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  1. CraigK

    Nightforce TS-80 spotting scope

    Thanks Doug, Do you have them in stock?
  2. CraigK

    A tips on game

    Congrats on the wife getting an elk tag, that’s awesome! If I’m able to come across something I’ll let you know.
  3. CraigK

    A tips on game

    I hear ya. Times are definitely tough in the shooters world. I have enough supplies for this year, but definitely will think twice about going out and shooting for fun. What do you normally shoot? I can keep an eye out for you.
  4. CraigK

    Nightforce TS-80 spotting scope

    Thanks. Do you think it’s better than the vortex Razor? Seems to be about the same price range.
  5. CraigK

    Nightforce TS-80 spotting scope

    Great, thanks for the info. I saw they were marked at a pretty reasonable price... just didn’t know what they compared to.
  6. CraigK

    A tips on game

    I’ve been curious about this question myself. I don’t think I would hesitate to use them though, based on what I’ve seen with videos of gel tests and a video of an antelope hunt that Gunwerks posted on YouTube. The guy on the video shot a goat at just under 700 and looks like the bullet expanded really well. I would love to try them, but dang they are pricey.
  7. CraigK

    rock creek 284 barrel

    I might be interested. What’s the length? Do you know what number of sporter contour it is? I looked in their website and looks like there are several (#1-6). Thanks, Kurt
  8. CraigK

    Big eye comparison

    Dang. The clarity looks insane, can’t imagine what it looks like not through a camera. Bet they are worth every penny.
  9. Looks like these can be found at a pretty good price. Has anyone looked through one or currently have one? Just curious what they compare to? I want a spotter, but can’t afford a swaro. Kurt
  10. CraigK

    Bruno’s has lots of powder.

    I’m right there with you, I’d be pretty tempted to pay Bruno’s prices just have have powder available. Sportsman’s sucks here in Tucson for powder.
  11. CraigK

    New 15s.... looking for some input

    The HDs are definitely better, but does it justify the extra cost... I’m not sure. I’ve actually debated selling my swaro HD’s and getting a used pair of Meopta 15’s at one point so I could have some extra cash towards a spotter. We will see what the future brings. Out of all three, I don’t think there’s a bad choice. Even the older slcs you have are great glass. Good luck making a decision, I know it can be hard. Kurt
  12. CraigK

    Score Guesses???

    I’d guess him right around 108, he has a good frame...pretty buck. Bet it was a fun hunt! Do you have a pic of the buck your buddy ended up killing?
  13. CraigK

    FS Old Jeep Project

    Looks like a fun project. Good luck with the sale. Is it a 304? I have a 1980 cj 5 with a 304 AMC. Wish I had more time/money to put into it... maybe some day.
  14. CraigK

    Gunsmith Recommendations in Tucson or Phoenix

    Craigs Custom Rifles in Oro Valley
  15. CraigK

    WTS Tikka T3 7mm Mag - $400 Tack Driver

    Dang. That was a good deal.