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  1. 07Guardian

    WTB CVA Scout pistol

    I've been watching for one of these in 6ARC for over a year with no luck. Grabagun.com has had them in Grendel a few times but they sell out in a day. Good luck, should be a lot of fun!
  2. 07Guardian

    Kowa 30x wide eyepieces

  3. 07Guardian

    Burris Signature HD 3-15x44

  4. 07Guardian

    Kowa 30x wide eyepieces

  5. 07Guardian

    Burris Signature HD 3-15x44

  6. 07Guardian

    Burris Signature HD 3-15x44

    New in the box. SFP plex reticle with dialable zero locking moa turrets. Bought on a factory blemished sale. It's supposed to have a cosmetic blemish but I can't find it. Never mounted. I have one of these on my wife's 243 and one on my 6ARC. They have great glass and have functioned flawlessly for a couple years. Burris has an unconditional lifetime warranty to any owner just like Vortex but my experience is you will be much less likely to need it with Burris than with Vortex! Wife wants one for her 308 with the E3 reticle instead to match the one on her 243. So much for saving a couple hundred bucks to spend on my toys😄 🤣 $350 cash ftf in Dewey/Mayer or if payment is made through venmo, add $20 for shipping within AZ
  7. 07Guardian

    Tikka T3X Lite 270 WSM / Leupold VX-3i For Sale

    What reticle in the VX-3?
  8. 07Guardian

    Staball HD

    At carefree and I-17 around 5pm today
  9. 07Guardian

    So how much of a pig do you take?

    Looks like a good job of gutless method do me. Only way to go if you process your own meat. I do it on all game animals even if near a road. Some processors get grumpy about it though.
  10. 07Guardian

    WTB meat mixer

    Looking for a meat mixer with 25 or 30 pound capacity. Anyone have sitting around you'd like to sell?
  11. 07Guardian

    Credit Card hit thread

    Wife's going elk hunting and one of us got antelope!
  12. 07Guardian

    Kowa 30x wide eyepieces

  13. 07Guardian

    Greyboe r700 LA stock and bottom metal

    Should work great on some of the R700 Senderos currently listed!
  14. 07Guardian

    Kowa 30x wide eyepieces

  15. 07Guardian


    I have a late 70s model 870 in same condition. With all the good stuff for sale in Southern AZ over the last couple months, I'm pretty sure I would be gun poor if I lived down there! Beautiful shotgun. GLWS