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  1. Dano562


    I would be interest in the BR-4. What kind of 9mm do you prefer? How much do you want for 1k primers
  2. Dano562

    H1000 & H414 SOLD

    Pm sent
  3. Dano562

    H4831SC available, everything else gone!

    I'll buy the H1k
  4. Dano562

    Coueswhitetail bullet group buy

    I'm in!! I need 178 eldx and 200 eldx. 190g subx, and Possibly interested in brass
  5. Dano562

    2016 Polaris Outlaw 50

    Too bad it's pink my son needs a bike. My daughter has the 90cc race model they are great bikes!
  6. Dano562


    I ran a batch of about 150 .308 for my brother. So far I love I love it. Gonna run a batch of 300wm after I find 1lb of varget for my brother's 308 and get them loaded.
  7. You might be better off just getting another press that is already 410. Changing dies and resetting it up is a PITA.
  8. https://www.ballisticproducts.com/Conversion-Kits/products/801/
  9. Dano562

    Brunos has SR primers and powder $$$

    I did that first thing this am and they replied that they added me before they even opened today.
  10. Dano562

    Brunos has SR primers and powder $$$

    Do they email this to you? If they do how do I get on this list?
  11. Dano562

    *FOUND* Rem700 SA BDL

    I got one unfortunately its LA magnum.
  12. Dano562


    I'll take the 178g eldx and varget if one is left over
  13. Dano562

    WTT 210M for 215M primers

    Too bad your in Tucson. I need some 210M. I bought a brick and it was full of 215M. I'm in the valley.
  14. Dano562


    Have to pick up a plug tomorrow and install and then we will be annealing!!!