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  1. Lucafu1


    I have a Bench Source and love it.
  2. Let me know if you have any for sale or are looking to trade them for something you need. I am located SE of Tucson. Thanks.
  3. Lucafu1


    Well I have some Hornady already from some boxes of ammo I shot. So I was thinking I should keep them the same? I am just starting out so I am open to suggestions. Thanks!
  4. Lucafu1


    LMK if you have some for sale. Thanks.
  5. Lucafu1

    Unit 27 outfitter

    How many points are you thinking you need to draw? I am curious on how much longer my wait is.
  6. Lucafu1

    Draw odds help?

    Thank you sir! Ive been wanting an archery tag but I miss hunting elk. I may try one more year before I put in for a late tag....
  7. Lucafu1

    Draw odds help?

    Is that the early archery? If so can someone run it for 9 points πŸ˜†
  8. I use a Remington R15 with some 62gr Speer. Shot this group last time I went out at 200 yards.
  9. Lucafu1

    Gun Smiths

    Re-barreling savages are easy with tools and go,no-go gauges. I just did mine.
  10. Lucafu1

    Timney trigger- worth it?

    I own a lot of timneys.
  11. Lucafu1

    Over the counter tags

    I'm all about banning non residents and anyone with commiefornia tiesπŸ˜†πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  12. Lucafu1

    ISO leupold LRP

    They had an 8.5 moa at 2nd ammendment or whatever they're called now.....turners I think. I was looking for one too. They're being made any more so if you really want ene I would jump on it.
  13. FYI I did have to call and link my daughters new account to the old one with her history when I created her own profile.