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  1. loboscout

    FS: Three 8 lb jugs of any IMR powder

    I don't know exactly, except it got recalled.
  2. Here is the situation: I had three 8 lb jugs of 4007 SSC that has been recalled by IMR. IMR will replace it with any powder. All you have to do is contact IMR with the lot info and they will ship any replacement jug of IMR powder that you want at no charge. I have the jugs and will dispose of the powder, just haven't dug to the bottom of the closet yet. IMR has been out of the powders that I would use, so I have just been sitting on the jugs since I heard of the recall. I bought an 8 lb jug of another IMR powder I use just before the recall... so, I am set for all the IMR powder I need for quite a while. I figured I would get the cash rather than pick up the powder and then sit on it. You read the recall and call and confirm the details by calling. https://imrpowder.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/imr-recallnotice_2019.pdf I will deliver the empty jugs in Chandler/Mesa. No shipping, no hazmat, no tax, its a simple way to get new powder. $170 per jug.
  3. I can give my cell phone to talk in PM. Located in East Valley. Savage actions for sale. 4.4 inch short action, small shank, top bolt release. $265 for 12 FV and $365 for a trued, fluted, with SAV 2 trigger. Savage Ashbury Precision folding chassis with Luth MBA 3 AR stock, standard AR grip. for a 4.4 short action. In very good condition. $450 Extra Savage bolt with .223 bolt head and mag bolt head. Matte black bolt handle. $135 Old school Savage 3 screw trigger with everything but the safety. $70 Old style 4.4 short action Accustock, I got it dremmeled out for a regular recoil lug. $90 Area 419 barbell threaded bolt knob. $25 Aluminum long threaded tactical bolt knob. $15 Factory accustock recoil lug and barrel nut. $25 Take off .243 barrel, gloss blue. $45. Looks like very low round count. It shot sub moa with factory ammo. I used the barrel for a youth elk hunt and pulled the barrel. Take off .223 barrel, matte blue. $45. Maybe three or four hundred rounds. Looks very good, just pulled the barrel. Ragged Hole prefit, .243, 20 inch sporter, 12 twist, stainless. Less than 100 rounds through it. Shot sub moa with factory ammo for me. $100 plus shipping. Long action small diameter firing pin, new. $20 shipped Axis bolt, stripped .308 head. $50 shipped Two .308 plastic tab magazines. $55 shipped Two .223 plastic tab magazines. $55 shipped Two .223 metal bottom magazines. $75 shipped Short action 4.4 metal bottom metal and steel trigger guard. $75 Short action 4.4 FV stock and model 11 bottom bolt release stock. $25 plus shipping Long action follower, spring, and box. $10 shipped Mess of scope bases. Some factory Savage, 1 inch and 30 mm. $10 shipped Savage shotgun bolt. $40 shipped Savage factory scope bases, round back. $15 shipped Set of Savage factory sights. $35 shipped Savage action screws. $5.00 shipped .308 baffle. $5 shipped .223 baffle. $5 shipped PTG .223 short action bolt face with ejector and extractor. $45 shipped Steel trigger guard. $15 shipped. I may be interested in a trade for barrels threaded for suppressor. Pics to come later.
  4. loboscout

    FS: Leupold VX3i LRP with CCH

    Sold pending funds.
  5. loboscout

    Rl26 for sale

    I will take it. Let me pay you and get down there to pick it up. PM sent for payment details.
  6. loboscout

    FS: Leupold VX3i LRP with CCH

  7. loboscout

    FS: Leupold VX3i LRP with CCH

    Leupold VX3i LRP with CCH 6.5-20 x 50 in box with all the goodies. Very good condition. Will post pics later. $650 obo
  8. loboscout

    FS: Retumbo almost 8 lb

    SPF to lapazflats
  9. loboscout

    FS: Retumbo almost 8 lb

    Retumbo 8 pounder, well almost. It didn't work in our 7 ss and only took a few loads to figure it out. I think it might be around 600 grains short. $240 local pickup only. First I will take it response to this post gers it.
  10. loboscout

    New 6.5 PRC

    It appears you misunderstood the purpose of my comment. I never said the Berger target bullets don't work. If someone is going to make the choice, they should have more info and both sides. A) I think I read above that cjl2010 had an OTM pencil, likely because the meplat was closed, which is because it is not manufactured as a hunting bullet. And, why I mentioned closed meplats as an issue to watch for on bullets not designed for hunting. Hunting match bullets by Berger are purposefully open tip design (different than hollow point but functionally similar). I have talked with enough trusted hunters, especially long range hunters, who have had failures or less dramatic performance with the Berger target bullets. The benefits one might get didn't outweigh the drawbacks for them. They went back to Berger hunting bullets. C) Why is choosing a larger wound channel bad? Isn't that better for when velocity is at the lowest margin for expansion? Why do you have to attach it to a completely unrelated attack as if the choice is to make up for bad shooting? D) I don't plan on a bullet missing, that is one reason I use the best match bullet I can. If I were to make that particular choice then I would actually choose the harder Berger target bullets, long range accubond or the ELDx to punch bone harder in the case of a bad shot. E) If you like shooting them, keep shooting them.
  11. loboscout

    New 6.5 PRC

    True, I haven't. What I have shot, I have with match bullets though. Edited to add this: Make your own call. All of Berger's bullets will kill. Its just that the hunting bullets are better designed for it. https://bergerbullets.com/faq-items/can-i-use-my-target-bullets-for-hunting/ But, people use them successfully all the time. http://panhandleprecision.com/berger-6-5-mm-130-grain-ar-hybrid/
  12. loboscout

    New 6.5 PRC

    All I shoot are Berger hunting bullets. I only started hunting a few years ago so my personal experience is limited. But, in September, my 7mm Sherman Short mag took 2 reindeer and 3 blacktail. All were one and done with Berger 180 VLD at 2970 at the muzzle. A good variety of distances. 2 at 100 yards, 1 at 425 and 2 at about 575. A friend who build the same gun runs the 180s and he took a mule deer and elk, both beyond 500. I turned another buddy onto Berger, and he runs the 130 hunting VLD in his 6.5 cm and has had great success on a couple of hunts. I have done a lot of research, reading, and lots of reviews on bullets before I decided to go with Berger. Since then, I have have had lots of discussion with friends and contacts I have made in the long range shooting world who shoot long range and hunt long range, especially with 7mm variants like 28 Nosler, 300 BC Warrior (7mm/300 wm) and the like. Unless the velocity is really high, all the experience is that a clean shot into the vitals is a devastating shot with a match bullet. You get a few inches of penetration and then the bullet basically explodes (The ELDx is more like a traditional hunting bullet, but has some of the same effect). The guys I am talking about build and sell lots of rifles, run long range classes, and have a lot of clients reporting their successes and failures to them. Barbour Creek and Evolved Ballistics are two of them that come to mind. Barbour Creek has some test videos in ballistic gellatin that are helpful. Among them, the Berger 180 VLD is the go to 7mm bullet. They did try the 180 target hybrids, because the bullet design is easier to load for but they did not get the performance. They tried the 195 Bergers too, but came back to the performance of the 180. If you want Berger's hybrid shape, their Elite Hunter line is hybrid shape with thinner jackets. They have a new 175 Hunter Elite in 7mm that I am working up in loads, just to see if I can get a little more velocity out of them. Accuracy of my 180 load is .5 moa and better without much work. One of my contacts has had a couple of shots when the Berger VLD left a flesh crater on impact and did not penetrate at all, but that was close and at high velocity. It is debated by my contacts what caused it, but if I am hunting with my rifle in my hand, I always load some plain accubonds for any quick shots inside 150 yards just because the velocity on my Berger would be too much. I could push them to 300 accurately if necessary, but longer shots like that I can usually dump the accubonds and chamber a Berger. From my research, most of the discussion around match bullets for hunting are Berger hunting bullets, Hornady ELDx and ELDm. A few I have seen use Sierra matchkings. As long as the other match bullets have a "thin" jacket and the meplat is open, then it will perform generally like a Berger hunting bullet. If the tips are closed, they would not perform. As above, the OTM are not built for hunting, so the tip is manufactured with variation so some are closed (besides the jacket). Berger hunting bullets are manufactured so the tips are open. On bullets with closed tips, like a 115 DTAC sold by Dave Tubb but manufactured by Sierra, the meplat would have to be cut or opened. I run those in my match gun and they are awesome. But, rather than messing with meplats, I have 115 Berger hunting VLD loads for my 6 creedmoor. In the end, Berger hunting bullets are match quality and shoot so well, that is all I use. I do load for myself.
  13. The road is closed from Roosevelt at the Apache Lake marina. You cannot reach Reavis Trailhead.