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  1. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    222 Ammunition - $22.50 per Box

  2. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Barrel Replacement with Factory Barrel - Headspace?

    Thank you for the input guys. I figured it would not be just a screw-in deal. The rifle still shoots OK, it's just that I thought I might be able to "restore" it to it's former self - sort of like repainting a classic car that still runs good but the paint has faded.
  3. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    222 Ammunition - $22.50 per Box

    Changed price to per box for those who don't want or need 9 boxes.
  4. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    SOLD .357 Mag. R-P Hollow Pt Ammo - 50 rnds - $50.

    Have another 50 rounds available now.
  5. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    222 Ammunition - $22.50 per Box

    I reload .222 so I don't need this factory ammunition. 9 Boxes of 50g sp. 7 are Lellier& Bellot and 2 are PMC. $22.50/box. Pick up near Shea and the Squaw Peak FWY (the 51 for the politically correct😁) in Phoenix.
  6. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Unsealed powder

    I know this is not the normal current thinking, but I am old enough to remember when Hodgdon started out in business by buying surplus WWII military powder like 4895 and 4831 and selling it in bulk. heck, I still have and use some WWII surplus 4831 that works the same way it did when I first bought it 50 years ago from Jensen's in Tucson. I don't load near as much anymore, but I still have some quite old metal cans of IMR powders like 4064, 4320, 4350 etc. that were first used a decade or more ago and closed with the metal cap screwed back on tight and it still works just fine. Just to let you get an idea of how old some of this powder is, the surplus 4831 was about 50 cents per pound. Some of the old IMR cans still have price tags of $2-$3 on them.
  7. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Barrel Replacement with Factory Barrel - Headspace?

    All the factory barrels have a slot for the rear sight, not holes like Remington. Also the barrels are slotted at the receiver for the extractor on a controlled round feed action like the pre-64s. Then there is the "writing" on the barrel that needs to be in the correct position on the left side. Hence the question about how likely is headspace to be correct by just screwing the barrel in to the original factory rotation when it is going into a different action than it came from the factory in. Thanks.
  8. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    30-30 Ammunition - Sold

    Five boxes of 30-30 ammunition. All are 150g. 3 Boxes Winchester, 2 boxes PNC. $125. Pick up in Phoenix near Shea and the 51 FWY. Thanks.
  9. Looking for knowledgeable opinions on a project. I have a pre-64 M70 Featherweight .243 with throat erosion. I'd like to replace the barrel with another factory barrel. I see them from time to time on ebay. Might be .308 or .243. The question is - if I unscrew the old barrel and screw in another factory barrel so the extractor lines up and the sights are on the top, how likely am I to have acceptable headspace? I know that if a go gauge does not go, it could be fixed with a reamer, but if a no-go gauge goes it would seem to be a hassle to make the rifle "original". So I guess the real question is how likely is it to "fit" without modification? Thanks
  10. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    SOLD Weatherby

    Geez, give him a break and let him make a bit.
  11. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Mauser Wood Stock

    Sent you a PM. Nice offer. Where are you located?
  12. I have two boxes of Hornady 160g FTX LEVERevoution 30-30 ammunition that I won't be shooting. $60 FTF near Shea and the 51 in Phoenix. I think that's about the store price so if you don't need it soon, just wait until they have it. Perhaps somebody has a hunt coming up and needs it. Thanks guys.
  13. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    WTB 25-20 Winchester Ammo/Cases

    I've never tried it, but .218 Bee is also the same case. It might be easier to run a .257 expander ball thru the .224 neck rather than reducing .32 to .25?????
  14. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    WTS 22 long rifle Thunderbolt 500 rnd boxes

    Get out the Vasoline....
  15. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    FYI Cabelas has alot of ammo

    Shelves mostly bare now. No 9mm. Guy said it all went in the first hour.