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  1. loboscout

    Who does Euro Mount?

    @Flatlander might know someone
  2. loboscout

    Who does Euro Mount?

    Its not too smelly, been on top of ice and covered, but it isn't fresh... killed Saturday morning. That a problem?
  3. loboscout

    Who does Euro Mount?

    I messaged him.
  4. loboscout

    Who does Euro Mount?

    I have my cow bison I need done. The guy I used last isn't taking new skulls. East Valley
  5. loboscout

    2020 Summer Cow

    She was pretty thin on her hind, not much more than fuzz.
  6. loboscout

    2020 Summer Cow

    First time this year Jacoby said they wer in the meadow. I am really hoping more tag out! Three of us got a cow that morning. No complaints at all! I had an awesome hunt and my buddy and his kid could be there to be part of it. They were leaving that day.
  7. loboscout

    2020 Summer Cow

    God smiled on me. More to come, but at first light second day, I took a cow on the Demott Park, half mile from the park entrance. Jacoby did awesome getting everyone in the coop out there to shoot. You can see two tiny dots over my shoulder in the selfie, two cows went down there, one is mine. She is a mature cow with her right horn rubbed down. Such an awesome trip. Over so fast, but was epic!
  8. loboscout

    2020 Summer Cow

    That is exactly what I have been doing. I have been looking at those ID packets and info for lots of places. It is super helpful. Hopefully I can pick out an older cow so I don't have to discern the difference between yearlings and young. But, I have been looking at goat horns, ice cream cones, "C"s, round faces vs. triangular shaggy faces. Reading all the horror stories of killing the wrong sex is making me a little paranoid, hahaha. Lots of the ID guides and quiz really show that you gotta look at lots of features. Hopefully, when they are all together and in real life it will give context to everything I've learned. If he is with Russ, no problem. I'll be stopping by the camp at least once and make sure to check in.
  9. loboscout

    2020 Summer Cow

    If the hunter would share any information, I am all ears. I can PM my phone number.
  10. loboscout

    2020 Summer Cow

    Thanks guys! Yeah, I have been watching videos and looking at pictures to get sex ID down before I pull the trigger. I don't know that I will even use horns or faces for ID, gonna be focused on whether that thing has a penis or not. I am not in a hurry to shoot, based on what I hear, if they come in to the blind, I will have time if I don't blow it. 95% boring might be overstating it from everything I hear. I am downloading a ton of books to read and listen to, movies, etc...
  11. loboscout

    2020 Summer Cow

    Heading up to the Kaibab in 5 days! Pretty stoked. I have 9 straight days blocked out and ready for the blind, books and movies too. More long weekends if needed later. First hunt looking for penises to confirm sex on an animal... Forecast has no rain in the 10 day, so hope that keeps them moving out of the park. Not using Jacoby, but will coordinate some to keep hunting good for all. I Have a buddy helping who has been part of half a dozen or more bison hunts. Hoping his luck rubs off, he shot his cow in 1.5 days in the blind. PM me if you will be up there. I intend to document and video my adventure, will share the good stuff. Here's to a buffalo on the ground.
  12. loboscout

    FS: Stock clean out

    It's gone
  13. Selling Bushnell Forge FFP Mil Deploy reticle scope with rings. 3-18 with locking knobs and side focus. $550 east valley Will ship
  14. loboscout

    WTB: chest freezer

    Looking for a chest freezee, planning on success on my bison hunt in a few weeks! Looking for the smaller sized chest freezer, but lemme know what you got. I am in Chandler/Mesa area.
  15. loboscout

    Holdovers versus Come-Ups.

    hahaha, I have done this enough on matches. I'm glad I did it there so that I don't do it on game. Its humbling when you can't see your shot, and someone else says, "check your turret, you are something like 5 mil high". Good natured mockery usually ensues. Pre shot and post shot checklist, including dialing all turrets to zero at the end. Its got to be an automatic process for me cause my thinking brain runs out of bandwidth fast on the clock and looking at a critter.