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  1. Little Creek Calls


    3 1/2"?
  2. My friend sent his BPS in last month and got it back in only two or three weeks.
  3. Little Creek Calls

    Anything I should know before buying a trager?

    I bought a Yoder 12 or 13 years ago. I glad I bought when I did because the price has more than doubled since I purchased mine. Still running great. Only thing I have had to do was replace the igniter and it was a quick 5 min change and covered by the warranty. Heats up to 600 and holds temp well. I leave mine unattended all the time.
  4. Little Creek Calls

    2024 Goulds Recommendations and Advice

    If you look at the draw reports you can see that turkey hunts with only 3 and even 2 permits for a hunt number are awarded 1 bonus pass tag. Hunts with only 1 permit do not get a bonus pass tag and are just offered in the general draw. As far as applying together I would think that you could not get a bonus pass tag if only one is available. Also don't apply as a group of 2 for hunt with only two permits available because 1 permit will go to the bonus pass and with only 1 tag available you will have no chance to draw.
  5. Little Creek Calls

    Beating the heat with Flys

    Hard to tell from the color in the photos but are those cuts or rainbows? Looks like parachute dry fly's, nicely done.
  6. Little Creek Calls

    Morning Visitor

    I've seen quite a few. Several years ago when helping someone in 32 on the western side of the Galiuros we were running into them everywhere we went. Saw 5 or 6 tortoises and 2 Gila Monster's in 2 days. I couldn't believe some of the steep rocky places where we saw tortoises. Must have been breeding season or something, seemed like they were coming out everywhere.
  7. Little Creek Calls

    Bear Attack

    What was average fish size for those who caught? Were they mostly Apaches or Browns?
  8. Little Creek Calls

    Bear Attack

    How was the fishing? With the new Christmas tree regulations about immediately releasing any Apache trout caught I am thinking they are still having issues with apache trout at their hatchery and probably haven't stoked any fish there in a couple of years.
  9. Little Creek Calls

    My Gould's turkey 2023

    Getting my Gould's completed my Royal slam so I thought I would share a photo of each. Posted in the order I took them. Merriam's Rio's Eastern's Osceola's Gould's
  10. Little Creek Calls

    My Gould's turkey 2023

    Well my turn finally came and I drew a bonus pass tag on the second hunt for a Gould's tag. I was dieing to get in the woods after all the Gould's photos were posted last week. Finally got to the woods yesterday afternoon set up camp and had a few hours to do some scouting. First thing this morning I had another hunter move in on the birds I was calling in off the roost and it was game over for both of us. The scouting from the day before really paid off and we hurried to our plan B spot. We were able to locate and call in this strutting tom and his 7 hens. It was a short hunt and we were done by 6:45 this morning. I look forward to putting in for Merriam's again and getting to hunt for myself more often.
  11. Little Creek Calls

    Muzzleloader Shotgun Goulds

    Muzzleloading shotguns are supposed to be tight patterning long range guns. Only downside is you only have one shot. How often do you even need the second shot and after the bird is running how affective is the second shot anyway. With the rising cost of turkey loads why not. The new TSS loads are $10 plus a round and the cheaper copper plated lead is getting harder to find.
  12. Little Creek Calls

    Muzzleloader Shotgun Goulds

    Great looking tom. Always wanted to try a muzzleloader shotgun. What muzzleloader are you using?
  13. Little Creek Calls

    Fall Turkey

    If you are after a nice tom in the fall this might be your best bet.
  14. Little Creek Calls

    Fall Turkey

    Fall turkey hunting is a different experience then spring hunting. In the fall I target jakes that are running with the large flocks. I like to find and split the flocks and call them back together. For me turkey hunting is about calling and interacting with the birds and this method provides the best opportunity for calling in the fall. That said I haven't fall hunted in a long time, I just buy the extra bonus point.
  15. Little Creek Calls

    Youth Turkey 2023

    I was able to take my son on his second youth turkey hunt this past weekend (last year being the first). After several close calls on the first day of the hunt with no shots fired he was able to connect on this tom on the second morning. The birds threw us a curve ball on the first evening and roosted in a different location several ridges away. From hunting this location in years past I knew where I wanted to get before first light and set up. The birds ended up being roosted a little farther than what I had thought but I still liked my chances and setup. There were several toms gobbling off the roost but you could hear the hens show up to pick them up. They were out of sight over a ridge or two. It sounded like they were starting to head the other way but luckily the boss hen was talkative and we got into a nice argument. After about 5 minutes of back and forth she decided to come kick my butt. And guess who she brought with her a strutting gobbling tom. My son made a great one shot kill to the head. I love it when a plan comes together. It is so fun and exciting to be able to share these experiences with my son, some of my favorite hunting memories.