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  1. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    limited entry tags

    Why spam the classifieds forum?
  2. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    SPF iPhone SE 2, 64GB, Mint, Unlocked, $175

  3. Received this phone from Tracfone Rewards and do not need it. It is network unlocked for any carrier. It really is mint, 5 months old. Battery capacity 100%, latest IOS. Apple limited warranty to 2/10/23. You're welcime to stick your SIM card in it or try it with my Tmobile SIM. Pickup in Flagstaff or I can ship it Priority Mail for $9.
  4. 40-year-AZ-hunter


    So, I agree that the price is high, but he has some for sale. Your post implies that it is for sale for much less, BUT they both say " Item not currently available for sale " Do you really have a source for the ammo or just trolling? It's easy to say "I'd sell you such and such for $xxx but I really don't have any so who knows what I might ask if I had some". That's in essence the truth of the links you posted. Heck, I could buy gasoline for $2.50 a gallon six months ago, now if I want some it's $4.50 a gallon.
  5. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    25-20 Ammunition Wanted

    Are you looking to buy some at today's prices? One person replied with a source. There is also .25-20 available on Gunbroker in tthe same price range ( $180/50 ). One member asked your location and did not get an answer. OR, are you looking for a below current market price? If so, perhaps you should specify what price is acceptable to you now.
  6. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Gone 17 in Jeep Grand Cherokee Rims gone

    Where are you located?
  7. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    SPF Iphone SE 2020 64GB, Unlocked, $200

    Going to stick with Android. Like new Iphone SE2 (A2275) unlocked for all carriers. I used it on Tracfone (Verizon) and T-Mobile (see pics). 100% battery health, Apple limited warranty until 7/20/22. Comes with charge cable (no adaptor). Near Shea and the 51 in Phoenix.
  8. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Marlin bolt .22

    Guy was looking for a bolt action .22 here
  9. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Looking for Bolt Action .22

    Sent you a PM.
  10. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    .17 Remington and .338 Win Mag Ammo

    Sorry, can't help you now.
  11. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Military surplus M1

    Showing my ignorance, what does this tell you?
  12. I have some Remington/Peters .357 Mag jacketed hollow point ammo I don't need. Purchased in bulk some time ago. I think it's 158g. Thought somebody might need some of it. I'm asking $50 per bag of 50. Please let me know if it is available cheaper here in the Valley and I'll adjust the price. FTF near Shea and the 51 fwy. Be well and safe.
  13. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Weaver Rings

    Are these really rare or unique compared to the common vintage Weaver rings I've used for years and see on eBay?
  14. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    No longer needed.

    I have some once fired but I'm in Flagstaff. How soon do you need it and how much do you seek? I know it's not easy to find ( or loaded ammo ) in normal times much less now as they never sold many rifles. Might look on gunbroker too.
  15. 40-year-AZ-hunter


    Can't help with the dies, but just curious what the gun is? I'm a big .218 bee fan.