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  1. 218Bee

    Free Sorel Maverick Hunting size 16 Snow Boots

    Thank you for the boots it was a pleasure meeting you.
  2. Open boxes 16-Barnes 7mm 168 LRX BT $10 73-Berger 6.5mm 140 Elite Hunter $36 Thank you for looking
  3. 218Bee

    WTS RL22

  4. 218Bee

    WTS RL22

    Looking to sell or trade 2 unopened pounds of RL22. Would trade for RL26, RL16 or H1000. $25 per pound
  5. 218Bee


  6. 218Bee


    SPF to punxsutawn. Thank you.
  7. 218Bee


    Price reduced to $600 obo.
  8. 218Bee


  9. 218Bee


  10. 218Bee

    Colt Delta Elite with original box

    You are not helping me at all. I can justify every toy I have just ask my wife. Haha But you are right I’m sure I’m going to regret this so if it takes too long I will just have to keep it.
  11. 218Bee


    East Mesa.
  12. Well this is a pistol I always wanted so when one came up on Coues a few years back I had to buy it. Now it has been sitting in the safe ever since so I’m making the hard decision to part with it and put some money into my kids rifles. Hope I don’t regret it. Thanks for looking. $900 obo
  13. 218Bee


    The kids are getting older and moving to a 20g so their 410 is on the block. It’s in really good condition. $125 obo
  14. 218Bee


    Up for sale is a Weatherby Mark V CFP in .308. I bought this one from another Coues member a few years back but I have yet to shoot it. Well to be honest I bought two from him so that might be why I haven’t shot this one. Haha either way I’m choosing to part with this hard to find bolt pistol. Harris not included. Please let me know if you have any questions. $600 obo