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    H1000 & H414 SOLD

    I ended up having to buy 8lbs of H1000 (I wanted 3) and do not need all of it. 55.00 per pound in your container. I have a couple plastic Folger cans if you don't have a container.Also have 2 single pounds of sealed H414, 50.00 each. SPF FTF in South Chandler
  2. RodinAZ

    H1000 & H414 SOLD

    Pms replied.
  3. RodinAZ

    H1000 & H414 SOLD

    No. Its sealed and unopened
  4. Current list below, priced to sell $$$$$ Fed SR primers $120 per K, listed on email and not below.
  5. RodinAZ

    Brunos has SR primers and powder $$$

    Send request to be added to their mail list; brunoshooterssupply@hotmail.com
  6. RodinAZ


    Youth tag for one of my boys. Last years cow, good eatin'
  7. RodinAZ


    Looking to trade for 9mm 147 gr. ammo, box for box. Or 45.00 per box. May consider trades for powder, H1000, IMR7828SSC or H4831SC. Pick up in South Chandler
  8. RodinAZ


    New P80 G17 OD Green lower. ftf south Chandler
  9. Clearing out some things that no longer get used and need new homes. Everything is in good working order or new with exception of the FoxPro Scorpion. It works for a short time and shuts off and you have to wait a few minutes to restart it. Guessing issue could be repaired by someone with small electronic knowledge, of which I do not possess. Additional pics or info upon request. 1. Glock 43 box, Alien gear holster and one Glock magazine $25.00 2. 1/2x28 female to 5/8x24 adapter $10 3. McMillan flush cup sling swivel $5 4. Bushnell 3-9x40 duplex FREE 5. Scale Master Classic $20 for Blue print take offs 6. Browning .410 choke tubes Full and IC $10 for the pair 7. Remington 541 7 rd. magazine $10 Sold 8. 2- AK47 7.62x39 30 rd. magazines TAPCO mfg. I believe. $20 for the pair. Unused 9. Armalite AR10 10 rd. steel magazine $15 SPF 10. Mega Arms short rail FREE SPF 11. Nylon AR-15 upper build block $20 SPF 12. FoxPro Scorpion E-caller. This works but shuts off after a few minutes, needs repaired. It has 200 sounds downloaded $15.00 SPF 13. Garmin 64 ST. Like new and used only a couple times $75 SPF 14. Garmin 60CSx. Same condition as above $50 SPF 15. Magpul AR10 20 rd. magazine $18 NIW Sold 16. Magpul AR10 10 rd. magazine $18 NIW 17. Magpul AR10 20 rd. magazine $18, new unused Sold 18. Tree stand bow and accessory hanger $5 19. Tree stand bow and accessory hanger with camera mount $10 SPF 20. AR10 JP Enterprises bore guide $20 SPF Pick up in South Chandler Misc For sale.pdf
  10. RodinAZ

    Misc. cleaning out the closet items

    Not sure which specific IWB it is, hopefully the pic will be enough. Yes, I can ship if cost is covered
  11. RodinAZ

    Thomasville Dining Room Set W/Hutch SOLD

    This is a very nice set. Unfortunately wouldn't work for our space.
  12. RodinAZ

    Glock 19 SilencerCo Threaded Barrel

    What is the thread pitch?
  13. SOLD for Hilti nailer with assortment of pins and charges, manual and accessories. Excellent condition SOLD for Milwaukee corded screw gun. Like new Possible trade for powder or primers.
  14. RodinAZ

    Youth recurve bows F/S

    Both are like new, each comes with 6 arrows and glove. The 62"/35# is LH and the 54"/24lb is RH [RH bow SOLD] $60 each or trade for H1000, H4350, H4831SC or 7828SSC. Meet up in South Chandler
  15. RodinAZ

    Youth recurve bows F/S

    RH bow sold, LH still avaliable
  16. RodinAZ

    Accurate 5744 & 2015

    2nd in line
  17. I was out shooting this past weekend and had my Thunderbeast 30 BA suppressor attached and when I unscrewed it, the brake came along with it. I surmised the only way to remove it now would be to locate a 5/8-24 bolt and nut, tighten them down and back it out. I've looked at hardware stores, lowes and home depot but no one has that thread, even online I was unsuccessful finding a bolt/nut combo. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  18. RodinAZ

    300 Blackout brass fs/t

    This is remanufactured brass with majority of headstamps being LC. I can spare 300 or 400. Would prefer to trade for powder, looking for H1000, IMR7828SSC, Re15 and 22. 1 lb. Per 100 pieces. Ftf south Chandler
  19. RodinAZ

    Bullets fs/ft all are spf

  20. G36 labeled Tupperware box, 1 G36 magazine, Alienware IWB holster for G36 and one nylon holster for same. 35.00 ftf in South Chandler
  21. Give this guy a call. Frankie 4805868217 He can take care of all your cabinet needs. For remodeling, call Mick at 6029805317
  22. Cleaning out the closet.. 74 ct. Sierra 180 gr. RN 18.00 85 ct. Sierra 220 HPBT 30.00 200 ct. Hornady .308 168 gr. BTHP 50.00 100 ct. Berger .308 175 gr. Hunt VLD 55.00 80 Remington .308 180 gr. PSP 20.00 370 Ranier 40 cal. 165 gr. FP 55.00 850 Hornady .356 124 gr. Lead 125.00 Possible trades for 4831 SSC, RE25, H1000 or Kayak FTF south Chandler
  23. RodinAZ

    Components- reduced prices. 9mm, 30, 40 pills

    Prices reduced. Deleted sold items