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    Hunting, Fishing, soccer, cooking, brewing beer.

    I have a 3 kids, and want to get them out fishing/hunting/hiking as often as I can.

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  1. PhxDT

    3 Antlered Deer Photographed

    What? wow, incredible. Would love to see a pic of that!
  2. PhxDT

    3 Antlered Deer Photographed

    No, check out the pics and article. 3 main beams.
  3. This is crazy. How do you score THAT? haha. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/one-in-a-million-deer-captured-on-camera-in-michigan-woods/ar-BBWIdQ6?li=BBnbfcL&ocid=iehp
  4. PhxDT

    Benro SLIM CF tripod

  5. PhxDT

    Marsupial Bino Harness

    thanks. If that still works, I am game
  6. PhxDT

    Marsupial Bino Harness

    Cool. When you available tomorrow?
  7. PhxDT

    Marsupial Bino Harness

    Could both hold a 10x42eL? where in Scottsdale?
  8. PhxDT

    Looking for a roofer East Valley

    I just used Johnson Roofing on my house. Good (not great) work.
  9. PhxDT

    Float Tube set up

    Where do you live?
  10. Curious what people think: how often is the snow in sufficient quantity on the early 12AW hunt to push the deer off the top?
  11. PhxDT

    Manfrotto Joystick head

    PM Sent.
  12. PhxDT


    I don't know. Confused more than anything. I choose to think the best of people. I thought we had a deal, and there are lots of people interested. easy mistake to make, I am sure. Good news is: I don't need the rifle for this season. Just looking for this rifle, because it is a perfect one for my boys. I am sure it went to someone who needed it more!
  13. PhxDT


    Welp, looks like we missed each other. I met at Bass Pro like you suggested at 9a and I don’t see you here. I left a text message and a voicemail. Hopefully it was just a misunderstanding, but bummed to make it out here and not see you like we discussed yesterday. You have my cell. Hope All is ok. Leaving bass pro now Thx.
  14. PhxDT


    I live in the east valley, but I am 100% in on that, if no one has claimed prior. Text/Call if open. My cell: Six02-568-798eight