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  1. AZ7maghunter

    Jumbo Coturnix Quail

    20 jumbo coturnix for sale.You can raise them for meat/eggs or use them to train your dogs. $8/ bird
  2. AZ7maghunter

    7mm Rem Mag Ammo

    I have 5 boxes of Hornady Superformance 162 SST $210 for all of them.
  3. AZ7maghunter


  4. AZ7maghunter


    Ok thanks.
  5. AZ7maghunter


    *Where’s the rest of the pistol? Are you willing to sell the complete pistol?
  6. AZ7maghunter


    Where’s the rest for of the pistol?
  7. AZ7maghunter

    Classic Firearms

    Shotgun: $500
  8. AZ7maghunter

    Classic Firearms

  9. AZ7maghunter

    Bergara 7rem mag with Ammo and Projectiles

    Elk draw bump
  10. AZ7maghunter

    Classic Firearms

    Thursday Bump
  11. AZ7maghunter

    Classic Firearms

    The Fieldmaster 121 is SPF
  12. AZ7maghunter

    Classic Firearms

    Prices updated
  13. AZ7maghunter

    Classic Firearms

    A few guns for sale Remington Woodsmaster 742 30-06 $500 Vortex Diamondback scope 4-12 BDC reticle with Burris rings. Functions flawlessly. Used it on an elk hunt. Come with 3 mags and a few boxes of ammo willing to separate scope and rifle Remington Model 31 20 Gauge $500 It’s a blast to shoot and in great shape! This one is hard to find. The action is incredibly smooth. SOLD Remington 121 The Fieldmaster .22LR/L/S $650 Another classic and a great shooter
  14. AZ7maghunter

    Bergara 7rem mag with Ammo and Projectiles

    Still available.
  15. AZ7maghunter

    Bergara 7rem mag with Ammo and Projectiles

    I sent you a PM. We can discuss further on there.