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  1. Sonorakitch

    Retumbo Powder

    Do you accept Bitcoin? I’m interested.
  2. Sonorakitch

    30 30 ammo

    I’d like two or three boxes as well of the Remington and/or Winchester. I guess at some point you’ll sell them all...
  3. Sonorakitch

    Savage 338 Lapua

    That’s a super-deluxe offer right there!
  4. Sonorakitch

    Gaming Keyboard and Mouse for sale

    NMBPMAN understood. JoeBokeros message never appeared for me. And it’s a dang coincidence as Maximus is from Italy. Anyways thanks for setting things right.
  5. Sonorakitch

    Gaming Keyboard and Mouse for sale

    This fellow is a top-class gentlemen and a first rate Coues hunter. Not a scammer. Not everybody that hunts was born in the United States.
  6. Sonorakitch

    1997 Newmar Mountain Aire Diesel Pusher

    Location? Thanks!
  7. Sonorakitch


    Hi Phil, seems like your PM box is full—message not transmitting. Feel free to PM me in regards to this unit.
  8. Sonorakitch

    two tone Rolex Daytona

    I had a couple of these but I traded them for some Retumbo.
  9. Sonorakitch


    I’ll take the Ruger. PM incoming!
  10. Sonorakitch

    Glock 20 10mm $450

    PM incoming.
  11. Sonorakitch

    1987 Suzuki Samurai Tin Top

    These Samurais are amazing little machines. Properly equipped they will go anywhere your courage takes you. Had one for many years and kept it upright through places you wouldn’t even want your mother-in-law to go.
  12. Sonorakitch

    Shotguns for sale

    The dime method only works with 12g! Just about wrote the same thing yesterday myself.
  13. Sonorakitch

    Looking for Retumbo

    Called Bear Mountain at 11:30am, last bit sold earlier in the morning. Rats!
  14. Sonorakitch

    Looking for Retumbo

    Thanks Hoss50. I’m happy to travel to you.
  15. Sonorakitch

    Looking for Retumbo

    Hoss50, NE valley. Will travel! Should have mentioned that. I’ll give Bear Mountain a call this morning and report back.