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  1. loboscout

    Eddystone Model 1917 30-06

    Very cool. I have a bubba sporterized Eddystone from my granddaddy.
  2. loboscout

    ISO CCI#41 primers

    I will trade 1000 41 for 1000 400
  3. loboscout

    WTB small rifle primers

    "one million dollars" Good luck, I sure hope we find these things soon...
  4. loboscout

    Rifles for sale or reloading equipment

    gonna get more responses in the classified section
  5. loboscout

    CW Long Range Meet Up: January 30, 2021

    Was thinking about maybe an early May date for some shooting up north where it will be cooler. If not then, I am hoping for about the third week in August or thereabouts. September looks to be busy for me. A buddy drew an antelope tag and I will be hunting bear in CO or sitting blinds if we can still OTC archery for deer. You higher elevation guys, when do the fire bans hit your spots? When is it over? What dates do you think would work?
  6. loboscout

    ISO bow for a buddy

    I have a PSE, with whisper biscuit and new slider pin sight. 60 pound draw, easy adjustable draw length. Good strings. Not 70 pounds, so lemme know if he will consider it. PM me a number to text him.
  7. loboscout

    6mm Remington deer bullet

    Interesting, I hear ELDx failure stories too. Just shows to run what you trust.
  8. loboscout

    6mm Remington deer bullet

    I've heard reports of this. Seems like if Berger's fail, that's what happens. I know guys watch the tips of the bullets to make sure they are not deformed or meplat is clogged. Its odd, because I know guys who swear by the 6.5 OTM bullets, and they have the thicker target jackets. With my 7mm 180 vld, I have gotten expansion every time. But, you have me thinking, I may try Tipped SMK for smaller calibers because expansion starts sooner on small game with the tip. I can't bring myself to shoot the ELDX. I want the full glorious detonation and carnage the thin jacketed match bullets leave behind. I might shoot the ELDM if the tipped SMK don't shoot.
  9. loboscout

    Smart- tactical watch

    Run Garmin 701 on your wrist. Garnim Fenix has an app available called TruFlight that is a ballistic calculator. Has a simple interface for one rifle. It lined up with my Applied Ballistics solution and only was different by rounding, like .1 mil at times. Garmin released a watch with Applied Ballistics in it. It talks with Kestrel and a few LRF ad well. If I had $1200, I would buy one.
  10. loboscout

    6mm Remington deer bullet

    Thanks, I will keep that in mind to watch for. Ya think you just did not get expansion soon enough on smaller game?
  11. loboscout

    6mm Remington deer bullet

    Differerent strokes for different folks. With Berger, gotta pick your shot placement for sure. That is why its a double lung behind the shoulder for me. Punching a fist size hole is a good thing when it is vitals. A bonded bullet is better for shoulder shots. As far as ruining meat, I would rather have it on the ground with no tracking than rely on a blood trail. If I ruin meat on an elk it's cause I made a bad shot. Yeah, a 7 mag is way more than needed for coues. A smaller bullet like a 6mm is just fine. I think recurveman was having a different problem, cause it sounds like animals ran off with smaller Bergers.
  12. loboscout

    6mm Remington deer bullet

    What Bergers were you shooting? Curious about your experience. I do understand tipped Nosler and the Tipped Sierra Match King expand quicker on penetration, typically sooner than Berger.
  13. loboscout

    6mm Remington deer bullet

    Berger has a twist rate calculator to help choose bullets that will stabilize.
  14. loboscout

    6mm Remington deer bullet

    87 or 95 grain Berger hunting bullets is what I am going to shoot out of my 6mm bra. As long as terminal velocity is over 1800 fps it will kill a coues dead. My 7mm shot a coues with a 180 vld at 730 yards and it traveled through him. He was quartered to shooter and it went out his gut and reentered his rear leg, blowing a crater in it. His lung and liver were trashed. He ran 30 yards and piled up. It was way more, so that led me to build a 6mm for deer hunting. Regardless of caliber, Berger hunting bullets (non varmint) penetrate about 3-5 inches and then fragment. Total penetration depends on bullet size and velocity at impact. You put the bullet in the lungs and vitals, the animal can't survive and rarely travels more than 50 yards. My 180s punched through elk shoulder no problem. With a muzzle velocity above 2900 fps, a 180 vld will leave a mess of carnage and have exits on a broadside elk at 600 yards. A 77ish grain .223 inside 400 yards will penetrate about 18 inches or more. Inside 500 yards, a 6mm 95ish will penetrate 20 inches or more.
  15. I am looking for an FFL in the East Valley to do a transfer from an out of state seller that is an individual. Will be mailed to the FFL from an individual then transfered to me. I have my AZ CCE so it should be easy. Anyone help me out?