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  1. Dano562

    Wtb Ford 351/400 and 1977 f150 parts

    My neighbor across the street has the same truck. He's restoring and rebuilding right now. He has tons of parts and has other people he knows to ge them from
  2. Dano562

    WTB remington 700 short action

    Last I checked brunos had some
  3. Dano562

    300 win mag rifle opinions

    I say brake it. Its not any louder than without a brake and it kicks like a 22lr
  4. Dano562

    WHICH COLOR!? Stock replacement

    The pepper is slightly lighter than pictured. I have one on my savage. My daughters savage also is 2 tone with the pepper. I can't find a picture of my whole gun in pepper but here is a picture of my daughters gun with pepper on it in good lighting.
  5. Dano562


  6. Dano562

    Kowa Prominar TSN-773 NIB

    Someone buy this before I have to. Love my kowa 664 might have to upgrade
  7. Dano562

    Chrony Beta Master: $50 Flagstaff

    Wow that was a screaming deal. That less then I paid for my used one on offer up a few weeks ago
  8. Dano562

    Press Reloader Kit

    I PM'ed you
  9. Dano562

    Press Reloader Kit

    PM inbound
  10. Dano562

    ISO/WTB H1000

    Yeah I check all the time I occasionally get lucky and get a pound here and their at sportsmans. Guess I was a little late today. I have one full pound im about to break into to load up some more brass
  11. Dano562

    ISO/WTB H1000

    they had about 4 bricks of 100 in cci 22lr for about $8 each. Was on an end cap across from the reloading counter
  12. Dano562

    ISO/WTB H1000

    Sportsmans didn't have H1000 at around 4pm when I was their
  13. No it was not. But it was a great deal and perfect for my daughter
  14. Dano562

    Vortex viper HST 4-16x44

    Retical? MOA or MILdot
  15. I bought a savage 22lr at Walmart yesterday and talked to the counter guy and manager. Both have been at this store for years and I asked them. They both stated only certain walmarts are closing gun counters select stores will keep them.