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  1. bigorange

    Why do they keep doing this?

    “Unemployed teenager” - was that a necessary clarification by the media? LoL
  2. bigorange

    Night Over Sedona

    Wow…awesome. Thanks for sharing.
  3. bigorange

    Why do they keep doing this?

    Killed his grandmother first too. Sad…don’t know the answer to your question either.
  4. bigorange

    Kuiu Roll Call

    I like the Attack pants…even for casual wear. I wait for them to go on sale, usually once a year. A lot less than $259 too.
  5. bigorange

    Lost range finder

    That’s pretty low if someone picked it up at the range and didn’t turn it in…maybe I shouldn’t be surprised, but still low.
  6. bigorange

    Boycott of Aspen Lodge in Alpine, AZ

    Is that behind all those cookie cutter cabins that popped up by the Rv park?
  7. bigorange

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    Tacking onto Boarman’s “earning enough” comment (and I am a Ramsey zealot since I was about 20 and have taught some of his courses) one of my favorite things Dave says is that your most powerful wealth building tool is your income. If you need more money…go make more. He’s also fond of saying not to listen to most PhDs in Finance since most of them are broke! LoL
  8. bigorange


    Macho B was a cool name for a jaguar. Then they killed him.
  9. bigorange


    Friend of mine is interested…gave him your number to text.
  10. bigorange

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    I noticed the same (some units now have open late hunts that weren’t open before or not recently) but hadn’t looked back to see exactly which had opened. Good opportunity for sure, at least until the quotas fill…hopefully not in August.
  11. bigorange

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    easy enough way to accomplish it…works in other states. Doesn’t account for the mandatory reporting within 48 hours, but it’s a start.
  12. bigorange

    Deer/Sheep Regs

    And how will the mandatory archery reporting be enforced?
  13. bigorange

    Any luck with Gun Safe in Garage?

    Sorry I meant to answer the OP question too…my friend has had his safe in the garage In Tucson for years. Never any issues that I’m aware although I would personally be concerned with its visibility when he comes and goes or if kids leave the garage open.
  14. bigorange

    Any luck with Gun Safe in Garage?

    Friend did the same when he built a house recently…built in a reinforced room in the basement for all his guns and gear. Come to think of it my uncle did the same in his basement a few years ago has 2 rooms…one is guns and ammo and the other is all his hunting clothes and gear.
  15. bigorange

    Pointguard Plus

    I agree on both points.