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  1. Len901

    N565 8lb

    if you decide to sell will you let me know
  2. Len901

    Adg 300 prc brass

    7 rm mag would be nice to have i might get a box next time i see it too
  3. Len901

    Adg 300 prc brass

  4. Len901

    Kuiu Pro Suspension - SOLD

    p/m sent
  5. Len901

    ISO 195 Berger

    where are you located
  6. Len901

    ADG 6.5 saum brass

  7. Len901

    Bruno’s has Lapua 6.5 and 300 prc brass

    it nice seeing this brass at a couple of places
  8. Len901

    Revic BR 4 range finder

    well thats a real broad Answer i feel good about this now thanks 😂
  9. Len901

    6.5 Berger 140 elite hunters

    okay sounds good
  10. Len901

    6.5 Berger 140 elite hunters

    i agree they are awsome for shooting and hunting ill neaver use another bullet i just ended up with too many figured somebody would need some
  11. Len901

    6.5 Berger 140 elite hunters

    yes still available
  12. Len901

    Berger 7 mm 180g vld

    sorry guys bullets are sold
  13. Len901

    Berger 7 mm 180g vld

    never had a problem with the box and taped all around on both sides . bullets sold
  14. Len901

    Alliant 16

    great powder for 6.5 cm and 243