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  1. loboscout

    8# H4350 and 1k CCI BR4 primers

    I will also take the primers. Forgot to mention that.
  2. loboscout

    8# H4350 and 1k CCI BR4 primers

    I will take the 4350. We can arrange pickup. I will message my cell phone.
  3. loboscout

    * SOLD *

    Where'd this come from?
  4. loboscout

    Kowa TSN-553--$1300

    I will take it. I am in Chandler and will meet tomorrow.
  5. loboscout

    FS: binoculars

    Vortex Diamondback 8x42 binos, $100 OBO Khales 10x 42 binos, high quality bino but the objective lenses have had the coating rubbed. They work fantastic, but can be repaired by Swarovski in Germany. Glass by Khales is an excellent German glass, now owned by Swaro. $350 OBO
  6. loboscout

    FS: FFP scopes

    Vortex Venom 5-25 in MIL, in Wheeler rings, less than 100 rounds on it, excellent condition. $375 OBO Burris XTR III FFF in SCR II MIL, 3-18-44, new, mounted in rings on rifle in safe. Includes rings, lever, and throw lever, $1200 OBO Will trade for H1000 and RL 26. East Valley
  7. loboscout

    WTT/WTS 2 lbs H4350

    I have some Varget I will trade you. I think three or 4 cans and will buy any extra 4350. I will get back in town Wednesday.
  8. loboscout

    FS: Varget, N565, N570

    I will take the $400 n565
  9. Get a new scope that has reliable tracking.
  10. loboscout


  11. loboscout


    Ultralight SWFA scope in MOA bdc reticle. $295 Been mounted never shot. Diamondback 1.75-5 bdc moa $145 Mounted and one range trip. Chandler and Mesa and I will ship
  12. loboscout

    What is the highest velocity caliber?

    Bullet construction/minimum energy/ killing effectiveness is a whole different discussion. I hold heretical views on that and will save that for later. Except, i shoot critters through the lungs behind the shoulder with a 180 VLD. The furthest one went was 75 yards of a dozen, from Coues to Elk. Here is a table for a 175 interlock at a generous 3150. It’s worse than the 150 VLD.
  13. loboscout

    What is the highest velocity caliber?

    Love the Applied Ballistics books and their solver. Not sure what you mean exactly, or where you think it is basically true. There are a couple assumptions I made, so maybe that is the thing. Maybe an example would help. Anyhow, here is one that I put together. Consider a 180 VLD at 3050 fps and a 150 VLD at 3250 same caliber, .284. The 180 has terminal velocity high enough to kill out to 1000 and the 150 only out to 750. Drop out to 1000 is the same but only has enough velocity out to 750 to kill. Time of flight is within a few hundredths of a second. Wind is the separator. Wind drift at 750 yards is 6 inches more with the 150 in a 10 mph wind. At 1000, wind drift is 15 inches more. That’s my opinion on why velocity is king out to 500 but after that BC starts to matter for wind and drop.
  14. loboscout

    What is the highest velocity caliber?

    Weatherby magnums are generally at the highest velocity for each caliber bullet their cartridges for factory stuff. But, they aren’t designed for the high ballistic coefficient bulllets, except the new 6.5/300 or whatever it’s called. Velocity alone is important out to about 500, after that the ballistic coefficient starts to matter more as the drag on the bullet slows it down. A flat base 60 grain .243 bullet will get to 500 yards faster than a 105 grain .243 bullet, but the 105 grain bullet is more aerodynamic so ultimately there is a point at which the 60 grain slows down but the 105 keeps going because of the difference in drag. For long range, heavier high ballistic coefficient bullets for caliber are better. Similarly, if you shoot a 140 .308 bullet at the same velocity as a 140 .264 bullet, the .264 bullet has a higher ballistic coefficient because it is longer. The .308 will have higher velocity but it also slows down faster. If you want to shoot long range, the best cartridges are ones that are designed to shoot a high BC bullet. High BC bullets require a faster twist barrel, typically. So, a .260 REM, though very similar to 6.5 Creedmoor, typically doesn’t have the barrel twist or factory loaded ammo for high BC bullets. Long Range is what has spawned many newer cartridges that are factory designed for the bullets and improvements in case and powder design. Those are the newer cartridges like 6 creedmoor, 6.5 creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, 300 PRC, the Noslers, 6.8 Western, 280 AI, etc.
  15. loboscout

    FS: Berger 133 Elite Hunter 25 cal