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  1. Anyone have experience with either of these heads? Recommendations or thoughts on each?
  2. CraigK

    Scott Archery Sigma release

  3. Where are you located? I’m interested in the PMR rings.
  4. Scott Archery Sigma 3 finger release. Great release with lots of adjustments. Cheapest I could find new was $229, asking $115 or reasonable offer. Local pick up would be around the Marana area, but can ship if needed. Kurt
  5. CraigK

    Left handed PSE mini burner -$75

    Dang, looks like it may have sold. thanks for the offer. I’m in Marana.
  6. CraigK

    1980 Cj 5

  7. CraigK

    1980 Cj 5

  8. CraigK

    1980 Cj 5

    TTT Still for sale
  9. CraigK

    1980 Cj 5

  10. CraigK

    1980 Cj 5

    Still for sale $5000 OBO
  11. CraigK

    WTB 6creed dies

    I have a set of Hornady 6creed dies if you’re interested
  12. CraigK

    1980 Cj 5

    It has a 4 speed manual transmission
  13. CraigK

    1980 Cj 5

  14. CraigK

    1980 Cj 5

    I’d have to check with my dad, but I believe the carb is a motorcraft 2 barrel. The 304 came out of a 1978 rambler and I believe was put in the Jeep in 1983 or 84
  15. CraigK

    1980 Cj 5

    Like the title says, I have a 1980 CJ 5 for sale. My dad bought it in 1982 and it was passed on to me a few years ago. I hate to get rid of it, but I don’t have the time to care for it like I should. The original engine was replaced in the 80’s with a bigger AMC 304. It has a PowerTrax Lock Right rear locker and will get you everywhere you’re brave enough to go. It does leak a little oil, I believe it’s from the rear main seal. It’s been like this for decades, we’ve always just checked the oil periodically and added when needed. Overall it’s in good shape. The shifter can be touchy. If jammed into gear, the shifter can get stuck in that particular gear- never have taken it to get looked at, I’ve always just shifted gentle and it’s never been an issue. Also has: After market front bumper with winch. Rear bumper with swing away spare. Dual exhaust Prices seem to be all over the place for these old Jeeps. Sold!