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  1. RodinAZ

    Rifles for sale

  2. RodinAZ

    Plano hard bow case

    Spf pending
  3. RodinAZ

    Plano hard bow case

    Free with case a few kids arrows
  4. RodinAZ

    Plano hard bow case

    Everything in tact, just needs a whip down. 10$ pick up in Chandler
  5. RodinAZ

    Rifles for sale

    TTT Someone has got to have a need for these.
  6. RodinAZ

    HD tie downs and cable tightners

    Sold. Thank you
  7. Not sure what the specific names are, too lazy to look them up. As pictured $20. FTF in Chandler or PHX off of Washington
  8. RodinAZ

    Rifles for sale

    Sorry, 308. I forget they make these in other chamberings 😎 Also, I may consider trades, pending what you have.
  9. RodinAZ

    1st Youth Javelina hunt

    This was from the unit 22 Junior hunt in January.
  10. RodinAZ

    Rifles for sale

    Cleaning out a couple that don't see any use. Both have been lightly used and neither show signs of defects. 1st up is an RW Snyder custom bolt, built on an Accuracy International (AICS) chassis w/folding stock and adjustable cheek rest, chambered in 260 Rem. Specs; Barrel and action has Melonite treatment, Huber two-stage adjustable trigger, a few extra unused 10 rd. magazines, a set of Black Viper skins to replace FDE furniture, 23" barrel w/interrupted fluting treatment, 8" twist and flush muzzle thread protector. $3000 as described above. Option; Nightforce NXS 5.5-22X50 NP-R1 reticle .250 MOA w/zero stop including original box and rings, excellent condition- $1600 2nd AR10 Mega Arms monolithic upper built with Mega Arms 18" barrel w/Lantac muzzle brake and Seekins adjustable gas block. Mega Arms lower with drop-in McCormick adjustable trigger and VLTOR Modstock and two Magpul 20 rd. mags, $1900. Option; Nightforce NXS 2.5-10X42 .250 MOA MOAR reticle w/zero stop and original box $1700 PM if you have any questions. FTF in Chandler.
  11. RodinAZ

    7mm Mag or 300 WM ?

    Ok, that does it. Looks like the 7mm gets the nod. Now I gotta sacrifice something to get something. Ha
  12. RodinAZ

    1st Arizona hunt story and shout out

    Well done, great job.
  13. RodinAZ

    Misc hunting items f/s

    PRDATR, I've had the Active for several years. All ammo stored inside and is in great condition
  14. RodinAZ

    Prayers for my son

    Sorry to hear about your son. Prayers headed to you and him.
  15. I'm in the market for a new "do all" hunting rifle. My last rifle was chambered in 7 Mag, it shot well, just didn't fit me as well as I wanted. The only reason I didn't default to the 300 Mag is I've got a bunch of brass, bullets and cases for the 7mm. I've been looking at the standard Browning Hells Canyon rifles, reviews are positive and they feel good in my paws. That's the direction I'm leaning, just need to decide on chambering. This will be used for deer, elk and pronghorn, assuming I am lucky enough to draw. What's your opinion? Tia