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  1. Leo

    2x heritage rough riders 22lr SOLD

    I’ll take them.
  2. Leo

    bobcat,mountain lion and bear

    edited after reading the proposed guidelines: Dennis, i didn’t read anywhere in the proposed guidelines where AZGF is planning to cancel hunting of bears, lions or bobcats. They are proposing updating seasons and harvest quotas … please clarify, maybe i missed it or I’m reading the wrong document …? Here is the link to the main page where the guidelines link is as well as the email where you can give feedback: https://www.azgfd.com/hunting/guidelines/ here is a direct link to the proposed guidelines that i read. It has sections for each species so you can skip to the ones you care to read: https://azgfd-portal-wordpress-pantheon.s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/archive/AZ-Proposed-Hunt-Guidelines-2023-2028-Hunting-Seasons_12-28-2021_optimized.pdf
  3. Leo

    Glock 20 SF

    I tried messaging you but it said you can’t receive messages. im interested
  4. Roger that! I’ll send you a pm with my cell number.
  5. *SOLD* For sale as a package deal, i prefer not to split up. Local pickup in NW Tucson only. Total Package Price = $400 . Merry Christmas! - 2012 Bowtech Invasion CPX. Bought it used in 2014. Killed a nice coues with it in January 2019. Bull basin put new strings on it in 2019 and it has sat as my backup bow ( i bought a redworx). INCLUDED WITH BOW: G5 4 arrow quiver, truglo illuminated 5 pin sight, octane stabilizer, whisker biscuit, 10 new Easton axis 5mm arrows with new blazer fletches (cut at 28 1/8). - Eberlestock Team Elk pack. Darker camo pattern. Works great, packed out my 2020 rifle coues with it. One zipper is off the track, but 2nd zipper is fine, and i always used the main top pack opening anyway. - NWOT XXL Sitka Mountain vest in subalpine. I literally took the tags off and it has sat in my closet. I wear XXXL in Sitka but this still fits but more fitted. - XXL Sitka core lightweight hoody in subalpine. Bought it used a couple years ago and never wore it , i was learning that XXXL is where I’m at with Sitka. It has an Eastmans 30 years logo on right sleeve.
  6. Leo

    Swarovski 12x50EL priced to sell

    Just logged on, what did this sell for?
  7. Leo


    How do we get a hold of you? Messages aren’t working
  8. Leo

    Hunting items FS

    I’ll take the gun claw
  9. Leo


    It’s not letting me send you messages. Would you ship this to Tucson ? Message me if you can .
  10. Leo

    2007 ranger 700 5500 OBO

    Location ?
  11. Wow , what kind of wood is that stock made out of ? Birch ?
  12. Leo

    **YETI 105**

    Where are you located?
  13. What size bed does it fit? Where are you located?