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  1. ltd2004


    Where do you live??
  2. ltd2004


    Do you still have the tripod
  3. ltd2004

    North of the Ditch hunts

    I was on the late hunt in 12aw. We mostly hunted on top. Saw a ton of deer. Great rutting activity on top. Not so much down lower. Biggest buck we saw was maybe a 165ish. Filled 4 out of 4 tags. All of which had at least one tine broke. Had a great time but definately disappointed with antler growth.
  4. ltd2004

    Hoyt katera xl

    Hoyt katera xl. Right handed. 29 inch draw. 60-70#. Probably 12 years old. Bow has been my back up for a while and hasn’t been shot in some time. Probably could use new strings and cables. Not really lookin to get money for it, just would like to see it go to someone that is interested in it. Located in north Glendale.
  5. ltd2004

    22 road on the kaibab.

    I actually don’t have a tag. My buddies do. I hope to draw in the next 5 years. So just going to learn as much as possible for two weeks. I’d rather not hire a guide.
  6. ltd2004

    22 road on the kaibab.

    That is my plan. If a snow storm is In the forecast I plan on pulling out and staying in fredonia maybe.
  7. ltd2004

    22 road on the kaibab.

    So from fredonia to the 429 was open?? And was it good shape?? Over the summer it was closed between the 429 and fredonia. Thanks for the help.
  8. ltd2004

    22 road on the kaibab.

    Heading up to 12a west next week and hoping to take my trailer down the 22 road. Was there over the summer and it was closed. I’m sure it’s open by now. But does anyone know if it is for sure open out of fredonia and if it’s in good shape?? Never been on the late hunt. Am I foolish for wanting to take a trailer in there. Thanks.
  9. Just curious how hard they enforce street legal atv laws in arizona. Has anyone got pulled over or ticketed for their quad not being street legal. I’m talking on dirt roads. Thanks.
  10. Had a change of heart. Not selling. Not sure how to delete post. Sorry
  11. ltd2004

    Got a 21 mule deer tag.

    There are still really good mule deer bucks left in 21. But that time of the year they are really hard to find. Probably won’t see good ones from the road. Get high on a hill and glass the flats. Right at morning and dusk is your best chance. You can glass em up during the middle of the day but you have to be persistent. That time of the year big ones will only get up a couple times a day and it’s only to change shade.
  12. ltd2004

    Chevlon canyon lake

    Thanks. I appreciate it.
  13. ltd2004

    Chevlon canyon lake

    Are you allowed to still take a quad down to the lake or are all motor vehicles not allowed?? Thanks in advance.
  14. Where are you located