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  1. bigorange

    Pronghorn and Water

    Can be any time, but also can usually pattern them. My hunt I was able to pattern a couple bucks using the same water hole between 11-1 most days so that’s when I sat and tried spot n stalk the rest of the day. Ended up killing mine on that water hole around noon.
  2. bigorange

    PointGuard Question

    Only if you have Pointguard.
  3. bigorange

    PointGuard Question

    Then my point is still valid...before tagging an OTC deer in August make sure it’s worth using Pointguard or eating the tag.
  4. bigorange

    PointGuard Question

    And I should add...I’m in that boat every year without the pointguard. Have to consider whether the OTC buck is worth eating/donating the drawn tag. A velvety coues in archery range in Aug would make that decision easy for me at this point. LoL
  5. bigorange

    PointGuard Question

    Well if he already got an otc deer this year (Jan) then he shouldn’t have put in for a tag...I was reading it as “if I get an otc deer” implying that he hadn’t yet...
  6. bigorange

    PointGuard Question

    Exactly...be sure you want to use Pointguard or make sure the OTC archery deer is worth it.
  7. bigorange

    Buying OTC tags online

    This would be nice...then <gasp> maybe online leftovers too...
  8. bigorange

    Interesting #.. thought they were banned

    Hashtags aside...pretty cool that he did it with a bow. Is he really the first, though?
  9. bigorange

    Arctic Fox 22H Travel Trailer

    Bump for a nice looking rig. Arctic Fox makes very good trailers.
  10. bigorange

    Hunting gear for trade/cash?

    Have a set of insulated Walls overalls I used to wear in treestands I’d give you...I’ll check but I think they’re either L or XL so too big.
  11. bigorange

    free old bow

    Thought for a second that was a Browning Coyote...have my old one still with the same camo pattern. Hadn’t thought about setting it up for fishing...great idea.
  12. bigorange

    need arrow suggestions

    I’ve been very pleased with GoldTip Hunter XT.
  13. bigorange

    Free rooster

    2 silky cocks...surely @CatfishKev will take you up on that offer...
  14. bigorange

    Some Elk on my Camera....cant wait until archery season

    I’m ready for Sept 2021 too.