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  1. My Rights As An American

    James "Jimbo" Lockery

    Well, one of the murderers was eligible for Parole and today was the hearing. Pretty rough day reliving the events with the board. Scumbag did himself no favors arguing with the Parole board members. Parole denied. No more Parole options supposedly. Will be released in 2030. Must say the Parole board members were amazing and really well prepared. Major kudos to all five of them and the staff. Thank you, Parole board members. You were impressive. Also, huge appreciation to the former prosecutor in this case now in private practice. He spent his time today after a few decades in law in his first ever Parole hearing. He has followed this case through even though he left the prosecutors office years ago. His testimony/comments today were powerful in helping to ensure Parole was denied. Thank you, Mr. Campion.
  2. My Rights As An American


    May be a tough sell with your username! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Just kidding, good luck.
  3. My Rights As An American

    Old PVC? Fence?

  4. My Rights As An American

    Old PVC? Fence?

    Kids and I are trying to make some homemade candy cane lanes for our outdoor Christmas decorations this year. Hoping to spread a bit of cheer on this very terrible 2020. Anybody have some old sticks of PVC sitting around? Looking for 1 1/4-2 inch PVC. Cutting them down to 36 inches and painting white. I know new sticks are less than $10, but if you have a few old sticks to get rid of with no use, would love them for this family Christmas project. I live about one mile east of BassPro and work in southern Tempe near Warner and I10. Also looking to see if anyone has about 30 feet of link fence. Want to put it up in front of the house to put up lights. Looking for the square fencing but will not turn down other options. You can have it back three weeks after Christmas! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Thanks for looking!
  5. My Rights As An American


    Especially when someone can do a bit of looking and find it in stock for less than original posted purchase price.
  6. My Rights As An American


    Wow, scammers are back out again.
  7. My Rights As An American

    Carport to garage

    To clarify, I have had some verbal quotes but when I ask for written quotes I never hear from the companies again. Had multiple verbals. Would love to get it done. One wall, one part wall and a garage door. Any conversation about why I would be wasting my money to do it with a permit? Thanks.
  8. My Rights As An American

    Carport to garage

    Ok, I will try this here. Need to enclose my carport but would like to do it with a permit. In Mesa, and need quotes. Recommendations? Thanks.
  9. My Rights As An American

    Free to good home

  10. My Rights As An American

    Draw results

    Wow, now I cannot even get drawn for javelina. WTF?
  11. My Rights As An American

    Unit 36A help

    I recommend looking for a lost spotter and binos in 36a β€œmisplaced” by someone’s friend.
  12. My Rights As An American

    20 gauge

    Some guy in Texas has a friend with what you are looking for. He will send you his friend's email shortly.
  13. My Rights As An American

    Oversized Cutting Boards

    I have razor slices all over my legs and arms! I am in to get those edges rounded! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  14. My Rights As An American

    What are we looking at

    Tarantula, far back left, under the bush.
  15. My Rights As An American

    Armslist BS

    I miss the firearms section of backpage.