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  1. Lucafu1

    Need advice/weld on an outboard

  2. Lucafu1

    Looking for 30-06 brass

    This is the last of my extra brass I have (sold everything else on gun broker). 208 cases of FC head stamp. Once fired.
  3. Lucafu1

    Looking for 30-06 brass

    Dang. I am in Tucson.
  4. Lucafu1

    Relentless Scammers

  5. Lucafu1

    Looking for 30-06 brass

    I'm sure i have a bunch of FC brass. Where are you located?
  6. Lucafu1

    6.5 eldx projectiles (no longer) at midway

    Looks like they raised prices again....
  7. Lucafu1


    Just got notified MIDWAYUSA has them.
  8. Looking for CCI Small Rifle Primers, Federal Large Rifle Magnum Primers, ???
  9. Lucafu1

    Thieves in Tucson

    Hate thieves......
  10. Lucafu1

    2020 sheep report?

    Thank you!
  11. Lucafu1

    2020 sheep report?

    Id like to see it too if someone has it. Thanks.
  12. I was thinking the same just to have 2! If I was local I would pick it up.
  13. You can reprogram them to be faster. There's videos on YouTube in how to set them up.
  14. Lucafu1

    Pray for me, my wife is already with god.

    So sorry for your loss......God bless.