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  1. Sonorakitch

    Sold Foosball table $175 - SPF

    I’ll take it! Will send a text
  2. Sonorakitch

    ISO 38 Short Colt Ammo

    There's a guy in south-central Wyoming that had a few boxes. Yes...it's that hard to find and might be worth a trip for you!
  3. Sonorakitch

    STOLEN!!!!! Cash reward

    This is terrible. My truck was broken into at the Comfort Inn in Northwest Tucson (off the freeway) back in 2013. My losses were less deep. I suppose we should all be weary of parking at that Comfort Inn in Tucson!
  4. Sonorakitch

    Looking For Stucco Company

    Finding a good stucco contractor that is less than three months out is a miracle right now!
  5. Sonorakitch

    WTT Retumbo for h1000

    I’m with long shot. Tried a PM earlier this evening and thought it went through. Just noticed it didn’t. I have a few pounds as well.
  6. Sonorakitch


    I've seen this truck and it's a brute. Top-class fitment. Wish I had room in my barn for her.
  7. Sonorakitch

    10mm ammo on website

    Great, thanks D. I've been looking for some for a long while.
  8. Sonorakitch

    Cowboy casket

    Will you be deposited into the bosom of the Pacific Ocean?
  9. Sonorakitch

    Wts H1000 and Retumbo

    PM sent
  10. Sonorakitch

    Dillon 550, misc powder, 32 s&w dies

    Good deal on the press. Dillon is a top notch company. Once you pick it up you can take it down to their HQ in Scottsdale and for $50 (+ parts if needed) they will go through the whole thing. They even repaint it for you. You’ll be happy.
  11. Sonorakitch

    Fiat 500 POP for sale

    It went to a good home....but it will need a trailer hitch for a boat!
  12. Sonorakitch

    RIP Rush

    Listened to Maha Rushi since I was in grade school. I don't know of anyone else who had such a unique and though-provoking perspective along with the ability to clearly explain the perils of leftism. He's responsible for turning so many to our side. A big loss.
  13. Sonorakitch

    30 30 ammo

    I’d like two or three boxes as well of the Remington and/or Winchester. I guess at some point you’ll sell them all...
  14. Sonorakitch

    Savage 338 Lapua

    That’s a super-deluxe offer right there!
  15. Sonorakitch

    Gaming Keyboard and Mouse for sale

    NMBPMAN understood. JoeBokeros message never appeared for me. And it’s a dang coincidence as Maximus is from Italy. Anyways thanks for setting things right.