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  1. I love the included guarantees…much better than any extended warranty!
  2. bigorange

    Good News

    Some good news here…my dad had emergency spinal surgery yesterday. After months of pain which culminated last week with being unable to get out of bed without severe pain he’s 1000% better. Still had a ways to go to get his strength back but a completely different man without the pain.
  3. bigorange

    Good News

    I have…still not ready but at least shooting
  4. bigorange

    Good News

    Archery next week.
  5. bigorange

    Is big lake Jake still around?

    Man sorry to see this too. RIP brother.
  6. bigorange

    Miss me Bitches

    I do miss him now…
  7. bigorange

    New Tucson processor?

    Dickmans is still open, they just aren’t processing wild game anymore. Long live their ugly steaks! edited to add…that’s what they told me when I asked them a while back. It may very well have changed since then. I had one deer processed there and wasn’t impressed. WGP was much better, but I agree he can’t handle all the volume of Tucson by himself.
  8. bigorange

    New Tucson processor?

    Their website lists a Tucson location open every other Thursday. Sounds it might be more like a pickup/dropoff location with those hours, but not sure. I think my friend may have used them for his coues last year…I’ll ask him.
  9. bigorange

    AZBGSR 2021 Winners

    Nice to see more AZ names this time…at least I think there’s more.
  10. bigorange


    Wow…crazy. Sad news.
  11. bigorange

    New Tucson processor?

    Yeah that’s what I was thinking…you’d probably heard of Miller’s Southwest. Hopefully this one is as good since I’ve always heard great stuff about Miller’s.
  12. bigorange

    New Tucson processor?

    This place just popped up on my Instagram feed…hadn’t heard of them before. Anyone used them or familiar with them? Anything good or bad? Southwest Game Processing https://www.southwestgameprocessingaz.com/
  13. bigorange

    Dad drew 34A late tag

    Great hunt in a great unit. Lots of great areas and definitely doable without ATVs. PM incoming with more specifics.
  14. bigorange

    Cobalt Charter Fishing Trip - San Diego 7/18

    Awesome report…thanks for sharing. One of these years…
  15. bigorange

    Kayaking on Fool Hollow Lake

    Other than paying the day use fee to get into the state park there was no permit required when I was there a couple years ago.