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  1. Bonnsaw

    Wanting to buy a Glock 43

    Anyone selling a glock 43? If so send me a message. I’m looking to buy one
  2. Bonnsaw

    Empty shells

    45 20 gauge 12 gauge make an offer located in Tucson
  3. Bonnsaw


  4. Bonnsaw

    Outdoorsman panhead grease??

    Good idea on contacting Rim country. Just called. They did say it’s a special type that you can’t buy off the shelf. He did say that if I was to buy a grease off the shelf try a medium base grease possibly a synthetic grease. He was very nice but couldn’t tell me the name or brand of what they use. So outdoorsman Wasn’t being shady I guess they just don’t know?
  5. Bonnsaw

    Outdoorsman panhead grease??

    They were nice enough about it I just can’t bring myself to pay $50 plus shipping on a dab of grease
  6. Bonnsaw

    Outdoorsman panhead grease??

    Does anyone know what type or brand of grease Outdoorsmans uses to grease there pan heads? I contacted them and they said that I would need to send it in and pay $50 to have them grease it. They said their machine shop has some special engineered grease that you can’t buy in the stores or online . I’m not sure if that true or not. After spending $1000 on their tripod set up you would think that they would be a little more helpful and would not try to squeeze another $50 for alittle grease.
  7. Bonnsaw

    Kenetrek/Danner/Cabelas /Lowa/Meindl/ UPDATED

    Those are the lowas. These are the meindel.
  8. Bonnsaw

    Swarovski STS 80 20x60X S

  9. Bonnsaw

    Swarovski STS 80 20x60X S

    Not the hd model. Not sure how to tell year
  10. Bonnsaw

    Swarovski STS 80 20x60X S

    Very good condition no scratches asking $1600 located in Tucson but I travel to Phoenix a lot