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  1. Mathews

    Zeiss Conquest V6

    Let me know how it works for you lol
  2. Mathews

    Zeiss Conquest V6

    I’ve checked those out but I can get them really cheap with a guide discount
  3. Mathews

    Zeiss Conquest V6

    Having a hard time deciding between the v4 and v6, leaning towards the v6
  4. Trying to find tracking info on this scope. Anyone using one? Any issues tracking or rtz? Thanks
  5. Mathews

    Late Kaibab and Strip

    Both sucked
  6. Last price drop before it goes on eBay
  7. Mathews

    SOLD 7mm rem mag custom

    How many rounds down the tube and who built it
  8. Mathews

    1911 45ACP

    Glock 27 trade?
  9. Mathews

    FS: Springfield XD (9mm) (mod 1) one mag $330

    Glock 27 or vortex razor spotter/cash on your end