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  1. HyNoon

    Custom Rem 700 Rifle - Price Drop

    But why bro !
  2. HyNoon

    Winchester 556 1000 rounds

    Not when you give a lower than offer up price .....
  3. HyNoon

    WTB 308 Hunting Rifle

    My buddy is selling a 308 as well.... it's a cz with a scope on it.
  4. HyNoon

    Favorite Westerns

    Tombstone and Silverado are both great.
  5. Tires sold.... all wheels still available
  6. Black wheels added... idk why there is 3 of the same picture....
  7. HyNoon

    Windham Weaponry AR-15 20” A4

    Sounds good .... I remember they made quite a few. Thanks for clearing that up 👍
  8. HyNoon

    Windham Weaponry AR-15 20” A4

    Thanks I couldn't see it in the pictures
  9. HyNoon

    Windham Weaponry AR-15 20” A4

    Does this one have that safe button on the mag release .... not sure what they call it.
  10. HyNoon

    October buck

    Nice buck.... I like the left side
  11. HyNoon

    .410 Ammo

    And I'll take the rest of whatever ED67 doesn't need please....
  12. HyNoon

    Kids pig

    That's priceless man ..... congratulations !!!
  13. HyNoon

    Wife and I doubled yesterday

    Nah Big Tub . . .I think you could .... look at that great smile 😃
  14. HyNoon

    Best tires for diesel trucks

    I've been running the Toyota MT's on my dodge 2500 since probably 2008 with no complaints. I got about 55k on the first set with religious rotation. Now get about 40k ish , with only a couple rotations and they also changed the rubber compound around 2012 ish .... which i think is more of the factor in lasting longer. I still run them and love them though.