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  1. NewlyMinted

    Turkey shotshells

    Shoot me a PM when you're coming down next. These will be in my safe - the OP can't use them and I'm not putting them in the classifieds
  2. NewlyMinted

    Turkey shotshells

    South Georgia outdoors had some ammo and it came really quickly if you still have time to order! Ed
  3. NewlyMinted

    Turkey shotshells

    This is what I have. One box has 7 shells. Near downtown tucson. They were $13 each.
  4. NewlyMinted

    Turkey shotshells

    Did you find your shells? My gun/choke didn’t like the Kent’s ultimate diamond 3.5” #5s as much as two other loads so I’m happy to sell them for what I got them for from southern Georgia outdoors. In tucson, let me know if interested. I have 2.7 boxes.
  5. NewlyMinted

    Covid, whos had it and how are you recovering?

    Sorry, I have to jump in here. Your body's first and only line of defense against a virus is your immune system once you've been infected. It doesn't incubate or reproduce in your mouth or on your skin - it replicates in your cells inside the squishy bits of your body. The only other line of defense you have is your skin and not putting something in a break in the skin (cut etc.) or your mouth/ eyes/ butt. Masks are not going to stop everything, and double masking is as much of a choice as not masking - it's whatever makes you comfortable. I liked the graphic below when the masking all first came out because it was close enough to be intuitive.
  6. NewlyMinted

    Turkey shotshells

    I'm patterning my shotgun this weekend, Have 3 boxes each of 3 types. Depending on how they pattern I can let you know. What 6.5 do you have?
  7. NewlyMinted

    Raffle for Junior

    That's awesome man.. will call today
  8. NewlyMinted

    Swarovski stx 65mm spotter $2750

    Pm sent
  9. NewlyMinted

    Good Guy Seller List

    I’m sure @firstcoueswas80 is on here multiple times and should be.
  10. NewlyMinted

    Vortex Razor HD Straight 27-60 85mm Spotter (newer style)

    Thanks Kev! Found the original cover, so this will be included in addition to the desert shadow one on the unit. Have also now got my 65mm BTX setup rolling ... excellent forum members here! Thank you!
  11. I bought this for our second annual San Diego trip 3 years ago. It's been out on the boat 3 times, and I do like it. But decided to put my own set-up together for fishing and leave the trolling to the rigs on the boat. I'm open to sell it if you're looking for something. It's the 60 lever drag reel on the 6.6" rod. I run it with 80lbs braid and a lengthy topshot of fluoro. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B00FHZ1NV8/
  12. What are you looking for?
  13. NewlyMinted

    lighted nocks

    I love the reviews on Lusk. He did some on Deepower lighted nocks. I bought some. They add 28 grains and don't appear to be able to have the battery fly down the shaft. The bare nock is fit for micro shafts like the HMR, but it comes with the adapters for larger width arrows. The video below was what convinced me and you can get them from Amazon. 4 in a package.
  14. NewlyMinted

    Swarovski stx 65mm spotter $2750

    How much for the objective only? Would you be willing to to a straight swap for the 65mm objective with a 27-60 Gen 2 Razor HD Straight Spotter (I have a listing with the glass pics showing)?