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  1. Dano562


    I want the case prep. Pm coming
  2. Dano562

    ISO Large rifle primers

    I have seen alot of people using the 250M with great results in the veriflame sys. I can't wait to try the paramount. I love my Accura V2LR, but the Paramount looks even better!
  3. Dano562

    Free reloading components for kids

    Very awesome offer!!
  4. Dano562

    ISO Kodiak Canvas tent

    I can't find it either but I did find this listing for one. Check out this item on OfferUp. https://offerup.co/eGATnxS06hb Also another Check out this item on OfferUp. https://offerup.co/niku55V06hb
  5. Dano562

    Getting Muzzle loading supplies

    Sportsmans has had caps the last couple times I was their. Muzzle loader.com doesn't have any caps.. best bet to find caps is make a post looking for some, I'm sure someone around here would sell you some caps
  6. Dano562

    Getting Muzzle loading supplies

    What exactly are you looking for?
  7. Dano562

    Blackhorn 209 at Sportsmans

    It says in stock but only has link for notify me when in stock.
  8. Dano562

    Need a Cerakote guy

    We plead the 2nd is awesome!
  9. Dano562

    First Chambering?

    My first rifle (308) was givin to me by a GF officer for getting my first deer tag at 10yo. Shot many animal with it over the years, but at 18 I decided to buy a 7mm mag because I wanted a little more umph than my 308 had.
  10. Dano562

    Stock bedding

    If you use action screws just snug is good and lube the crap out of threads and whole bolt. I recommend using really long bolts or all thread. If bolts cut head off seat in action all the way down with release agent over the whole bolt. Then when ready set action down in stock and then use nuts on long bolts or all thread and just snug to hold action in stock in right position .
  11. Dano562

    Access to chronograph?

    Not sure if I'm going to jim jones or Rio. But if I'm at JJ you are more then welcome to use my chrono.
  12. Dano562

    Varget in stock

    Great company great owner! Grant is the best!!
  13. Dano562

    Powder and Primers for sale or trade

    Pm incoming!!
  14. Dano562

    Dillon 550, misc powder, 32 s&w dies

    I'll take 2md on the press!!