longer have the gun to shoot 3.5s. Thanks for checking.
  5. dcshorthairs

    WTB Winchester Long Beard XR 12 gauge 3 inch

    Thank you!
  6. Getting prepped for turkey season. Looking for a box or 2 of the Winchester Long Beard XR in 3 inch for 12 gauge. Prefer #5 shot. I have some creedmoor items to trade or straight up cash. Thanks
  7. dcshorthairs

    6.5 creedmore 143 eld-x in stock

    Already sold out
  8. dcshorthairs

    NFA Gun Trust

    Why pay $600? The $249 package is fantastic. Just did mine with this company and it went great. No gimmicks just straight forward questions you answer and can print out all you need at the end. Easy to follow instructions. Makes it even easier when it’s time to apply for that tax stamp. I know several happy customers that have used Az gun law
  9. dcshorthairs

    Housing in Payson

    I would prefer to rent honestly until we can find the house we want. But finding something in Payson for rent is very tough
  10. dcshorthairs

    Housing in Payson

    Ha no. But I have heard exactly what you are saying though
  11. dcshorthairs

    Housing in Payson

    Thanks for the reply. It’s tough. The market is not for buyers. We drove the entire town yesterday and didn’t find much in our price range. I can’t believe an old double wide with no land is going for $250k. I sure was hoping someone on here has a lead. I have 2 kids and my wife’s business to take down so need 1500sq ft to be comfortable. Would like to have a place for my 14ft boat and travel trailer. It’s all in Gods hands for me. It would be a good move if it can happen. Hard to believe you have to turn a job down due to housing ain’t it.
  12. dcshorthairs

    Housing in Payson

    Wow the price of homes in and around Payson is nuts! Wondering if anyone here has a rental or is planning on selling in the next 3 months. Potential job opportunity has me looking. Sure could use any help. Been driving around looking, Facebook, and realtors so far. Hoping to find maybe one that’s a hidden gem. Thanks everyone.
  13. dcshorthairs

    Turkeys coming

    I have the first hunt in unit 1. Can’t wait
  14. 1 box unused, less than 1 year old of Winchester 2 1/8 oz long beard #5 3 1/2" - $25.00 1 box of 8 rounds, less than 1 year old of Winchester 2 oz long beard #5 3 1/2" - $20.00 All located in Joseph City. Make trips to Flag and beyond quite a bit. If interested let me know. Love these rounds but need 3" now that I changed guns. IMG_5412.heic IMG_5411.heic
  15. dcshorthairs

    Dead On Taxidermy????????????

    Had a few guys hit me up about Kevin. Yep, he is still alive. Yes he is still in Eagar. He is working a full time gig now. It took me a serious amount of patience to finally get my bird back. 2 months promised turned into 9 months. I messaged him on FB, text message, and emailed. He would never answer his phone when I called. After he went silent, I started to research small claims for Apache County. Im the last guy that will sue anyone - its just not me. All I wanted was my bird back in whatever condition it was in and refund. Finally, finally, he messaged me back after my wife messaged his wife on FB and after I notified him via text, email, and FB that I would be taking him to small claims court if I didn't get results. In all honesty, I had my bird bad 3 weeks later. It turned out just like I figured it would and very nice. Kevin is very talented, just terrible with business which is a shame. I hope you other guys can get some resolution with your animals. One other member on CWT mentioned trying to contact him via FB on the living in round valley page. That was my last step if needed but it didn't have to go that far which I was thankful for. He has not moved so worst case a knock and talk might be warranted worse case. Best of luck guys. Here is the final product