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  1. Sonorakitch

    Saved this Girl from being ran over this am.

    Was joking fellas...glad for the dog and the owners and the good Samaritan obviously! I guess maybe it was a bad joke...
  2. Sonorakitch

    Saved this Girl from being ran over this am.

    If you'd settle for $400 I'll take her.
  3. Hi Mulehorn135,

    I'll take your 19-3 if not spoken for. I have cash. I can travel to Chandler. Will be coming from Cave Creek...just let me know what works for you! 


    1. Mulehorn135



      I'm pretty much open all week so whatever time and day work best for you. There is a Sportsmans Warehouse on I-10 and Ray Rd. we could meet at, or you could come to the house. whichever you prefer.  Call or text and we can figure out the details.

      Davon Sego


  4. Sonorakitch

    Garage gunsmith needed

    I third Southern Xpress and Todd. Top flight work.
  5. Sonorakitch

    Odyssey Batteries--BEWARE

    Straight from the Odyssey Warranty document: "The warranty does not cover a Battery reaching its normal end of life which may occur prior to the warranty periods stated above. Depending on the application, a Battery can reach its normal end of life before the end of the Applicable Warranty Period. A Battery can deliver only a fixed number of usable amp-hours over its lifetime and is considered to have reached its normal end of life if the application uses up all of these amp-hours, regardless of the time the Battery has been in service. Therefore, Manufacturer reserves the right to deny a warranty claim if it determines the Battery to be at its normal end of life, even if the claim is filed within the Applicable Warranty Period." This is what they pulled after three emails and four phone calls to Odyssey's claims department. Yes, it did take that long to receive a response. So basically the above verbiage is a catch-all for any battery they decide they don't want to replace. Infuriating. So just want to make sure you all don't make my mistake and neglect the "fine print". With regards to the AGL charge rates, that's good advice. I only would like to point out that my Optimas over many years (also AGM) have always lasted. Kept hearing about a decline in quality and that is why I went to Odyssey. Big mistake!!
  6. Sonorakitch

    Odyssey Batteries--BEWARE

    Hi All, Just so I can educate others on the pitfalls of spending a fortune on "a great battery"...and wish I had looked closer at the warranty. Paid over $300 a little over a year ago for an Odyssey Battery for my Jeep as I often spend time in the boondocks and wanted something reliable. Went from an Optima red top that lasted 8 years (impressive) but migrated to Odyssey because I'd heard about premature failure of Optima Batteries recently. Well...I got a little over a year out of this Odyssey and tried to have it replaced under their warranty program. They denied the coverage due to an interesting clause in the warranty, namely section A. "End of Life...even when prior to warranty expiration". So now I'm stuck with an overpriced box of junk. Beware folks...and look elsewhere for your hunting rigs!!
  7. Sonorakitch

    Sold Foosball table $175 - SPF

    I’ll take it! Will send a text
  8. Sonorakitch

    ISO 38 Short Colt Ammo

    There's a guy in south-central Wyoming that had a few boxes. Yes...it's that hard to find and might be worth a trip for you!
  9. Sonorakitch

    STOLEN!!!!! Cash reward

    This is terrible. My truck was broken into at the Comfort Inn in Northwest Tucson (off the freeway) back in 2013. My losses were less deep. I suppose we should all be weary of parking at that Comfort Inn in Tucson!
  10. Sonorakitch

    Looking For Stucco Company

    Finding a good stucco contractor that is less than three months out is a miracle right now!
  11. Sonorakitch

    WTT Retumbo for h1000

    I’m with long shot. Tried a PM earlier this evening and thought it went through. Just noticed it didn’t. I have a few pounds as well.
  12. Sonorakitch


    I've seen this truck and it's a brute. Top-class fitment. Wish I had room in my barn for her.
  13. Sonorakitch

    10mm ammo on website

    Great, thanks D. I've been looking for some for a long while.
  14. Sonorakitch

    Cowboy casket

    Will you be deposited into the bosom of the Pacific Ocean?
  15. Sonorakitch

    Wts H1000 and Retumbo

    PM sent