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  1. Dano562

    Wtb 209 primers

    BPI has cheddite 209 in stock right now.
  2. Dano562

    Wtb 12 gauge hulls

    BPI Has some in stock.
  3. I have a few lbs of powder I would like to trade for H1000 or alliant Steel. I have: 2lb same lot 700x 2lb same lot longshot 1lb 800x 1lb tightwad 1lb opened missing small amount (2-300g) of h380 $50 ( pic of weight ) And 4lbs of universal All purchased within the past 1-2 years stored inside. Want to trade lb for lb of H1000 or Alliant steel. Would also sell new unopened containers for $60lb. Also have a couple bottles of blackhorn 209. Only trades for H1000
  4. Dano562

    WTT Glock 27

    Willing to sell?
  5. Dano562


    Ill take some varget PM incoming
  6. Home depot has some you can buy a precut 10x10 square for like $20
  7. Dano562

    Found some thanks to all

    I have a brick of CCI 350 and a brick of Fed 150M I can spare
  8. Dano562


    I don't know how this has not sold yet but since you said you would split how much for lower?
  9. Ur lucky to see the beast. I normally don't drive my truck but on Fridays. But for lunch I ran to bass pro to pick up some ammo for my daughter's 450 bushmaster for her pig hunt that opened the next day. I work right there on extension and main.
  10. 🤣 occasionally I get lucky
  11. HAHAHA 😂🤣 that was me!!
  12. Clean barrel. tape end of barrel. Fill with kroil. Let sit 24 hours. Clean with jb bore paste and repeat till clean (don't have to wait 24 hours on repeat). When barrel is clean, clean gun like normal.
  13. Dano562

    WTB Shotgun Powder -- WTT MEC 302 1 1/8th Bar --

    Never mind I thought 502 were same as a 302 but with the bracket but I just compared them I was wrong they will not work. Sorry as i am new to the progressive press that uses the 502 bars. I have only used it 1x loading steel shot with alliant steel so I measured everything on a scale and used the press for crimping only
  14. Dano562

    WTB Shotgun Powder -- WTT MEC 302 1 1/8th Bar --

    Sorry I lied my 2 extra bars are both 302 118 and I don't have those bushings. I have to go through some old stuff I inherited this weekend I think their are more bars in their. If I run across one I will let you know. If I run across a 502 bar are you interested? They are the same just have to take off the bracket on the side and can be used like a 302.