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  1. 1uofacat

    Results are up.

    that would succk, but you'd probably never know that happened. My kids drew leftover deer tags in 4A several years ago, but typically would just get the onopened app back... like almost everyone else!
  2. 1uofacat

    Confused on when elk drop.

    saw this driving home yesterday near Parks
  3. 1uofacat

    Card Hits!

    yes they are...
  4. 1uofacat

    Draw still pending

    Insert "elk tag" for "money"... haha
  5. 1uofacat

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    hard to get on a chair lift with that kind of snow! haha
  6. 1uofacat

    Sick to my stomach!!!!!

    Don't you also need the pin# that's covered on the back of those cards to use it/get access to the funds? If so, when purchasing it you could see a card has been compromised.
  7. 1uofacat

    Anybody else’s E tag just disappear?

    I wonder how many are hitting "refresh" this morning on their portal accounts like we used to hit "redial" on the 942-3000 years ago? haha
  8. 1uofacat

    Anybody else’s E tag just disappear?

    its "fun" drama for some though...
  9. 1uofacat

    Anybody else’s E tag just disappear?

    "my" tag numbers are now gone too...
  10. 1uofacat

    E tag are up

    I can imagine a lot of potential issues with this "better" process. It's rather odd the results were already posted for etags, but not the rest which will likely change for the next draw. For those who are signed up, great for you to find results a few days before the the rest though. Regardless, I too will stay with the actual department tag issued for now.
  11. 1uofacat

    Card Hits!

    so Eddie, if you recall, was your cc charge with your 3rd choice tag with the "main bunch" of charges or later in the day or perhps next day?
  12. 1uofacat

    Card Hits!

    it's very odd is all... could be those 3rd choices were from rejected cc charges
  13. 1uofacat

    Card Hits!

    They haven't for years now...
  14. 1uofacat

    Card Hits!

    I see tag numbers now too, but not hunt number. This likely means archery bull as I seriously doubt we drew a rifle cow tag on 3rd choice.