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  1. Moondizzle

    WTB retaining wall block

    We are putting a flower/garden bed in that will roughly be 60’ long and 2’ tall. Looking for the larger blocks at 6-8” tall and 16-18” wide. Let me know if you guys have anything around that. Mostly likely I will need 150ish blocks.
  2. Moondizzle

    Toyota Tacoma wheels for trade

    Looking for chrome or alloy wheels to trade for solid black ones. It’s for my father in law, for some reason he doesn’t like the fully blacked out look of his truck and wants chrome or alloy finished wheels.
  3. Moondizzle

    WTB Blackpowder

    Pretty much inquiring what was out there. Wouldn’t mind getting into it a bit more. I only have a navy revolver right now but I love the hobby!
  4. Moondizzle

    Cabelas cot tent

    I’ll grab seconds on that if bigorange doesn’t get it.
  5. Moondizzle

    WTB Blackpowder

    Looking for anything muzzleloader related.
  6. Moondizzle

    WTB / cricket 22lr

    In search cricket single shot 22lr for the kids to learn on. Let me if you have one you are ok to part with!
  7. Moondizzle

    Nikon Prostaff 4 X 12

    Pm sent
  8. Moondizzle

    Smith & Wesson 22A for sale

    Still available?
  9. Moondizzle

    Black Powder

    Would your friend do 80 for all of it?
  10. Moondizzle

    Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent (SOLD)

    Solid! I’m on recker and ray i just read the description thoroughly and saw you mentioned your location and number...🤦🏻‍♂️
  11. Moondizzle

    Kodiak Canvas Truck Tent (SOLD)

    I’m interested! Where are you located?
  12. Moondizzle

    Savage a17

    Does the scope come with it?
  13. Moondizzle

    WTB 303 AMMO

    I just became the proud owner of an old enfield 303 that I’m looking for some surplus ammo to if you have any👍
  14. Moondizzle

    Ruger Lcr x 38+p, pics added

    How long is the barrel?