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  1. Dano562

    Vortex scopes for sale

  2. Dano562

    Glass Bedding Stocks?

    Very easy just make sure you prep very well and it will go smoothly.
  3. Seen a couple in the middle of the road in the middle of the night. And the road split 2 different units
  4. I have hunted NM couse and it was a very tough hunt. 2nd to last day finally found a decent buck. Lots of muleys and lots of sheep where I hunted. I talked to alot of locals on that hunt no one was successful but me, the out of stater. NM does not allow scoped muzzys the rule changed 1-2 years ago. I will reccomend decent glass. GPS and also a normal paper map. I really recommend a well equipped hunting rig, some of those roads are no joke. I also recommend really good boots. What unit did you draw? I had a 23 / non burros tag.
  5. As far as I know they only make right hand.
  6. Dano562


    LA or SA?
  7. Dano562

    Wanted Lead Shot

    Ballisticproducts.com has #8 & #9 in stock
  8. Dano562

    Youth giveaway winners

  9. The magpul ruger american stock is great I just put one on my daughter's american. She has a compact so factory stock LOP is 12.5. The magpul stock min LOP is 13 and the regular american stock is 13.75. So if you have a standard size american you will save .75 in off the stock going to the magpul. The great part with the magpul is there will be room to grow into it and adding the spacers as you child grows. The magpul stock is slightly heavier but it makes the gun more accurate and comes with everything you need. It also allows for more ammo in the magizeen. I now have 2 Americans with the magpul stock. I highly recommend especially for a child for room to grow, the gun can grow too.
  10. Dano562

    Shotshell reloading

    I reload for 12 and 20g. And have lots of books with all kinds of loads. If u need any help PM me.
  11. Dano562


    Sign up for alerts on the website. They release some occasionally, but it goes quickly.
  12. Dano562

    Outdoorsmans pack

  13. Dano562

    Coues full velvet mount

    Billy PM me your info please I have some repairs in East Mesa
  14. Dano562


    Loved mine till I took it off to take my outer layers off while deer hunting and left it on the quad and ended up somewhere in the forest.