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  1. Mathews


    $150 unless you wanna pick it up In camp verde
  2. Mathews


    Very first stand I used it..
  3. Mathews

    Opinions on vortex spotting scope

    The razor is ok for the price, just don’t look through anything in the next price bracket up
  4. Mathews

    WTS Vortex Viper 10x50

  5. Mathews

    WTS Vortex Viper 10x50

    Title Just got them back from Vortex and they replaced all the glass. I’ll throw in a phoneskope harness to go with. $400 located in camp verde
  6. Any interest in trading your 12x50s for HD 15x56s plus cash let me know or if we can coordinate someone buying the 15s and someone selling 12s that works too
  7. Mathews


  8. Mathews


  9. Mathews


    What do you mean by matching numbers exactly? Are you interested in buying it?
  10. Mathews


    Sounding like it’s not worth what I was hoping, thanks for the insight
  11. Mathews


    “Yea it is I’m on my way home from work. It’s a 9130 hex reciever from I believe 1939 so before the war. Has some markings on it that from what my research has told me it may have been used in the Russian dragoon regiment. But I had a shop do the improved trigger mod and the accuracy kit. Also did a rubber but stock and have the tool kit for it and beyonet” this is the only info I have on it right now