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  1. I agree John. When I was running my dogs I was paying $40 per dog per brace in NSTRA. I don’t think it will be too big of a deal for the trials, but it dont surprise me either. My guess is trialers will be paying more to run their dogs if this goes through. What this will hurt is guys like us that want to raise game birds legally.
  2. dcshorthairs

    WTB Hang on Treestands

    I have a muddy ladder stand 2 person I would like to sell. In great shape if interested
  3. dcshorthairs

    ISO: Hornady 143 ELD-X 6.5 bullets

    Back up to the top. Any projectiles only out there?
  4. dcshorthairs

    Reloading Dies 44 Mag

    Pm sent
  5. dcshorthairs

    Brass Annealing

    I’m going to send you my 6.5 after I shoot some more rounds.
  6. dcshorthairs

    WTB: Small pistol primers

    Thanks. Cactusjack came through!
  7. We are heading up tomorrow for a morning of squirrel killing with the boys
  8. dcshorthairs

    Brand new canvas wall tent

    I have one of these and our family loves it. Worth every penny
  9. dcshorthairs

    Suggest a Cot

    I just bought a Teton universal camp cot. Being 6’4” I needed a tall one. Bunch of good reviews. Should be here before Utah deer hunt to try out
  10. dcshorthairs

    Sitting Water

    I had a knucklehead on day 2 of the archery bull hunt try to tell me I couldn’t drive down a road they were walking in on. He parked at a gate and they started to walk in when we drove up. He stopped in the middle of the road forcing me to go around him and began to give me the 3rd degree about me having to turn around and why I would drive past 3 guys walking into a spot with headlights. It’s public land ya’ll. These areas have many animals and plenty to hunt is what I told him. He didn’t like that either and I told him I was going on as planned. He told me that they were chasing a bull in that area and that it was ridiculous I was going on. I finally told him that talking to me the way he was with his kid next to him was not a good idea. He quickly stopped talking and I drove off. NO one owns national forest land where I hunt and we all have a right to hunt it. What happened to respecting each other in the woods? It’s the one spoiled apple that ruins the rest. All the other guys I came across were awesome and great to work with.
  11. dcshorthairs

    WTB: Small pistol primers

  12. dcshorthairs

    ISO: Hornady 143 ELD-X 6.5 bullets

    Yeah I will take them if you get them
  13. dcshorthairs


    Trump 2020
  14. dcshorthairs

    Rut Activity

    Amen, after all the miles I hiked just to get busted by a cow, I’m looking forward to a rifle cow tag. Got mine done last Friday in unit 1. Only bull that would come in ready to fight. Was a great hunt with many memories made
  15. dcshorthairs

    WTB: Small pistol primers

    Located in northern Az. Anyone have a 1000 small pistol primers they want to part with?