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  1. 1uofacat

    Late season Arizona bull hunt

    Many bulls end up here... 12S 456881E, 3894922N I don't think I'd start there though...
  2. Thank you for your answer to my message to you.  One thing  I may have stated - less that totally clear. So, I'll try again.  I have never Killed a tame  animal , nor will I ever do That. I hunt big game -male ,mature healthy animals only. my  # 1 motive for hunting is the challenge; The biggest most perfect trophy;    1 on 1    (even odds)    #2.   I am omnivorous- love eating wild things. ( My front porch , is the great outdoors) 

    Just a note -to tell you who  I am;  A Tenn. tobacco farmers son. We were probably the poorest of the poor!  NO vehicle, electric, indoor water, refrigerator,  t.v. and the out house( had little style) and was a ways OUT.  But we were really well off compared to  ones on up hollow. I never was hungry; Always had Mom& Dad home each day.

    At 9 , I took over my dad's trap-line,( 20 traps). I caught mush rat , mink , coons & opossum.  It was done in the creek through our farm.  I  skinned & dried the pelts-sold to buyers .  (Not a creme - puff job) It was 2 times a day- 7 days a week.   If-- I was not an outdoors man - this definitely qualified me. I bought my first car at 16.( 1938 Chevy- rumble seat)   It was something really nice. It was my first step out to the big wide world. 

    I joined the USAF, 21 march 1955. After a whole world of military flying experience I retired 1985. Since then  owned and operated-three other businesses.  Now at 82 , retired four times.  The rest of my time here will be free as a bird , wild as the wind.  Too bad - my rope is so short & that all things do come to an end.  The most important - is how one stands with Jesus Christ At this time. My Parents & two siblings were ministers.




  3. 1uofacat

    Unit 11M bull hunt

    It's certainly legal, but each has to answer that question for themselves. Is there honor in that type of hunting because one can take advantage of an animal who may see "residents" as a non-threat and therefore allow people "camouflauged" like this to get close to them? To each his own... There's a difference between ethics and morals... they're not the same thing.
  4. 1uofacat

    Unit 11M bull hunt

    So, hunting like that makes you proud? For some, all that matters is the size of bone on the wall. Taking advantage of animals who come accustomed to people is not something I'd be proud of, but that's me...
  5. 1uofacat

    What do you think this bull will score?

    I agree, 300 or somewhere in that range. not very massive, looks like short mains, and the whole left isn't that impressive so will keep the right side quiet, (which isn't all that loud anyway). He's a good bull, looks nice and will make someone very happy, but he's not anything to get all worked up about. If I had a tag in my pack and was in the latter part of the hunt I'd try to put a hole through it. If it was real early and was looking for a huge bull, the bulls were talking etc., I'd likely pass on it.
  6. 1uofacat

    Mullins bull VS A3 bull

    Those aren't "owned" by A3 or Mullins, are they? Why wouldn't those who paid for them want their name in the record books even though they were taken by perhaps an army of spotters during a time when nobody else could be out there hunting?
  7. 1uofacat

    White Mountain Lakes

    Vehicle fire? I used to fly fish Reservation lake back in the late 70s/early 80s in float tubes and it was absolutely awesome (east arm of the lake). Haven't been back since then having moved out of state after college to follow work etc. While "away", I got to fish Montana and Wyoming though so was truly spoiled wetting lines in rivers like the Beaverhead and Big Hole in Montana, the Snake in Idaho, and the Madison in Wyoming. Also lived in Northern NM for a while and fished the San Juan a lot which was a mere 45 min away from home. Planning a trip to the White Mtns early October and trying to figure out where would be "best", so feedback is much appreciated. Big lake is "free", but Reservation Lake is not only a lot prettier IMO, but I'm sure it's better fishing too, especially fly fishing. We were considering Sunrise Lake too, but by the sounds of it Sunrise Lake is out givena probable fish dye-off, which is truly sad. We used to fish Sunrise a lot back then too with a lot of success. Those sure were fun trips...
  8. 1uofacat

    Riggs flat lake

    Riggs Flat Lake... it's been quite a while since I was there, but the fishing was absolutely awesome as I recall, and actually got better (if you can believe that) the following day when the G&F backed up and stocked it! That sure was fun... but it also happened when I was just a kid about 1966! (I'm getting old... haha).
  9. 1uofacat

    Museum Fire

    I'm sure everyone knows now it's basically over with the monsoons hitting. That said, spend time Saturday filling/tying/carrying sandbags, we estimate about 7,000 were picked up/delivered... Hopefully the rains will come slow and not like is sometimes does (as in early Aug '17 or Oct '18). At least the fire danger is/should be just about over...
  10. 1uofacat

    5B north archery hunt

    the bull/pic in my avatar was from a 2010 archery hunt. Lots of good bulls, that one was not that large though, a bit over 300, but taken on day 10. It was a fun place to hunt once you got over the rocky terrain. I also lost a tree stand in that unit, taken/cut off a tree (it was chained/locked). If I ever see it in the field again not sure what I'm going to do, but being home-made it won't be hard to spot.
  11. 1uofacat

    Museum Fire

    I read about the miss-information on the size of the fire and spread. The rain certainly did seem to put much of this fire down, although there likely remains a lot of fuel and it's reportedly not yet near being contained. From what I recall of the 2010 Shultz Fire, the response was inexcusably slow whereas this fire appeared to have an immediate response. The 2010 Shultz Fire was basically observable out my back door and I watched it that Father's Day wondering why nobody seemed to be taking is seriously. I'm sure we've come a long ways since then, including learning from past mistakes (like those made during the Yarnell Fire). It seems however that communication still has a ways to go. It would be "nice" if the incident team would regularly take a moment to update us on exactly where the fire is at on reasonable intervals. I'm sure they're busy doing other things, but come on... please take a moment and post current status. If they feel they are too busy to do this then hire a "laborer" to write it up and take 5 minutes to proofread it before posting it! The communication on this fire is terrible and nowhere near timely. When a fire of this size is costing millions, a $15/hr "kid" to help write up communication is nothing. I'm confident more is wasted on unused food in a day than what this position would likely cost in a week. That said, we all appreciate the efforts of those fighting it!
  12. 1uofacat

    Museum Fire

    Agree with the above, the crews are here certainly appear to be doing what they can. Burnout operations were canceled Sunday night due to complications, and now I'm guessing it's perhaps 2500 acres. What I was glad to see was the immediate response from the fire management team getting on it right away. That said, it still ballooned from 200 acres to 800 acres in a matter of hours, so props to helping contain it as much as they have. Spotting has been the biggest issue so far that I have heard, but time will tell. Rain today has been more of a light sprinkling so not sure just how much that is helping. at least there is some moisture and that certainly helps. I've heard it said today that this is the most critical fire in the US today due to structures in jeopardy, but that's also from the local newspaper so take that fwiw. Hopefully no additional issues from lightning, which we've had some of out of these "storms". Almost threatening like monsoons, but that hasn't really happened yet. The incident team was just changed to a Lev1 team I believe (replacing the team what was handling the Newman Park Fire which burned the west side of Upper Lake Mary), but updates from them hasn't been all that great to be honest. We'll see if this "rain" helps much in the next few days. BTW, if I had a tag and planned on hunting in the Dry Lake area, I'd be looking elsewhere...
  13. 1uofacat

    Moving into the neighborhood

    Coyote calling huh? I used to be a member, back in the day, of the Southern AZ Wildlife Callers, a breakoff of the AVCA (AZ Varmit Callers Association). Haven't done much coyote calling for a long time, but it was fun. A few of us were also avid DU members too. We've also been known to call in bears, bobcats, and even a lion (or two), but as I said it's been "a few" years. Now I've just focus on elk mostly, and turkeys when I can get a good tag which are/have been almost as much fun as elk. I also used to shoot at Usery starting about 20 years ago too, but moved up north to get out of the heat and live in the pines... that's unfortunately burning right now just north of Flagstaff. The fire is nearing the backside of Mt. Elden now and mostly in the Dry Lake area, hopefully won't go too much farther north. AZ has everything except griz and moose, but coues whitetails and the size bulls can get to here more than makes up for that! congrats on your move!
  14. 1uofacat

    5B north archery hunt

    hunted that unit for years before moving on from Jaycox to Twin Arrows, from Grapevine to Marshall Lake. Roads? hahaha... more like some "relatively" flat rocks in between dirt/mud that you drive over. The problem is not all of those rocks are flat! Better have very good tires if you go off a "main" road! Probably qualifies for some of the roughest "roads" in any decent elk unit. It's rocky to walk in too... & yes, they'll probably never post again.
  15. 1uofacat

    If you use trail cameras for elk......

    Don't bother putting any out... BTW, you could also just turn in your tag back in too!