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  1. CraigK

    Triclawps double cam

    Darn, I’m out in Tucson. I don’t think I’ll be headed that way any time soon. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I’ll have to pass.
  2. CraigK

    Triclawps double cam

    Where are you located? I’m interested
  3. CraigK

    Archery goat 2019

    The animals you harvest with your bow are insane! Congrats man, incredible buck!
  4. CraigK

    Sig Kilo 2000 rangefinder $240 shipped

    Dang! If something changes can I have 2nds?
  5. CraigK

    Sell or trade bullets

    Thanks for checking and sorry for taking so long to reply. I was hoping they were from the same lot. I’ll pass on them for now.
  6. CraigK

    Sell or trade bullets

    How much for the match kings? Are they the same lot#?
  7. CraigK

    Tikka T3x vs Bergara B14 HMR

    I’ve heard good things about Bergara, but have never shot one. I have a Tikka heavy barrel in .308win and it flat out shoots!
  8. CraigK

    ***Price reduced***Jeep 1980 CJ-7

    I’m drooling over that hard top, wish I could find one for mine. Good luck with the sale, beautiful Jeep!
  9. CraigK

    WTB 3D Archery target

    I see some on Camofire quite often. They are labeled as “blemished”, but are significantly lower in price.... just in case you can’t find a used one.
  10. CraigK

    Heber Mule trip

    Thanks for sharing the pics!! I’d be ecstatic to have a mule like the ones pictured. I’ve had a few mules in the past in hopes of riding them into the back country, but unfortunately time had other plans for me and I never made enough time to work with them.
  11. CraigK

    rifle build

    Another + for Kyle! I’m blessed to call him my cousin. He does fantastic work and really enjoys what he does. Check out his page at craigscustomrifles.com
  12. CraigK

    Manners, Timney, Reloading, etc

    Thank you for posting the pictures. I’ll pass this on to my brother and see if he’s interested.
  13. CraigK

    Manners, Timney, Reloading, etc

    Do you have a picture of the Tikka chassis?
  14. CraigK

    Bonus pass for deer hunts?

    Greatly appreciated! Just trying figure out some draw odds for this year.
  15. Anybody have info on how many points it took to make the bonus pass for certain hunts last year? I can’t seem to remember where to find the info. Thanks!