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  1. NewlyMinted

    What's your favorite Burger Joint?

    Flagstaff - Diablo burger - senor smoke Tucsin - love burger with all the trimmings
  2. NewlyMinted

    What is an MFA code

    Beautiful country down there, sorry to hear it's not being respected.
  3. NewlyMinted

    Outdoor Writer

    Had a chance to meet him when I picked up a skeet thrower, he toured me around his place showing me the mounts and telling me a few stories about the hunts. Nice guy.. RIP
  4. NewlyMinted

    2022 35a Goulds Turkey

    Congrats! Great story!
  5. NewlyMinted

    Solo hunt rewards

    Such great write ups this week! Thanks for sharing and amazing buck!
  6. NewlyMinted

    Synthetic grass sales/install

    Did a bot find a bot thread and revive it? That would be pretty epic
  7. NewlyMinted

    2022 HAM Hunt

    Congrats on your javelina dude!
  8. NewlyMinted

    Iso razor spotting scope

    There's a killer deal on here from @Shawn
  9. NewlyMinted

    Javelina double

  10. NewlyMinted

    Got my first muley!

    That’s a story Kev! Amazing buck dude!
  11. NewlyMinted

    2022 Hunting Resolutions

    I'm looking for 2022 to be the year of my first Buck!
  12. NewlyMinted

    Massive Powermatic table saw

    Those cables look like it draws more.. thanks for clarifying.. glws .. this is a dream find for someone!
  13. NewlyMinted

    Massive Powermatic table saw

    How much power does it need?
  14. NewlyMinted

    Was this the buffalo incident everone was talking about

    Only if you tag out
  15. NewlyMinted

    Metro Javelina Hunts

    Saw this on insta today: Totally forgot about the metro tag