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  1. Mathews

    Springfield Armory XDS 45 & ammo

    So the ammo is .44 cents and the box it comes in is $142
  2. Mathews

    Springfield Armory XDS 45 & ammo

    The first post says .44 cents per round
  3. Mathews

    Springfield Armory XDS 45 & ammo

    So is it .70 cents per round or .44
  4. Mathews

    Merrel boots

    I’ll take them if you’re close to camp verde
  5. Mathews

    Rifles for sale

    Fixed for those that can’t read
  6. Mathews

    Rifles for sale

    Edit: it’s 16” Perfect kids rifle, I killed multiple elk and deer with it
  7. Mathews

    Rifles for sale

    Dad is making room in the safe Rounds included with each Tikka 270 wsm SOLD R700 300wsm Vortex 6-24x50 SOLD Tikka 300wsm Vortex 4-16x44 $1100 for both R700 .264wm Leupold rings SOLD Ruger M77 .260 Leupold 3.5-10x50 SOLD Located in Camp Verde
  8. Mathews

    WTS Tikka .270 wsm

    Just looking to sell
  9. Mathews

    ISO 300 blackout

    Gun shop in flag had a bunch today
  10. Mathews

    WTS Tikka .270 wsm

  11. Mathews

    WTS Tikka .270 wsm

    He might throw in some I’ll ask
  12. Mathews

    WTS Tikka .270 wsm

  13. Mathews

    WTS Tikka .270 wsm

  14. Mathews

    WTS Tikka .270 wsm

    Tikka .270wsm Round count around 250 Vortex viper gen1 6.5-20 $800 for both Located in Camp Verde