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  1. CraigK

    Glassing chair for big dudes

    I’ve been looking into the hillsound stool that is sold on outdoorsmans website. I haven’t bought one yet, but probably will. There are two height options.
  2. CraigK

    RCBS $20

    Pm sent.
  3. CraigK

    RTIC coolers on sale

    A little off subject, but does anyone know of a coupon code for canyon coolers? The code “jayscott”used to work for 10% off, but doesn’t seem to work anymore. I’m wanting to purchase a 35.
  4. CraigK

    ISO camper shell 2004-2008 f150 6.5’

    Thanks for looking out!
  5. Probably a long shot, but I’m looking for a camper shell if anyone has one or knows of one. Thx, Kurt
  6. CraigK


    Pm sent
  7. CraigK

    Opinions on Barrel

    I have a 1-8 7mm mag. I shoot the 180 hybrids and love them. I also shoot 162 Sst’s and they shoot lights out. I thought about shooting the 195’s, but don’t think I would gain much if I did. I do feel like the 195 would be great for the 28 nosler though. You can probably get away just fine with a 1-9 twist, but if it were me I would do 1-8 and never look back. I don’t know much about proof barrels or carbon wrapped in general because they are out of my price range. I did see that Bartlein barrels is offering carbon wrapped barrels now.
  8. I will admit hole heartedly that I’m a dumb butt... I bought a new water heater and was trying to save a few bucks by installing it myself. Could not get a direct replacement so the size was a little taller and now I’m in desperate need of a plumber after failed attempts to make it work. Anyone on here a plumber or know one that you would recommend? I’m in Marana.
  9. CraigK

    Bullets, 7mm,338 cal, primers

    How much for the 180 accubonds? Will you ship?
  10. CraigK


    I’ve had difference in lots similar to this with nosler accubonds that I load for my brother in law. I shoot bergers for myself and rarely see anything more that .005” of a difference between lots.
  11. CraigK

    Selling Glock 43 - Sold

    Good deal on that savage! Wish I was closer to the valley.
  12. CraigK

    The official “I didn’t get jack shoot” thread

    I thought for sure I was going to draw an early archery tag... but I didn’t. Anyone know what the bonus pass was expected to be for 4a and 4b?
  13. CraigK

    Reloading accessories

    Priming tool and scale sold.
  14. CraigK

    Reloading accessories

    Hand primer SPF
  15. CraigK

    Reloading accessories

    Scale is SPF