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  1. Moondizzle

    Stoeger STR-9C

    2nd dibs if the original sale doesn’t work out.
  2. Moondizzle

    ISO 44 Special Ammo

    Looking for some 44 special ammo.
  3. Moondizzle


    Great 45acp Kahr. Wonderful double action trigger, I only shot it a few times and besides that it sat in the safe. Practically brand new. What 45 ammo I have goes with it. Original box and paperwork. Askin $400 for it. Want to get into a 44 mag revolver. So if you have something and want to take the Kahr on trade I’ll throw the extra cash in.
  4. Moondizzle

    H&K VP9, Excellent, Extras SOLD

    I thinks VP9 means it’s a 9mm🤙🏼
  5. Moondizzle


    Pm sent
  6. Moondizzle

    Rossi brawler 410/45lc -sold

    Sun protection factor?
  7. Moondizzle

    Rossi brawler 410/45lc -sold

    I’ll take 2nds if things don’t work out with “azbow”
  8. Moondizzle

    ISO Kahr CT45 holster

    I’m looking for a leather pancake holster or an IWB holster for the Kahr CT45. Let me know what you have!
  9. Moondizzle

    ISO Helium Tank (High pressure DOT) kind

    Good question, what would the size of a 5ft tall tank be?
  10. Looking for an old but usable helium tank that can be refilled. My sister is the PTO president at her sons school and is trying to source a helium tank she could use for their events and what not. Let me know!
  11. Moondizzle

    Need your piano tuned?

    Thank you for all the advise! I know it comes from a real place of caring. As for repairs I’m not insured for that nor did I reach that level in my apprenticeship. I can replace a sting if I break one, that’s about it. That is an intimidating beast! Tuning is just something my mom got me into when I had no direction in life 😂 it’s a good side gig that I enjoy. All my kids play and are in the Arizona study program. With whatever path they take in life be it serve a mission or just play for the ward or themselves I hope they remember the safe place music takes them to. My mother has her masters in music and has taught them since they could start, so I hope they cherish those memories with their grandma.
  12. Moondizzle

    Need your piano tuned?

  13. Moondizzle

    Need your piano tuned?

    Now learn the organ for your ward! It’s a fun transition from playing the piano. You creep or crawl across the keys while you play those hymns you have learned. Then once you’ve nailed that down add in your feet! It’s those easy bass cleft chords you will be familiar with👍🏻 you got this!
  14. Moondizzle

    Need your piano tuned?

    I am open to bartering too, love a good trade for skilled services!
  15. Moondizzle

    Need your piano tuned?

    I am on the low end. I only did a 2 year apprenticeship under Pete Coleman. So I don’t feel worthy to charge the typical $250 and up that his. Wish I would have stuck with it when I was younger but life called and I had to focus on supporting my family. So now I tune pianos as a side gig that my time allows for it more. Pete told me I could charge up to $175 for my skill level and that I could advertise on my own as it wouldn’t conflict with his customer base. So here I am!