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  1. Little Creek Calls

    Looking to buy a 22 rifle

    How much do you want for your golden boy? My son would love a gun like this.
  2. Little Creek Calls

    Arizona's Mnt Rushmore of Hunting

    I would like to have seen turkey hunting legend Marvin Robbins on the list. Taught me and countless others in Arizona the love of turkey hunting.
  3. Little Creek Calls

    Turkey mount for sale $175

    Tell us a little bit about your bird, When and where was it killed? Who did the mount? beard and spur length?
  4. Little Creek Calls

    Donating Elk Tag

    A champ hunt tag would have to go to a champ permit holder. Tom Wagner would probably have more luck finding a disabled veteran with a champ permit than OE4A finding a champ permit holder.
  5. Little Creek Calls

    Max's Kansas Turkey Hunt

    Congrats on a nice bird. With the chocolate tipped tail feathers it looks all eastern. Were you far enough east in Kansas for a pure eastern or is it a hybrid?
  6. Little Creek Calls

    2 First Class Tickets on Verde Canyon Railways

    If drcarr dosent take them I would like them.
  7. Little Creek Calls

    Fly fishing gear

    Ill take the pontoon and L-R waders if still available. PM sent.
  8. Little Creek Calls

    White Mountain Creek Fishing

    If you know where to go and know what you are doing you could get it done in a couple days. If you are wanting 12" or better the brook trout will need to come out of a lake and not a stream. You will also need to go to mt graham if you want to include Gila trout.
  9. Little Creek Calls

    Red dot for turkey

    I switched to a red dot two or three years ago. Haven't missed a turkey since I switched. I use the vortex venom.
  10. Little Creek Calls

    High School Football Fundraiser

    Sean I will take one. Give me a call and we can figure out a time to meet up.
  11. Little Creek Calls

    Lee's Ferry Walk In Question

    My advice would be to stop in at Lee's ferry anglers at cliff dwellers buy a few flys and talk to Terry and Wendy Gunn. I am sure they will point you in the right direction for the walk in and be able to answer questions about other access points and trails. Report looks good 7 out of 10 for the walk in. https://leesferry.com/river-report/
  12. Little Creek Calls

    Left Over List

    They always have over 300 fall turkey tags left in 12A, I don't think that many more hunters put in for fall turkey. Deer leftovers have been drying up the last few years but there will be a list with at least 12A turkey leftovers.
  13. Little Creek Calls

    Looking for recommendations for a Pellet Smoker

    I have been using a Yoder for 8 or 9 years and it is still running great. Cant beat the american made thicker steel construction. Gilbert fireplaces & BBQ (Gilbert & Warner) became an authorized dealer last year. They are a little more expensive than your Traegers, green mountain and pit bosses but like meatu said definitely a step up. They all come pre-assembled from Yoder but they are heavy 300 + pounds of solid steel.
  14. Little Creek Calls

    Pictures of the Burn on Mt Ord

    Sean where are the pictures of your 2019 bull from Clay?
  15. Little Creek Calls

    OTC gobbler down

    One of my favorite ways to prepare wild turkey, looks great. Congratulations on a nice bird.