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  1. bucksandbears

    McMillan Game Warden LR

  2. bucksandbears

    McMillan Game Warden LR

  3. bucksandbears

    Berger 215 Hybrid Target Bullets

    Have shot exactly 40 rounds out of this box then sold the gun. 210 total bullets left. $125
  4. bucksandbears

    McMillan Game Warden LR

    Basically brand new McMillan Game Warden LR in carbon fiber and custom painted by McMillan with a pic rail up front and stud at the back. Inlet for rem 700 long action clone actions, proof sendero barrel contour, M5 DBM, never bedded. Will come with new Pure Precision M5 bottom metal as pictured. $800
  5. bucksandbears

    HCA Tikka T3X 300 WSM

    300 WSM Tikka t3x stainless action - 20” Christensen carbon barrel, 5/8”-24 thread, 1:10” twist, shot once - Mountain tactical trigger spring and 20 MOA picatinny rail - Brand new Redding Type S Match die set 36223 - 100 pieces of new ADG brass - Chambered by Hells Canyon with longer freebore for the heavier bullets - will include the factory barrel that is unfired $1900
  6. bucksandbears

    Manners EH1

  7. bucksandbears

    1974 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

    Nice rig Tignini
  8. bucksandbears

    Manners EH1

    Open to reasonable offers
  9. bucksandbears

    Manners EH1

  10. bucksandbears

    Manners EH1

    Manners EH1 in swamp camo. Long action, right handed, M5 bottom metal inlet and proof sendero barrel contour. Was bedded for a BAT action but all the 700 footprint actions should work with potentially a little dremel action. 4 t-nuts total, 2 for a bipod rail and 2 lower down for an arca rail if wanted. 3 flush cups total, 1 front left, 1 rear left, and 1 bottom. Pillars installed as well. $675
  11. bucksandbears

    Custom 7 PRC

  12. bucksandbears

    Kelbly Prometheus SA

    Kelbly Prometheus short action, standard bolt face. Brand new, never fired or had a barrel threaded to it. Located in Chandler. $1100
  13. Brand new and never fired 300 WSM barreled action with a tikka t3x action, Christensen carbon barrel, 20”, 10T, 5/8-24 thread. Chambered and put together by Hells Canyon Armory and throated long for the bigger bullets to sit at the neck/shoulder junction. Also has the mountain tactical trigger spring and 20 moa picatinny rail. Will include the original and new factory 300 wsm barrel as well as 15 loaded Berger 215’s and 27 once fired but fully prepped and resized pieces of nosler brass. -$1700
  14. Brand new Preferred barrel prefit for a tikka t3x. Custom throated with .200” freebore to seat the 156’s or other bullets with long bearing surfaces out further. Specs in the build sheet. Waited close to 4 months for this and ended up purchasing another rifle in the mean time as it was getting too close to hunting season. $615
  15. bucksandbears

    Nightforce ATACR 5-25

    Yes it is