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  1. Dano562

    WTB guns

    I have a BCM stripped upper I would be willing to sell if he wants to start building and piecing one together. That's about the only way of finding a AR right now is to build it urself.
  2. Dano562

    24v troller, 80# plus wanted

    I have a 24v #70 motor guide pro seriesI'm looking to get rid of or trade for a 12v
  3. Dano562

    ISO dual spotter mount

    ISO Dual spotter mount. Let me know what you have.
  4. Dano562

    ISO KOWA spotting scope

    Found one and purchased thanks guys!
  5. Dano562

    ISO KOWA spotting scope

    Iso kowa spotting scope. 662 or 664, possibly a 602. Pm me with what you have.
  6. Dano562

    Vortex Razor Spotter

  7. Dano562

    Vortex Razor Spotter

    Vortex Razor 11-33x50 Spotting scope. Selling for my dad, he doesnt use it. It's been on maybe 2 hunts and I dont think It ever came out of his pack. It's been to the range maybe one or two times also. Glass is good. $500
  8. Dano562

    WTB Vortex Razor HD 11-33 50mm Spotter

    My dad is selling his. PM me and I will get you in touch.
  9. Dano562

    KOWA Double spotter

    What mount is used? Is it home made or is the the actual big eye mount? If willing to split I would be interested in base and one 664
  10. Dano562

    Redtick coonhound

    Why cant this be a Female!?!?! Been looking for a female I already have too many Males. Wife says no more hounds unless I get a Female.
  11. Dano562

    ISO Outdoorsmans

    Anyone in the east valley have an extra Outdoorsman adapter plate or 51mm digi scope adapter they want to get rid of?
  12. I would be interested in one scope if you are willing to separate