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  1. Mathews

    WTB Zeiss scope

    Post in the optics buy sell trade group on Facebook
  2. Mathews

    WTB Zeiss scope

    Several dealers on Facebook with deals too, bought a v6 a few weeks ago for $1100
  3. For STX 85mm spotter or kowas or doctors plus cash on my end
  4. Mathews

    6 - 400” bulls - Can it be done?

    Which bull are we talking about?
  5. Mathews

    Cleaning out my garage

    I’ll take the treadmill pm sent
  6. Mathews

    Tree Stand Recomendations

    First year I’ve done a treestand but I really like my millennium
  7. Mathews

    First velvet buck

    I rough scored him quickly and I think he was 97ish
  8. Mathews

    First velvet buck

    Thank you! Congrats on your buck as well
  9. Mathews

    First velvet buck

    It would have done something left side had a small dropper coming too
  10. Mathews

    First velvet buck

    We president now
  11. All day in a treestand is tough.. thankfully this guy and a buddy showed up around 3 on Saturday. Came into water at 32 yards, 100 grain montec to the heart and he was dead 50 yards later. He needed about two weeks to finish off and he might’ve broke the 100” mark but I’m happy nonetheless.
  12. Mathews

    $20 Fantasy Football League

    I wish I could say it was on purpose but I think I’ve been at the bottom too
  13. Mathews

    $20 Fantasy Football League

    Lets do Friday the 30th at 8pm Here’s the draft order 1) Jeff udall 2 mike fair 3 Andrew hower 4 frank rivera 5 Chris Hower 6 Christian wolff 7 Jeff hollowell 8 me 9 Dave Mathews 10 Casey charter
  14. Mathews

    $20 Fantasy Football League

    Fine with me