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  1. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    New 18" tires off 2020 jeep wrangler for sale

    Wish I had a set of 18" wheels for my 04 Wranger.
  2. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    WANTED to buy .257 roberts

    That's cruel
  3. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    1000 Rounds 9mm Ammo - SOLD

    When I'm in the market for an item, I appreciate others who are more knowledgeable than me pointing out where "the market" is. I have no problem with anyone asking whatever pleases them and making a profit, and I don't have any problem with others providing additional information to buyers. Just one opinion.
  4. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Advice wanted - crazy gun sale

    I agree, don't talk to her without at least contacting a GOOD lawyer who specializes in 2nd amendment cases. There is a well-known guy who gives talks at the gunshows about how to handle shooting situations. If you did not do all your due diligence before the sale, I'd do a thorough search of online sources and public records to see what you can learn about the guy who bought the gun (age, residence, past trouble, etc) that might have made him a prohibited possessor. You'll probably find information on the suicide itself too. You can do a similar search on the person who is contacting you now. As others have said, it's a shame we live in the society as it is now where you always need to look over your shoulder.
  5. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    WTB hunting rifle

    Left a message for you. Ruger M77 7mm Mag.
  6. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    WTB hunting rifle

    Sorry, duplicate post.
  7. 40-year-AZ-hunter


    Seems like a big move from quads to side-by-sides.
  8. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    WTB Coyote Rifle - 22Mag, .17, .223, etc.

    If you reload, you might consider something like a .22 Hornet.
  9. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    GUN cleanout

    Interested in the 280 Remington. Thanks.
  10. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Looking for Ford rim

    I think Ford, Chevy, Dodge, International 8 lug were all the same in the " old days " before Ford became unique. Chevy and Dodge are still 8 on 6.5 I have a bunch of 16 and 16.5 and would be happy to give you one, but I'm in Flagstaff
  11. OP said he has all the stock parts. Buy it and restore it to stock.
  12. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    ISO 10x42 or 12x50 binos

    I have a brand new, sealed pair of Vortex Diamondback 10x42s for $175. Located in Flagstaff or can ship on your dime.
  13. For Sale - 2005 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon LJ Unlimited. The Unlimited is slightly longer and only made in the Rubicon in 2005 and 2006 so is a bit sought after. This Jeep has 93,600 miles and is a stock Jeep so it has not been modified with lift, gearing, etc. Those familiar with the 03-06 Rubicons know it has 4.10 axle ratios with locking differentials front and rear. The transfer case is 4:1 in low range for slow crawling. These were the last of the 4.0 straight six engine which has legendary torque. I'm the third owner and have owned it less than a year and replaced it with a TJ Rubicon. This Jeep is an automatic with all the neat factory options including factory RB1 GPS stereo in dash, cruise control, lighted mirror with temp and compass. Factory hardtop painted green with matching fender flares. The body is silver with no Arizona Pinstriping. Receiver hitch towing package. No rust and no bondo. Clean title. 4 newer Goodyear tires on stock Rubicon Moab wheels. I would say there is nothing wrong with the Jeep, but it does have a slight worn spot on the driver's seat as shown in a picture, otherwise the interior is perfect. Cold AC and warm heat for comfort when hunting unlike many side-by-sides 😃 I believe it is priced fairly and firm at $18,000. Located in Flagstaff.
  14. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Sako l61r .338 win mag

    Based on my Finnbears' serial number position and the photo, that appears to be the serial number. Hopefully the seller will verify for you.