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  1. Stoneman125

    Swarovski 15x56 non HD

    I'll buy these sent you a dm
  2. Stoneman125

    Nitro Fire with Fire stick?

    I 100% agree and think it should be legal but think Game and fish for whatever reason i can only imagine is saying since the primer and powder is incapsulated in a plastic sleeve that is “fixed ammunition” even though the projectile is loaded from the barrel the primer and powder isn’t therefore it’s a lawsuit or ticket just waiting to be written..i can post the screenshot from Traditions but yeah just what she said
  3. Stoneman125

    Need help with muzzleloader

    Not to steal the thread but I drew one of those leftover tags who’s selling a optima LR or a Accura? I’m located in Tucson. Lol
  4. Stoneman125

    Nitro Fire with Fire stick?

    The regulations are vague to the point you should call get in writing if it’s allowed or not. Traditions told me today via email to their knowledge it’s currently illegal here in AZ
  5. Stoneman125

    Leica 1600 LRF

    Sent a PM
  6. Stoneman125

    Leica 1600 LRF

    Is this sold?
  7. Stoneman125

    LTB 22Mag bolt action...

    Sent you a PM
  8. Stoneman125


    Pm sent
  9. Stoneman125

    Swarovski Z3 4-12x50mm

    It has the BRH reticle
  10. Stoneman125

    Swarovski Z3 4-12x50mm

    Swarovski z3 4-12x50mm for sale. Asking 700 obo i have the box and all the papers and the reticle charts too.