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  1. Rubberduckie

    Marlin 1894 44 mag JM stamped

    Wish I had expendable cash. Forwarded to a buddy . Glws
  2. Rubberduckie


    Me too. I flagged him for a admin
  3. Rubberduckie

    WTB 70-80 grain 6mm projectiles

    I'm using a 1:12 twist those are 10 twist recommended. Thanks for the offer
  4. Rubberduckie

    WTB 70-80 grain 6mm projectiles

    Looking for nosler and berger 6mm 70-80 gr bullets. LMK THX
  5. Rubberduckie

    Garage gunsmith needed

    6br ackley. Yes I got a new lug when I ordered the barrel.
  6. Rubberduckie

    Garage gunsmith needed

    I bought a action wrench and have a viper vise. But this thin factory remington barrel is to small. I'm set to meet with a member sunday to get it removed. Thanks for the responses.
  7. Rubberduckie


  8. Rubberduckie

    Garage gunsmith needed

    I'll definitely look into southern express for my next quality build. This is just a budget experiment for my own fun and learning experience with a 6 bra in a bdl setup.
  9. Rubberduckie

    Garage gunsmith needed

    Yes. I have a remage barrel with gauges. I'm just looking for a fast convenient barrel removal. I figured someone here lives close to me and could do it for a reasonable charge.
  10. Rubberduckie

    Garage gunsmith needed

    Anyone here able to separate a remington 700 barrel and reciever? I got a prefit I wanna put on. North Phoenix area
  11. Rubberduckie

    gravity is a SCAMMER

    Face to face cash. I've used PayPal but it has 2 options. Friends and family (no fees- no protection) or good and services which there's a fee but you have recourse. Also PayPal is not 2A friendly. So if you can't do face to face find a way to pay using a credit card. If your ordering anything online with a credit card you can dispute it. If it's a zelle option for payment it's a scammer 100% of the time.
  12. Rubberduckie

    Mini 30 and 7.62x39 AR Magazines

    I'll buy the mini 30 if you will ship
  13. Rubberduckie

    gravity is a SCAMMER

    There's no buyer protection with zelle. You might as well send cash in an envelope and hope for the best. Only use zelle with someone you know and trust.
  14. Rubberduckie