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  1. bigorange

    COVID Vaccine Info

    This is my understanding as well...they’ve been working on the delivery model for years which helped streamline things a lot. Still very fast to get it developed and released. I’m not as skeptical though, and got my first dose already...guess I’ll see how it goes.
  2. bigorange

    Guys is the Draw open yet?

    Opens in Feb.
  3. bigorange

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Still there...if this is the post you meant
  4. bigorange

    COVID Vaccine Info

    Assistant Secretary for Health...gonna be my new boss I guess. HHS Sec nominee is CA Attorney General...different guy.
  5. bigorange

    Kansas Millennial Poaches 60 deer

    Where does it say he’s a millennial? I didn’t see this specified...wonder if the jail time was for poaching or for being a felon in possession of firearms.
  6. bigorange

    Reloading question

    If you have enough ammo until October and for your hunts in the fall I’d just sell the brass. If you were wanting to reload something you’d be shooting all the time between now and then it might be different...
  7. bigorange

    Adding kids to portal and age for bonus points

    You could play the points game that lots of folks play for kid...start buying points for a non-hunting parent or grandparent with plans to put in after the kid is old enough and transfer the tag to the kid. Or count on a lucky kid like my buddy’s son who has drawn all kinds of stuff in 5 years...rifle Bull, Gould’s, NM Ibex...lucky kid.
  8. bigorange

    It’s complicated

    I thought the same...and yeah if his buddy is non-res it’s treated just like a resident and non-res putting in together. I believe OW is correct and they both wouldn’t draw when their # came up if the non-res cap had been met.
  9. bigorange

    Adding kids to portal and age for bonus points

    There was talk of having a family function where you could add kids to your profile, but I don’t think it has happened. I created separate accounts for my kids.
  10. bigorange

    COVID Vaccine Info

    I’ll let you know if I turn into the boogeyman or die from allergic reactions...so far just a sore arm.
  11. bigorange


    I bet they keep asking you for money...
  12. bigorange

    First Coues Buck

    Awesome first coues...and with a bow too! Congrats and let’s hear the story.
  13. I saw this earlier today...is this in addition to or instead of the lady on this thread?
  14. bigorange

    Otc pig down

    Nice job...congrats!
  15. bigorange

    The Swhack Attack Continues!

    Congrats and nice video! Looks like an exit wound from a rifle! Glad you guys have reconnected and able to hunt together more often...