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  1. bigorange

    Prodigy p2 brake control

    Great price on a great controller...miss mine since I went to the OEM controller when I changed trucks.
  2. bigorange

    Coues rut

    Wait. I’ve been waiting for the rut to start before I even go out...did I miss it?
  3. bigorange

    Split hairs with me

    If it's not listed as archery only in AZGFD info for the unit and it's BLM signs posting the BLM land as such, I'd think you're good to go on the private land. Heck I'd take my bow for the lion with a rifle as backup or in case it wasn't in bow range. Government Draw...could be lucky during a shutdown. I'm working without pay right now or I'd go with you.
  4. bigorange

    Draw Odds Question

    Google answered my question for me... https://s3.amazonaws.com/azgfd-portal-wordpress/azgfd.wp/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/16142447/2018-Pronghorn-and-Elk-Bonus-Point-Report-1-2-Pass-by-Hunt-Number.pdf
  5. bigorange

    Split hairs with me

    Who has designated it as archery only? AZGFD (which I'd think might apply to the whole area) or BLM? And is it only the BLM land that's designated? (I know that's the basic question you're asking if it only applies to the BLM land...if only BLM land is specified, then private should be legal but I'd probably want to get the AZGFD officer opinion as Jim said)
  6. bigorange

    Draw Odds Question

    What's the source of these numbers? I recognize it, but can't place where I've seen it...
  7. bigorange

    Tag Transfer

    Could buy PointGuard and donate it...but yeah only to a qualifying organization. If you know he won't be able to hunt if he draws, I'd say just buy a point.
  8. bigorange

    Buck of a lifetime!!

    On the cover of Eastman's Bowhunting this month...
  9. So is your shooter black riser and tan limbs? Any pics of that look? Free bump for a silly question. LoL
  10. bigorange

    Cox Internet sucks Outage all day

    For internet? What are you using?
  11. bigorange

    Can we get hoodies made????

    Only if it has that pic on the shirt...VERY RARE!
  12. bigorange

    Can we get hoodies made????

    +1 on this.
  13. bigorange

    5 To 1 Odds.....Why Not?

    Fun thread but he’s not in it for the money.
  14. bigorange

    Tucson Units

    For Reddington...yeah for the most part once you get a couple miles in no problems parking and leaving vehicles. Lots of traffic on the main road so that could be good or bad as far as someone messing with your vehicle overnight.