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  1. Little Creek Calls

    Packing in the big glass ever a bad idea??

    You bought it, might as well use it or at least have it available to use if needed. I wouldn't care about an extra 7 pounds. My only worry would be space if you were packing out a deer.
  2. Little Creek Calls

    Goulds tags!

    Hope everyone put in for the same units as last year. If so then I should get my first Goulds tag.
  3. Little Creek Calls


    They added the youth hunt between then and now. The youth get the second to last Friday in April. If you like the week earlier date hunt NM. Starts April 15th every year. Even with the earlier season in NM I would rather have an Arizona hunt.
  4. Little Creek Calls


    I think so, pretty similar to every state I have hunted. I think Merriam's start nesting in May in Arizona just based on my experience. I will have to find the research report and check the dates.
  5. Little Creek Calls


    If you are looking at the Gould's hunt dates they start a week later this year because they did a study and found they nest a week later in Arizona than Merriam's. Merriam's adult hunts start the last Friday in April just like always.
  6. Little Creek Calls

    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    Man I would love to go, just a little to short of notice. If you are looking for someone to help I can check with my brother in law, he lives in Rexburg and I think he is off track this semester.
  7. Little Creek Calls

    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    Earlier this month in Montana hunting with a partner saved two archery elk hunters lives. https://www.ktvq.com/news/montana-news/investigation-continues-into-2-grizzly-bear-attacks-in-sw-montana
  8. Little Creek Calls

    Moosings - Idaho - 2019

    Looks like the south fork of the Snake to me. A couple summers ago I was floating the Henrys fork on a pontoon and had to slowdown and dodge several moose that were crossing the river. Love spending time in that area.
  9. Little Creek Calls

    Iso jet boil

    A few years ago I looked into them and ended up going with the cheaper Champ Chef Stryker and ended up getting the propane version since I was already using a propane lantern and wouldn't need to carry both propane and butane. I really like mine and it heats up water just as fast as others who were using the Jet Boil.
  10. Little Creek Calls

    2019 National Call Making Contest

    Here are a few pictures of the call I am entering into the national call making contest this year. Just finished making it last week and feel it turned out great. It's a slate call in a Arizona Walnut pot with a Mesquite striker.
  11. Little Creek Calls

    Late Season Unit 1

    Looks like you might be getting some snow. If you do one of my favorite ways to hunt unit 1 in the late season is after a good fresh snow (6”+) get out in one of the no motorized entry areas and find fresh tracks and follow them. It usually doesn’t take long before you catch up to them if they haven’t been spooked. When you catch up if its still morning and they haven’t bedded yet it will be close, under 100 yards and they usually don’t know you are there. Just be sure to have a GPS and know how far from a road and how long of a pack out you are getting yourself into. Even if you spook them you can usually catch up after a mile or so.
  12. Little Creek Calls

    12 g steel ammon

    How much for just the speed ball?
  13. Little Creek Calls

    Spring draw is on the portal

    Call the phone number, 602-942-3000.
  14. Little Creek Calls

    Spring results

    That's great Mark! Where did Kathi put in?
  15. Little Creek Calls

    Smoker recomendations

    I have had several electric smokers, an offset charcoal smoker and have been using a Yoder pellet smoker for the past 5 years. I have liked them all but would never go back from using a pellet smoker now. There are different things you can do to get almost the same flavor out of a pellet smoker as you can out of charcoal or electric. First is using a smoke tube that burns pellets and goes on the grill with the food. You get more than double the smoke output than your normal pellet smoke. You can also use it and get smoke at any temp using the tube, super hot bake or almost no heat in a cold smoke because it is not burning in the fire box. Another option is mixing in charcoal pellets with your hard wood pellets. My ultimate smoker would be the Yoder YS1500. It's to bad there is no longer a Yoder dealer in AZ and shipping is to expensive (around $550 to ship the YS1500, they are really heavy and come assembled on a pallet).