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  1. Dano562


    110 was made in long and short action pre savage 10
  2. Dano562


    LA or SA?
  3. Dano562

    Primers and Dies

  4. Great to know guys thanks for the input. The brass I was actually gonna buy is 7mm08. The only thing I got out of my research is starline and lapua case capacity was almost exact. Anyone have any input of how many firings you have out of the brass?
  5. Dano562

    Beware of Scammer website

    Maybe send the real powder valley inc a email heads up?
  6. Hey guys just picked up a new gun for my daughter and I was about to start load development for it. I have a chance to buy some starline brass for it. My question is for the people that have used starline rifle brass how is it? I know starline is great in pistol and straight wall cartridges, but I have never loaded there brass in rifle and never heard any feedback on there rifle brass.
  7. Dano562

    Bergara Savage prefit .308 barrel.

    Large or small shank?
  8. Dano562

    Primers and Dies

  9. Dano562

    Reloading Powder: H1000 & IMR8133

    Bump for the H1k. If i didn't just buy 2 8lbrs I would grab this
  10. Dano562

    Primers and Dies

  11. Dano562

    Primers and Dies

    I have 1 brick of LPM (150M) primers Will trade straight across for Federal LR or LRM or $130 1 hornady 300 SAUM die set $40 1 Lee 38/357 4 die set $40 Will trade dies for hornady 7mm-08 dies
  12. Dano562

    Outdoorsman adapter tall price drop

    Wow. PM U trying to buy it. And u gonna act like that?
  13. Dano562

    Outdoorsman adapter tall price drop

    That's a pretty shitty comment out of a long time member I'm sorry I PM U.
  14. Dano562

    ISO Glock 17 duty type holster

    PM sent
  15. Dano562

    Different Powders for sell

    How much 4064?