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  1. 218Bee

    Harris 1A2 6-9”

    SPF to hvyhlr. Thx
  2. 218Bee

    Harris 1A2 6-9”

    TTT final price drop to $45.
  3. 218Bee

    iPhone 7/8 plus Phone Skope

    East Mesa
  4. 218Bee

    WTT RL16 for RL26

  5. Phone Skope for iPhone 7/8 plus with adapter for Swarovski 15x56 HD. $15
  6. 218Bee

    Harris 1A2 6-9”

    TTT price reduced to $55
  7. 218Bee

    WTT RL16 for RL26

    Looking to trade a pound of RL16 for RL26. Or if you have RL26 and you want to sell it, let me know. Thanks
  8. 218Bee

    Harris 1A2 6-9”

    Price updated to $65
  9. 218Bee

    Harris 1A2 6-9”

    No it does not.
  10. 218Bee


    No I will not ship.
  11. 218Bee

    Harris 1A2 6-9”

    Harris 1A2 6”-9” Ultralight in perfect condition. $45 Would take a partial trade for RL26. Located in East Mesa. Thanks for looking.
  12. 218Bee


    1 full box of Superformance $50 14 rounds of Superformance $35 1 full box of American Whitetail $30 9 rounds of custom lite $20 I would be interested in trades for RL26, 143 eldx 6.5mm, 6.5 prc brass. Everything is OBO. Located in East Mesa. Thanks for looking.
  13. 218Bee

    Seekins PH2 in 6.5 PRC

    I will take it. I sent you a PM.