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    Things to do in Tucson w/10yr old?

    +1 on this one - the magic shop has the guy do tricks in front of you and there's a few other activities Air and Space museum is excellent and you wont see it all If you guys shoot bows for $3 each you can walk the target courses in Tucson Mountain park Hike up Piccacho peak on the way down to Tucson, it's an awesome hike and amazing views and there's a DQ right across the way for the reward If you are up for a little drive - consider AZ Zipline adventure (check availability online), it's a cool experience and the kids loved it and depending on the weekend they might have a grill your own night where you can bring your steak and they provide drinks, music, and you can even camp there overnight. For japanese food - Kukai (Mt Fuji Don Bowl) has a outside bar area For burgers - currently digging love-burger downtown For sandwiches - Beyond Bread For BBQ - Brother Johns is awesome For breakfast on a budget - Franks For breakfast with a bit more $- 5 points or Cafe A La Cart For mexican there's tons, but currently liking toto's For something different the ethiopian place in 5 points is awesome
  2. NewlyMinted

    Wife’s Semi-Live Late Bull Hunt

    On board!! Can’t wait for the updates!
  3. NewlyMinted

    Lighted Nocks

    I bought the Deepower nock after watching a lusk archery review. They added 24 grains to the arrow (they are 32 and my existing nock was 8). I just googled the review and it looks like they updated to nock to prevent it coming on when you nock the arrow without chaing the weight. Battery lasts a while, and the dead ones I use when practicing so I have the right weight without burning the good ones up.
  4. NewlyMinted

    Have you ever ate here?

    They do a good breakfast. If you walk in through the horns there's a bar with a few tables, if you walk in to the side (from the parking lot) there's a massive dining room. Always preferred the bar, burgers and breakfast are good.
  5. NewlyMinted

    OTC harvest report format

    Go here for deer - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1Cx1a40_mywVd8rv1IvsOoG4tQwoTWvXM4LHn31721Hw/htmlembed/sheet?gid=412778987
  6. NewlyMinted

    Friends Matter

    Awesome buck! You’ve got a great friend there!
  7. NewlyMinted

    Spring Draw Results are Posted

    Wahoo! Jan Archery!
  8. NewlyMinted


    I have this set-up., didn't realize how protected the binos are from dust until I road out in a friends ATV. Range finder magnetic lid is great too. Great deal here for sure but I got mine on a black friday sale.. only a few weeks to go!
  9. NewlyMinted

    AT&T or Verizon - which is better for hunting

    I used to have Verizon and switched last Black Friday to T-Mobile and cannot wait to go back. In the southern units Verizon wins
  10. NewlyMinted

    Not AZ/NM...

    Wow! Awesome equipment too! Can you post a write-up on how you got so close? Congrats on a great looking buck!
  11. NewlyMinted

    Food vacuum sealer or the like

    I moved from a foodsaver to the big AVID Armor chamber sealer. It's awesome and half the price off most chamber sealers. Had it for a year, and no issues. The foodsaver is still needed if you have really long packages, but for fish it's extended the freezer life with no burn and works great on liquid.
  12. NewlyMinted

    Coues Backpack Hunt Optics

    Yeah, I figured I'd lose that, it's bulky, but was trying to protect the housing. I only have the stay-on for the eye piece. With it off I bet it fits better on the side. I was strapping it on the rear. Thanks man!
  13. NewlyMinted

    Coues Backpack Hunt Optics

    What pack do you have with that? I went 8 miles this weekend carrying 10s and the 65mm BTX with water, but getting it strapped in and balanced was a pain. I have the small K3 Exo and the carrying case on the BTX.
  14. NewlyMinted

    I've been blessed again!

    Amazing buck! Wow!
  15. NewlyMinted

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    this link takes you to the table so you can easily scroll it with your phone: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/1Cx1a40_mywVd8rv1IvsOoG4tQwoTWvXM4LHn31721Hw/htmlembed/sheet?gid=412778987