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  1. Little Creek Calls

    DEC Rifle Hunt Roll Call

    Same here, just Saturday for the day. Good luck Shelvin.
  2. Little Creek Calls

    4A Access

    You can also access it from Heber by using the 504 road and driving across 4B until you cross chevelon creek into 4A.
  3. Little Creek Calls

    The trophy room!

    Are the top and the bottom calls both cedar and the middle one walnut? Looks like well used calls. RIP Marvin Robbins, lots of good memories.
  4. Little Creek Calls

    The trophy room!

    I like all the turkey fans. In first looking I thought they all looked like Merriam's. Coming from NM I might be right. Are any of them NM Rio's?
  5. Little Creek Calls

    Leftover Tag Strategy

    There is no non resident cap on leftovers so if you want to hunt together you should put in together on the same application. Also there is not a huge demand for the spring leftovers like there is with the fall deer tags so don't over think it. Tags will be available for several weeks sometimes longer depending on what hunt you are after.
  6. Little Creek Calls

    Sandhill Crane Hunters

    Just Curious Yote with all of the different birds what is you favorite to cook and eat? Of every thing I have tried grilled Crane is hands down the winner and it is not even close. Fried turkey would probably be a distant second.
  7. Little Creek Calls

    2020 Spring Results are up

    Hopefully they get the online system working for the leftovers so we don't have to play the guessing game of when do I mail them and what address do I send it to anymore.
  8. Little Creek Calls

    Goulds tags!

    Looks like results are posted on the portal. I didn't get drawn for turkey. Maybe next year.
  9. Little Creek Calls

    Osceolla Turkeys.

    Osceolla's are really fun, one of my favorite turkey hunts I have been on.
  10. Little Creek Calls

    Packing in the big glass ever a bad idea??

    You bought it, might as well use it or at least have it available to use if needed. I wouldn't care about an extra 7 pounds. My only worry would be space if you were packing out a deer.
  11. Little Creek Calls

    Goulds tags!

    Hope everyone put in for the same units as last year. If so then I should get my first Goulds tag.
  12. Little Creek Calls


    They added the youth hunt between then and now. The youth get the second to last Friday in April. If you like the week earlier date hunt NM. Starts April 15th every year. Even with the earlier season in NM I would rather have an Arizona hunt.
  13. Little Creek Calls


    I think so, pretty similar to every state I have hunted. I think Merriam's start nesting in May in Arizona just based on my experience. I will have to find the research report and check the dates.
  14. Little Creek Calls


    If you are looking at the Gould's hunt dates they start a week later this year because they did a study and found they nest a week later in Arizona than Merriam's. Merriam's adult hunts start the last Friday in April just like always.
  15. Little Creek Calls

    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    Man I would love to go, just a little to short of notice. If you are looking for someone to help I can check with my brother in law, he lives in Rexburg and I think he is off track this semester.