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  1. bigorange

    Youth Hunt - 12 AW

    One to one doesn’t sound right either.
  2. bigorange

    Popcorn thread

    And as for the rut question...deer in my avatar was rutting in Jan down south near Tucson. I’ve seen bigger bucks with does in Nov down south, but I’m not sure I’d call it rutting...I vote for Dec-Jan.
  3. bigorange

    Popcorn thread

    Over 100 posts on the thread and still going strong...
  4. bigorange

    Quick trip before the heat gets nasty

    Not bad at all...send me gps cords and i’ll brave the heat and keep an eye on it for you.
  5. bigorange

    ISO Muzzle Break

    Also not exactly what you asked, but I’ve been very pleased with the Little Bastard on the Ruger 6.5. https://www.americanprecisionarms.com/products/gen-2-little-bastard-muzzle-brake
  6. bigorange

    6.5 Creedmoor ammo

    Smokin deal
  7. bigorange

    turkey downI

    Nice job Bob
  8. bigorange

    Safety, Safety, Safety guns are always loaded!

    Very sad and easily preventable. If it was an accident I don’t understand why he was arrested, or is that standard procedure in any accidental shooting?
  9. bigorange

    Any shed action yet?

    On elkhorn ranch in 36c...
  10. bigorange

    Any shed action yet?

    Found a couple small fresh elk sheds in 27 on turkey hunt last weekend. Saw a couple bulls still packing too...one of them may have been one of the sheds we found based on location and size. Found the shed the next morning in the middle of forest road near where we’d seen the bull.
  11. bigorange


  12. bigorange

    Youth shotgun recommendations

    Thanks for all the comments and recommendations. Very helpful so far.
  13. bigorange

    Youth shotgun recommendations

    Hadn’t thought about that...killed my first deer with a 20ga 1100.
  14. bigorange

    Youth shotgun recommendations

    Awesome time, but no birds on the ground. I’ll text you some details.
  15. bigorange

    Youth shotgun recommendations

    After the weekend’s turkey hunt my daughter wants a shotgun. Not looking to buy yet, but looking for recommendations. Looking for 20ga youth size chambered for 3”...she carried an 870 youth model this weekend and liked it, but wondering what other models might be worth a look.