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  1. dcshorthairs

    Dead On Taxidermy????????????

    Just drove by his place. Several vehicles parked outside. Knock and talk might be a good first step
  2. dcshorthairs

    Just bought a Traeger and really?

    It took me a while to graduate. They will soon see the light lol
  3. dcshorthairs

    Just bought a Traeger and really?

    Haha. Amen. Yoder is built to last a lifetime and then some 😁
  4. dcshorthairs

    Turkey Decoys

    I use a hen and a jake. It’s a lot to carry in but does usually pay off.
  5. dcshorthairs

    Scheels has 6.5 ELD-X

    143 grain in stock 😁
  6. dcshorthairs

    N565 8lb

    Too far away eh? Unless someone is making the trip up north. This would be nice to have. Would like to try some 565 in the prc.
  7. dcshorthairs

    Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 143 ELDX Motherlode

    Thanks anyways! Great find!
  8. dcshorthairs

    Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 143 ELDX Motherlode

    Did they happen to have any 143 eldx bullets only?
  9. dcshorthairs

    Snake Avoidance Clinics

    +1 for Bob at Pheasant Rec if he is still doing it. Did good for my dog.
  10. dcshorthairs

    Looking for Federal GM210M

    I know it’s a long shot but I’m probably going to start getting desperate in the next few months. Looking for some Federal GM210M large rifle primers. Anyone found some or want to turn loose of some?
  11. dcshorthairs

    Nosler 6.5mm 150 grain

  12. dcshorthairs

    Nosler 6.5mm 150 grain

    I have 4 boxes of 100ct each 6.5mm 150gr accubond LR for sale. I paid $75 per box plus shipping. Looking to get $70 per box. I’m in north eastern Arizona and willing to ship. Usually around $12 to ship and I am willing to split that. Let me know if interested.
  13. dcshorthairs

    Road to Big Lake?

    Yep it’s open
  14. dcshorthairs

    A Crappie Roosevelt Discussion

    Got into some last night. Caught 26 but kept 16. Lots of smalls and some cats that were all thrown back. Got back around 1am. The night bite was slow but steady