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    I have a 3 kids, and want to get them out fishing/hunting/hiking as often as I can.

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  1. PhxDT

    Was this intentional? haha

    I have seen $150k/acre. This is lower because of the topography, but still craaazy expensive!
  2. PhxDT

    Was this intentional? haha

    I was looking at land up north and this was one of the pictures... (original link if you care to see the rest of the otherwise benign pics: Heber, Navajo County, AZ Homesites for sale Property ID: 419510072 | LandWatch)
  3. also, I was told the asian carp was introduced into the canals here and somehow got into salt river.
  4. hey, I am in. Would be a ton of fun. When is the visibility the best at lake pleasant? Been wanting to get my scuba license too, maybe a good motivation to smack out some invasive species and have fun at the same time.
  5. I was fishing this morning and ran into a guy who does this. He's making it his mission to take out as much of the invasive species as possible, which is great to hear. Is anyone else doing this? I am thinking about giving it a try.
  6. Thx guys. This is covered.
  7. Text my cell: 602-Five6Eight-798Eight
  8. NW Gilbert eeping bags, fishing boxes, 2 room tent (it’s big) this is free but prefer all to one person. Could fit in the backseat of most cars or a trunk. The pile is growing!
  9. PhxDT


    Interested. Pm sent.
  10. I have a young family member getting into framing and I gave away my bags years ago. I’d like to give him some used bags. Can’t walk onto a job site with new bags, you know? if you have great used bags- I will pay you whatever you want. Let me know. closer to me the better: cooper and Elliot in Gilbert. my cell is best (text): 602-568-7nine8eight
  11. PhxDT

    Bunch of stuff for sale

    I can come by this afternoon. My son could use the pistol grip head and the rangefinder. Just let me know how much $$. I will message you for my cell (best way to get a hold of me)
  12. Why not both? How do I donate? thx for those who’ve offered. I got it all setup with someone. much appreciated! I
  13. Hey guys. I live in the Phx valley and I am interested in a SUV in N Prescott. I am stuck in the valley and can't get away. Would love to pay someone who knows a little bit about trucks that wouldn't mind spending 10 minutes looking at a vehicle up there. Pictures on the internet are so hard to assess! Happy to venmo/paypal/zelle (or cash in person) $150 for your time. Pls text or call me (I always forget to check my CWT inbox!) if that can work for you. 602 5sixx8 7nine88. Thx - oh and to the crowd that says you'll 'do it for free': I want to pay someone for their time. If you don't want to take it, just let me the politician you hate the most and I will happily donate the $150 to their campaign, haha.
  14. PhxDT


    Simulate the hunt. Repetition of pulling the rifle up and training on a tight spot. Setup the rifle as kid-ready as possible. If you need to use check rests, or move the scope to setup for them. Have the kids pull the rifle up to their eyes with their eyes closed. Goal is to open their eyes and see through the scope. Triclawps, tripods and good tools.