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  1. loboscout

    WTB: beater/broken Rem 700 rifles/actions

    All good info and ideas... thanks. All I have now are a couple customs in Rem 700 footprint. I have a couple American Rifle Company actions. Sold all my Savages, loved them, and they got me into DIY "gunsmithing". I would want to be able to shoot it. I am not gonna be messing with the action much, but playing with stock, bedding, chambering, etc. I could use my actions, but I don't want to be tearing them down. Those dang long range shooters... I am one of them, lol. I get it though. I harvest as close as I can get. But, its nice to know I have the skill to shoot a long ways. It is an addicting experience to hit steel at very, very far away. I actually have an Eddystone, but it is a family heirloom, as bubbified as it is, gonna leave it. Those actions don't interest me, it is specific to Rem 700 actions.
  2. loboscout

    WTB: beater/broken Rem 700 rifles/actions

    I kind of forget about them. Buds is a good option. Not gonna pay more than that, for sure.
  3. loboscout

    WTB: beater/broken Rem 700 rifles/actions

    Truth... pawn shops are not much different. I figure that will be what I have to do. Doesn't hurt to ask though.
  4. Just looking for a couple cheap Rem 700 actions to practice some home gunsmithing on. Right handed, long or short. Cheap and broken preferred. PM with pics, info and offers.
  5. loboscout

    2019 fall cow bison hunt in the books!

    Congrats. I drew the August cow tag for 2020. Hopefully I put it together.
  6. loboscout

    FS: Stock clean out

    Only long action is left. The long action is tan.
  7. Bushnell Legend T spotter on the table. Best bang for the buck for a spotter. Had two that I used with friends. Will post pics up later. I picked up a little Kowa that I use all the time now. Then, my buddy got an even bigger Kowa so we aren't gonna pull this put any more. $325 obo
  8. loboscout

    FS: Stock clean out

    Will post pics from phone later. Barely used short action Greyboe M5 stock, Rem 700 inlet, their sendero contour. No bottom metal. $275 New long action Greyboe M5 stock, Rem 700 inlet, their sendero contour. No bottom metal. $275 Bergara HMR take off stock. Used but very clean. Has action screws and SAP two round holder. I opened up the barrel channel a tiny bit. $285
  9. loboscout

    FS: Kestrel 2500

    Will post up pics from my phone later. Used but in great shape. Gives you all the data you need for your calculator. Wind, temp, and baro. It is already set with altitude to zero, so it reads station pressure/absolute pressure. I picked up a 5700 so don't need this one any more. $90 shipped. This is the model. https://kestrelinstruments.com/kestrel-2500-pocket-weather-meter?gclid=CjwKCAiAsIDxBRAsEiwAV76N81RNWNBxBotvMLdqV2OdDPNsMdJ24U6mpyhRBRdRpIaMZK0xv7mciBoCWm4QAvD_BwE
  10. loboscout

    FS: .270 pump action plus ammo

    Gamemaster 760
  11. loboscout

    FS: .270 pump action plus ammo

    bump, make offer
  12. loboscout

    FS: Winchester .243 Win

  13. loboscout

    FS: Winchester .243 Win

    Push feed Winchester bolt action. .243 with Vortex scope. Is always sub moa, I have shot about .5 moa when I tested it. Has loaded ammo and proofed dope. Has a Remington barrel on it with a brake, installed by local smith. The gun shoots great. Fantastic deer and javelina gun. $550 scoped, with 100 loaded rounds. East Valley