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  1. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    WTB 150gr Federal Soft Point .270 win Ammo

    You might want to make it clearer that you are only looking for Federal at this time. The posting sounds like you would prefer that but want generic 150 gr.
  2. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    WTB 150gr Federal Soft Point .270 win Ammo

    Dang, is even .270 getting hard to find? Anyway I have 18 Winchester 150 Power Point and 11 Remington 150 CoreLokt, but I'm in Flagstaff. If you reload, I also have Winchester 150 Power Pt bullets and Speer 150 soft pts.
  3. 40-year-AZ-hunter


    Just curious which underlying carrier you use. Verizon perhaps? My understanding is that the booster, as it's name implies, will "boost" a weak signal but can't create signal where none is present. I've been all over the strip and found very limited cell service with or without a booster with my carrier (not Verizon).
  4. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Lieca Duovids

    Thank you Josh!!! You are great. Look forward to meeting you in person for a cup of coffee or whatever!
  5. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    WTS custom deer rifle and accessories $500

    You guys look at the pictures in the ad? It shows a bag of new .264Win Mag brass.
  6. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    WTB 357 ammo

    Sent you a PM
  7. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    FYI: Clearance prices on hunting rifles at Wally Land

    Well, I for one appreciate guys like Boarman who are willing to share a good deal rather than simply keeping it to themselves.
  8. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    FYI: Clearance prices on hunting rifles at Wally Land

    I did find a Savage Axis in .223 with a Bushnell 4-12 scope for $199 but I sure dont need that scope. If it had been just the rifle for $125 I'd have jumped on it.
  9. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    FYI: Clearance prices on hunting rifles at Wally Land

    Anyone know what stores might be involved? The store here in Flagstaff does not seem to be having any clearance pricing. Thanks.
  10. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    WTB Ruger model 57

    That's great if a dealer is not trying to add to the suggested retail ($799). There are plenty on Gunbroker, but bidding is about $1000 so there is a bit of a rush right now. Hopefully, for those that want one, they will be normally discounted soon.
  11. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    New 18" tires off 2020 jeep wrangler for sale

    Wish I had a set of 18" wheels for my 04 Wranger.
  12. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    WANTED to buy .257 roberts

    That's cruel
  13. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    1000 Rounds 9mm Ammo - SOLD

    When I'm in the market for an item, I appreciate others who are more knowledgeable than me pointing out where "the market" is. I have no problem with anyone asking whatever pleases them and making a profit, and I don't have any problem with others providing additional information to buyers. Just one opinion.
  14. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Advice wanted - crazy gun sale

    I agree, don't talk to her without at least contacting a GOOD lawyer who specializes in 2nd amendment cases. There is a well-known guy who gives talks at the gunshows about how to handle shooting situations. If you did not do all your due diligence before the sale, I'd do a thorough search of online sources and public records to see what you can learn about the guy who bought the gun (age, residence, past trouble, etc) that might have made him a prohibited possessor. You'll probably find information on the suicide itself too. You can do a similar search on the person who is contacting you now. As others have said, it's a shame we live in the society as it is now where you always need to look over your shoulder.
  15. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    WTB hunting rifle

    Left a message for you. Ruger M77 7mm Mag.