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  1. loboscout

    FS camp kitchen

    Ray and McQueen chandler
  2. loboscout

    FS camp kitchen

    Camp kitchen for sale. New. Grub Hub $75 east valley
  3. loboscout

    Savage/Stevens 954 22lr $125 sold

    Scammers beware, try your games and I will end you. OP, I am not sending you a PM, send me one and I will give you my cell phone.
  4. loboscout

    Savage/Stevens 954 22lr $125 sold

    I’ll take it if it shoots.
  5. Nice Savage .257 Roberts in laminated stock. Nice bluing, not the new stuff. Includes dies, some bullets and brass. Will get some pics up tomorrow and targets. $525 OBO
  6. loboscout

    FS: KRG Bravo Howa Short action

    Price drop $400
  7. American Rifle Company Nucleus Gen 1 with 22” heavy contour barrel Proof. 5/8 x 24 threaded. Has a Trigger Tech Primary. Have about 300 though it and I have been shooting 150 SMK into tiny groups. I built it for NRL Hunter but decided just to use my hunting rifle. It is in a Stocky’s Thumbhole with bottom metal. Will come with the round barbell style bolt handle. I am keeping the lampshade. scope rings and suppressor not included. $1725 or will break it apart.
  8. loboscout

    FS: Mini Howa

    Sold pending transaction.
  9. loboscout

    FS: Mini Howa

    Howa Mini in 7.62 x 39 HB threaded in Carbon fiber VG2 with DIP bottom metal, outer impact scope rail and bolt on handle. Have a new Howa mag for it. Also have a set of direct mount 1” Talley rings to go with it. Picked it up and decided not to build off it. Has less than 30 rounds through it. Will sell the whole thing for $900 or will split. Stock, one mag and bottom metal for $550. Barreled action, scope rail, bolt on knob, factory bottom plastic and mag for $425. I have a couple extra mags if buyer is interested.
  10. KRG bravo with extras for Howa 1500 short action. $415 obo
  11. loboscout

    Docter aspectem

    I’m thought this was going to be medical supplies from a proctologist… hahaha hope you find some big eyes.
  12. loboscout

    FS: Black Powder rifle, pistol, misc

    Sold pending meet up
  13. loboscout

    FS: TC Contender .22 LR super fun target

    Sold pending funds.