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  1. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Off Topic... Ideas where to sell a 1990 Mercedes Benz

    What model? More about condition? I may know someone.
  2. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    Sorry I misinterpreted your original comment as pertaining to property, not the creek at high water. OMG, if anyone knows the danger of trying to cross the Tonto at high water, it's the Suttons! Praying for Phon and Dara.
  3. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    Rivers are Running!! Fill them lakes up

    I own property in Bear Flats. The creek crossings become unpassable for short periods of storm runoff, BUT, no stuctures are anywhere near being flooded. Whoever reported that is nuts.
  4. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    FS 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

    CL link has expired so no further info or pics there.
  5. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    1946 Winchester Model 70 .270 For Trade

    So true. Pre-war M70s bring a slight premium among collectors, but only for rifles in original condition. Some vintage scope mounts used the two holes on the front receiver ring and the two holes on the rear side of the receiver where an aperature sight would mount therby eliminating the need to drill any extra holes which in later years reduced the originality and hence collector value. Back in the day they were just great hunting rifles! Nobody cared.
  6. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    1946 Winchester Model 70 .270 For Trade

    Thank you.
  7. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    1946 Winchester Model 70 .270 For Trade

    Is the stock full original length with the steel buttplate and do you perhaps still have the original rear sight and front sight hood? I see the bolt has been nicely jeweled and polished like a Supergrade M70. Cash price perhaps? Original Standard grade M70s were advertised as 7.5 lbs but of course varied by caliber and density of the wood stock. Thanks.
  8. 40-year-AZ-hunter


    Good luck.
  9. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    WTB .17 cal centerfire rifles and 17 cal ammo

    .17-.223 Was a wildcat before Remington introduced the .17 Remington. It is simply the .223 necked down whereas the .17 Remington has the shoulder pushed back for a longer neck. H&R made a model 317 Ultra Wlidcat in that cartridge in the late 60s. It is a very light rifle built on the Sako Vixen action. I bought one new back then and later another used one. RCBS and maybe others make dies. The only bullets available originally were 25g Hornady. That's all I've ever shot. Loads can be finniky.
  10. Received from carrier for reward points but I'm an Android user. Maybe someone needs a new phone or perhaps an Xmas gift. Location - N. Phx
  11. Received from my carrier ( Tracfone ) as a loyalty reward. I used Android so don't need this. Still sealed in Apple box and wrapping. It's unlocked Iphone 11, A2111, 64GB, Red. $325. Located in Flagstaff but may ship via Priority Mail. Sorry for the quality of the pic of the screen showing unlocked status.
  12. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    limited entry tags

    Why spam the classifieds forum?
  13. 40-year-AZ-hunter

    SPF iPhone SE 2, 64GB, Mint, Unlocked, $175

  14. Received this phone from Tracfone Rewards and do not need it. It is network unlocked for any carrier. It really is mint, 5 months old. Battery capacity 100%, latest IOS. Apple limited warranty to 2/10/23. You're welcime to stick your SIM card in it or try it with my Tmobile SIM. Pickup in Flagstaff or I can ship it Priority Mail for $9.
  15. 40-year-AZ-hunter


    So, I agree that the price is high, but he has some for sale. Your post implies that it is for sale for much less, BUT they both say " Item not currently available for sale " Do you really have a source for the ammo or just trolling? It's easy to say "I'd sell you such and such for $xxx but I really don't have any so who knows what I might ask if I had some". That's in essence the truth of the links you posted. Heck, I could buy gasoline for $2.50 a gallon six months ago, now if I want some it's $4.50 a gallon.