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  1. Lucafu1


    Yup ask pictured. I have someone interested, I'll know for sure on Friday. If you're interested lmk. Thanks.
  2. Lucafu1


  3. Lucafu1


  4. Lucafu1

    Daughters sheep hunt

    heck yeah! Cant wait for updates.
  5. Lucafu1

    Leupold VX-3i LRP 6.5-20X50MM

    BTW I also have the same brand rifle in the same caliber with the exact scope youre talking about. I love it. *edit* sorry I thought I was replying to your other post.
  6. Yup as others have said go for it but ebay maybe your best bet. They don't make them anymore. 2nd amendment might have one left, they had one in the back they didn't know about a few months back when they changed owners.
  7. Lucafu1

    ISO 300 win mag ammo

    Im east of tucson.
  8. Lucafu1

    27 South 28 North Rocky Tag

    Thats is an awesome tag to have. It was a lot of work when I had my sheep tag, I could not imagine doing it as an out of stater and trying to find something you really want. I would call Chris Harlow.
  9. Thanks for the offer but I really need the magnums.
  10. Sorry I forgot about this. Still looking for some Federal Large Rifle Magnum Primers.
  11. Lucafu1

    ISO 300 win mag ammo

    I have about 50 rounds of Barnes 180gr TTSX. Shoot me an offer.
  12. Lucafu1

    Need advice/weld on an outboard

  13. Lucafu1

    Looking for 30-06 brass

    This is the last of my extra brass I have (sold everything else on gun broker). 208 cases of FC head stamp. Once fired.