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  1. Little Creek Calls

    FS Force Fins

    I will be next in line if he changes his mind. Great deal.
  2. Little Creek Calls


    Learn to reel lefty. In fly fishing it's a big advantage not having to switch hands between casting and reeling. I prefer lefty now after making the switch years ago.
  3. Little Creek Calls

    2022 35a Goulds Turkey

    Congratulations on a nice Gould's. Glad to see your son was able to join you on the hunt.
  4. Little Creek Calls

    2022 Chiricahua’s Goulds

    If and when they do increase the tag numbers I think it will be with an added third or fourth hunt to keep the number of hunters in the field at one time down to avoid conflicts between hunters. There are a lot birds but they are concentrated in fewer areas.
  5. Little Creek Calls

    2022 Deer Regulations?

    Should be the 14th. Its always the second Tuesday.
  6. Little Creek Calls

    Got offered goulds tag again from game and fish

    Here is my new mouth call model for your hunt. It is a 3 1/2 reed call with a ghost cut. I named it Maverick after the ghost town on the Apache reservation. I used it this year and was really impressed with how good it sounded all day.
  7. Little Creek Calls

    5B Merriam - Love it!

    Congratulations on a Nice bird. From the look of his spurs I would guess he is a 4 year old bird. Sharp and long. Well done.
  8. Little Creek Calls

    San Carlos Gobbler in the Snow – LONG VERSION

    What up next Rio's or Osceola's?
  9. Little Creek Calls

    Road to Big Lake?

  10. Little Creek Calls

    Kentucky man takes a white Turkey

    Personally I would pass on a turkey like that. To me it looks like an escaped farm raised butterball even if it is a true albino. I just like the looks of each subspecies of the wild turkey. The chocolate tipped tail feathers of the eastern, almost black wings of the Osceola, tan tipped feathers and long spurs of a rio, lighter tipped fan and thick feathers of a Merriam's, and the white tipped fan and large size of the Gould's.
  11. Little Creek Calls

    Got offered goulds tag again from game and fish

    Take the tag. I will send you a new mouth call I just finished developing this year that you can use on your hunt. I think it sounds great. Send me a PM if your address if you want the call.
  12. Little Creek Calls

    My sons first turkey 2022

    A few other pictures with him.
  13. Little Creek Calls

    My sons first turkey 2022

    I had the great opportunity this past weekend to take my 10 year old son on his first turkey hunt. This really has been a hunt he has been getting ready for the last 10 years. From the time he was 1 he was going with me to the NWTF national convention watching the national calling contest, seeing my pot calls in the call making contest and meeting the primos crew who he had seen on the truth turkey hunting DVD’s so many times. He has been to 3 national conventions. He has also been fortunate to join me in turkey camp so many times through the years. He has been with me in the shop watching me make so many turkey calls and picked out the wood and the size and surfaces for the calls he wanted me to make for him. He is always asking me to make him something new. I started making the smaller sized pot calls (3” instead of 3 1/2”) to fit in his hands better. He has also attended with me to so many fund raising banquets all over Arizona and even volunteered and helped set up, clean up and run prizes to the winners at the last East Valley Toms banquet. 4 years ago he joined me at a turkey camp helping other youth hunters. On the first evening of the hunt he started experiencing really bad pain bellow his stomach. He ended up taking a helicopter ride from Show Low to Phoenix Children’s hospital because his intestine had developed a small hole and was leaking into his body. After 3 very painful weeks in the hospital and several procedures later he made a full recovery. I am so glad he pulled through and this experience has really helped me appreciate all the time I get to spend with him and his two younger brothers. This hunt started a little rough when getting out of our vehicle on opening morning in the dark to the wind howling. We just had to go from past experience hunting this area because we would not be able to hear them. It took an hour or so of calling and moving to locate them but we found them and had them coming in to our calls. We had a fence between us them and some were hanging up not wanting to cross. Two hens and a jake did cross and just as the others were getting ready to cross a vehicle came driving by and scarred the flock in the opposite direction. Later that morning we were able to call the two hens and jake to our setup but the jake never gave him a shot opportunity. The first evening had us trying a different area on the other side of the unit playing cat a mouse with a strutting tom and three hens. It was fun to watch him strut but the closest we could get him to come was about 50 yards, good enough for my 12 gauge with 3 ½” shells but not for the 20 gauge 3” he was using. No shot taken. The second morning we thought we had the perfect setup after seeing the birds travel pattern on opening morning. The turkeys had a different plan in mind and went the opposite direction. Knowing where they would probably be heading we left our decoy and setup and hurried on a quick mile hike to get in front of them. After a few minutes of calling it was confirmed we had made the right move with gobbles not to far off and sounding closer each time. The hole flock came in and he was able to make a great shot on the strutting tom at 10 yards. He was so happy and excited. I have been apart of over 40 birds being harvested all over the country but this is my new favorite most exciting turkey hunt I have been on. I am so happy for my son. I would like to thank Steve AKA Cactus Jack and his son for letting us borrow his youth 20 gauge. He was nervous about the recoil and didn’t want to use any our 12 gauges. Sorry for the long read, just glad I was able to be apart of this hunt and share a little of it with you.
  14. Little Creek Calls

    You Find Treasure

    Just after watching the video I would guess the $100 was found using the trail at the end of n school house Rd in carefree.
  15. Little Creek Calls

    New call for NWTF Banquet

    Finished up one more call for the banquet. This one is a Vermont green slate calling surface in a Sinker Cypress pot. This wood was pulled from the bottom of the swamp in Louisiana and is hundreds of years old. The striker is also sinker Cypress. Hope to see some of you at the banquet on Saturday.