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  1. loboscout

    ISO 300 blk bolt rifle

    I have a single stage turret press. I am in the East Valley, and visit out in QC regularly. PM if interested, I have some pics available. It is a solid Lyman press. I just upgraded to another one.
  2. loboscout

    Things needed for the youth giveaway.

    I have some shooting bags and gear we would love to donate from my company LS Wild. www.lswild.com My partner and I are going on a goose hunt tomorrow, but PM your phone number and we will connect next week late. I am in Chandler so meeting will be easy. Lobo
  3. loboscout


    Is it a Howa stock?
  4. loboscout


    I wear the Walmart stretchy Wranglers. Wore the same pair down on the border for a week on my coues hunt this year. For my AZ and CO hunts I use the Walmart puffy jacket and a windbreaker type hoodie. Camo is overrated unless you are archery hunting. I wear tan or green solids and kill stuff. I like the way camo looks, and there is a certain amount of "fashion" in wearing camo, so that factors in for young guns. If he feels cool and likes it, all the better. Deer don't see colors like we do, heck, other states you gotta be decked out in orange and they kill stuff... Its movement and scent that busts more hunters than clothes. Just stay away from shiny or blues. That is something deer can distinguish. Everything "looks like a shade of brown" to deer. But, they see in the blue to ultraviolet range which is why they can eat all night in moonlight and see well at dawn and dusk when the color of everything looks "bluish". I agree, look for any outdoor style clothes that work.
  5. loboscout

    ISO 6mm Berger elite hunter 108 or 115 vld

    I have some 108 elite hunters. And possibly some 115s as well.
  6. loboscout

    Arca rail tripod shooting

    100% true recoil off a tripod will make you miss high unless you have good recoil management skills
  7. loboscout

    Arca rail tripod shooting

    There is a plate that will fit Manfroto and Arca, I can’t remember who, I have a couple but don’t need them any more.
  8. loboscout

    Arca rail tripod shooting

    Clamping rifle is less stable than direct mount. But, it depends on your expectations. Also, the tripod has as much to do with it. My tripod is rated for 80 pounds. Yes, I run my optics on the same tripod.
  9. loboscout

    Arca rail tripod shooting

    I run a tripod and leave bipod at home. I can shoot out to 1000 off my tripod. There are clamps that work on both Arca and pic
  10. They all don’t track, more lemons than a high quality, but they have a no question return policy. If they don’t track, it will normally be a problem out of the box. Glass is surprisingly good also. Matched or exceeded a Vortex Venom I had. They are the best value budget scope out there I know of. Of course, it also doesn’t hold a candle to my MK5 or Burris XTRIII clarity. But, the scopes are good enough that I decided to put them on my secondary rifles.
  11. All of the Arken seem to track well. They are built like tanks. Very heavy. They just released a new lighter version.
  12. loboscout

    WTB Triclawps

    I have a new Death Grip head, $60 bucks. I like it better than the old triclawps I had. In the east valley.
  13. I am in the East Valley. More than happy to help you get your rifle set up or help you get another. PM me with your cell. I have helped lots of guys out. A range trip can answer a lot of questions. It could just be you, no offense. A little instruction gets most guys shooting out to 1000. Shooting long range requires more than most expect. Like others said, the rifle should shoot. Get match ammo and a new scope. I bet it will go to 1000. If you are serious about getting a different set up, I might have one or help you buy another rifle if that’s really what you want. Now is a good time to buy.
  14. loboscout


    Thanks Brix.