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  1. Lucafu1


    My Excursion has a 44 gallon tank. 😕
  2. Lucafu1

    Wtb 280 rem brass

    I have a brand new bag of nosler brass that I have been saving. Its sealed but the box is gone. $100.
  3. 6.5 PRC ammo (58 rounds) - $200 6.5x55 ammo (20 rounds) - $50 or trade for 6.5 creedmoor (this is for a buddy's son who bought the wrong ammo) 7mm-08 Remington brass (84 pieces, deprimed and cleaned) - $40 22cal 60gr VMAX (opened but full/never used) - $20 .338 Barnes TSX 225gr. (pulled, about 20 I think) - $10 Slik base plate (see picture) - $10 Prefer not to ship. Located in EAST TUCSON, near VAIL.
  4. Lucafu1

    Hypothetical draw question

    Turn in the tag early/first "because of schedule conflicts" and wait a bit and then transfer the tag. So when asked they really don't have a tag. Too easy.
  5. Lucafu1

    Duwane Adams ?

    Yup. I met him and Nick a few years ago. Super nice. They offered to bring my daughter for a glassing lesson no charge. Also It turns out I knew and graduated with Nick's older brother in high school. They are both good people.
  6. Lucafu1


    You can shoot .40 out of a Glock 20 without shaping anything. I do it all the time. I love the G20.
  7. Lucafu1

    Line-X or Inyati or something else?

    I like LINEX and have a BAK REVOLVER X2 TONNEAU COVER on my F150.
  8. Lucafu1

    Electric F150

    I dont consider these for something to use when hunting or towing even though they could. I would buy one to daily drive and still be in a truck and not a toaster. Thats it.
  9. Lucafu1

    Getting into welding question

    Ive been welding since high school. I did take some classes at pima college because you could submit work to get certified by x-ray after the class and just to put something on my reume for a previous career fied. I did arc, mig and tig. I recommend doing that if there is time. Then you can get your foot in the door someplace and they will train you. I am currently at (visiting) GD NASSCO where they build ships and they actually will put you through their school first and train you if needed.
  10. Lucafu1


    No sorry. Long gone.
  11. Lucafu1

    New to elk hunting

    My buddy has the same hunt (lucky bastard). I am gonna try and help him if I am not out of town working. We have never been in the unit, it should be fun!
  12. Lucafu1

    Motor oil question

    I change my oil when it hits the mileage interval I set. I dont care it it takes a year or longer.
  13. Lucafu1

    All gone

    2 males left
  14. Lucafu1

    Got my first muley!

    Awesome buck!