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  1. bigorange

    Wounding bulls

    You’ve seriously NEVER missed a shot? That’s very impressive...
  2. bigorange

    Colt suspends production of AR-15 for civilian market

    Sounds like they didn’t have production capacity anyway due to other contracts...
  3. bigorange

    Kings Camo and Cabela’s camo fire sale!

    Same here. Double true.
  4. bigorange

    strange days

    Funny it doesn’t sound like Colt is really making any point by doing it...just focusing on fulfilling the contracts that are taking all of their manufacturing capacity anyway. I guess we’ll see if they start producing fo civilian market again after the contracts are done.
  5. bigorange

    Portable ozone generator

    Not sure they have any effect on bugs...you may be thinking of Thermacell?
  6. bigorange

    Colt New Frontier SSA

    That’s a pretty cool piece especially if the grips are scrimshaw...
  7. bigorange

    Any metalheads?

    That’s about where I am...working on increasing my numbers though. Maybe this is my mid-life reaction. Only way I can count more than 10-15 bands seen is a couple of festivals with several bands each. I heard several good concerts while serving beer in the Pyramid (now it’s a Bass Pro LoL) in Memphis but only got to watch maybe one song each...great people watching from the concession stand though.
  8. bigorange


    Awesome bull...congrats!
  9. bigorange

    Any metalheads?

    No problem there...this was my 4th bucket list concert of the year with Garth and George being the first 2. My musical tastes are "diverse" :)
  10. bigorange

    Any metalheads?

    Second week in a row...KISS was last week in ABQ. Both shows I was up by 6 to get to work the next day...my voice is shot and ears ringing a little today. LoL
  11. bigorange

    Any metalheads?

    Any metalheads on here going to see Iron Maiden tonight? Continuing the geriatric metal tour...saw KISS in ABQ last week and ready to jam tonight.
  12. bigorange

    Remington 1100 semi-auto 20g

    Nice...killed my first deer with one of these shooting slugs.
  13. bigorange

    Son got it done again.

  14. bigorange

    Applications for 2020 spring hunts now being accepted

    No paper apps...how long until no paper regs either?
  15. bigorange

    Boys of Fall

    Thanks for bumping this...every year. Love it.