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    I have a 3 kids, and want to get them out fishing/hunting/hiking as often as I can.

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  1. My 11 year old girl is asking for horseback riding lessons again, but the ones we have seen are super expensive we live in north Gilbert near the downtown. She has had lessons for a couple of years until her instructor moved. Anyone have suggestions of good and reasonably priced instructor?
  2. PhxDT

    Hunting other states

    I have the same question!
  3. PhxDT

    When is the next land Auction

    yes, that was the one. had like 10 pages of comments- felt like it was maybe 18 months ago. You happy with the purchase?
  4. Recall that land auction someone posted a year or two ago? I searched for it, but could not find that thread- I think it was tied to unpaid property taxes. If anyone remembers, do we know when that is happening again?
  5. PhxDT

    97 4x4 3rd gen 4 runner looking to trade

    Sorry- a little off topic but, you can sell bonus points?
  6. PhxDT

    Fantasy Football Time?

    refund issues to everyone. Please let me know if it didn't work on your part, and I"ll look into it.
  7. PhxDT

    Fantasy Football Time?

    Guys- sending money back tonite. I wish we could have gotten 100% response, but well short. Still open to doing a league is someone can have better success than I did.
  8. PhxDT

    Fantasy Football Time?

    I'd like to setup draft time and order, but I have perhaps half the people paid, and perhaps half have given draft times. Not feeling good about this either.
  9. PhxDT

    Fantasy Football Time?

    I am working to send out an email to the group. we have 10 confirmed. just need $25 and the draft times that work. I sent an email through ESPN but only got a few respond.
  10. PhxDT

    Fantasy Football Time?

    two slots left for the $25 / 10 person league.
  11. PhxDT

    Need another pair of eyes?

    ha, good point. I have a Mathews Drenalin, but don't have the time to practice and stay sharp. I might need to find the time for deer coming up.
  12. PhxDT

    Need another pair of eyes?

    haha, sounds like my house hold. I have hunted 23 for deer (above Rosevelt), but not for deer. I'll PM you my cell #
  13. PhxDT

    Fantasy Football Time?

    thread bump
  14. PhxDT

    Need another pair of eyes?

    Thanks guys. Great tip and sounds like an opportunity.