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  1. Dano562

    Christensen Arms Precision Chassis

    Dang!! I need a LA my dad wants a SA and was just talking about it today. I will pass it along to him
  2. Dano562

    WTB: Garmin Alpha and Collar

    I agree with TRES if it's just a lab off leash they are close workers. I would only run a delta. No need for tracking. I would just run correction. My lab I usually only run a garmin delta he stays with me. My hounds on the other hand need both when running lions or bears
  3. Dano562

    WTB: Garmin Alpha and Collar

    The nice part is delta xc sport still holds up to 3 dogs. And works every bit and longer of its 1mile range. What you using goes tracking for? If you decide this route it will cost in the ballpark of what a alpha is but It does have ki d of dual purpose. Downfall is correction is longer on alpha but once at a certain point it doesnt matter. You have to get the dog. If you go this route outdoordogsupply.com sells delta XC and sports refurbished for around 120-130 for remote and 1 collar they are great I have 2 and have been using them for years no issues. I also reccomend going to houndrecoveryantennas.com and buy one of the long range antennas for the truck just in case cheapest and best insurance policy you can ever get to recover a dog
  4. Dano562

    WTB: Garmin Alpha and Collar

    I cant answer to the pro but the astro you are correct, no correction. Their are other options with correction tho. You can also run a delta with the astro and it has correction. Downfall is dogs are wearing 2 collars and you have 2 remotes. The positive side of that is, if you are not hunting or doing something where you dont want tracking the dog can wear a much smaller collar. And you have have all the GPS attached. I personally run the Astro with DC50S and the garmin Delta sport XC. I chose this method as I dont always want GPS but do want correction and dogs dont have to have a huge color on for just correction. Especially helps for training puppys
  5. Dano562

    WTB: Garmin Alpha and Collar

    People on facebook and other platforms steal pictures from somewhere online and act as if selling them and take your money. Some of them look like legit businesses. Seen lots of guys on hound groups get scammed. Outdoordogsupply.com is always a good place to get supply's. They also sell used and refurbished. also dusupply.com is another good one. Facebook in LOCAL hound groups where u can meet face to face is also good. Their is also one on offer up in PHX right now for 550. If u need any other help PM me
  6. Dano562

    WTB: Garmin Alpha and Collar

    Be careful when buying lots of scams out their right now for Astros and Alphas
  7. Anyone have a outdoorsmans butte or mule pack they dont use and want to sell?
  8. Dano562

    2019 26' Highland Open Range Trailer

  9. Dano562

    Ammo & Powder

  10. Dano562

    **Update** KOWA Big Eyes Bracket

    Hey kev is their anymore available I ended up picking up a 2nd 664 I'm looking for a bracket
  11. No I havent talked to catfishkev in a few months. Last I knew he sold his spotter and was gonna wait. Thanks for the heads up
  12. Keep me in mind if you sell both scopes individually. I have 2 664s I'm looking for a mount
  13. Dano562

    H4350 Powder

    No. I found someone on the floor and asked for help at reloading. I have also talked to store manager he said to do that if you need reloading stuff
  14. Dano562

    H4350 Powder

    Sportsmans in mesa has H1000 finally found a 1lb
  15. Dano562


    Bump for a great pack! I have the original and I love it! I can only imagine how nice the carbon is!