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  1. ltd2004

    Chevlon canyon lake

    Thanks. I appreciate it.
  2. ltd2004

    Chevlon canyon lake

    Are you allowed to still take a quad down to the lake or are all motor vehicles not allowed?? Thanks in advance.
  3. Where are you located
  4. ltd2004

    12 points...now what?

    With that many bonus points unit 10 early archery bull is pretty much 100 percent. I would go units 10,9,23, or 1. All early archery bull
  5. ltd2004

    They're up-archery bull elk in 7W!

    Early archery bull elk in 10 for me. Congrats to all the hunters that got tags.
  6. ltd2004

    Hoyt mystic rebel

    Hi there. I have a Hoyt mystic rebel bow. If I had to guess the bow is 20 years or older and probably hasn’t been pulled back in 10 years or more. It’s been sitting in my closet collecting dust. So it will need new strings. It has sight, and couple arrows with broad heads. Come grab it and it’s yours. I’m located in the northwest valley. Text is preferred since I’m not on this site all the time. Thanks. Andrew. 602 301 6111
  7. ltd2004

    Agua fria arm

    I just looked on the lake website. Looks like they updated it overnight. It's closed to motor vehicles. Walk in only. Thanks
  8. ltd2004

    Agua fria arm

    I didn't realize there is an upper and lower. But I'm referring to the upper I'm assuming. Off table mesa road.
  9. ltd2004

    Agua fria arm

    Just wondering if anyone has hit the agua fria arm in the last couple weekends. Wanting to head up tomorrow morning but the game and fish fishing report says it's closed because of high lake levels but I can't find anything on the lake website that says the same. Thanks.
  10. ltd2004

    Outboard mechanic

    Hello all. I bought a new trout fishing boat and I'm looking for suggestions on a marine mechanic for maintence work on a 10 hp outboard. Just minor stuff, like carb rebuild, impeller and water pump. I live in Peoria. Thanks
  11. ltd2004

    Once in a lifetime last day buck

    Congrats on a great buck. Hopefully he was able to spread his seed a little bit.
  12. ltd2004

    No More Peaks...

    In the notes at the bottom it says there is a total of approx 40-50 elk in all 4 units combined. It recommends not wasting bonus points on the tag, but rather get as a left over tag, in so many words anyways. And tags will be only 35 bucks as well
  13. ltd2004

    No More Peaks...

  14. ltd2004

    Free big fella camo pants.

    Hello there. I have two pairs of camo pants that are brand new and never worn. One is Russell outdoors and the other is mossy oak apparel. The tag says 2xl, but if I had to guess the waist is probably like 44 to 48 inches and they would fit someone around 6'4to 6'6. They are free and I'm located in Peoria and work in south Phoenix. Pm if your interested.