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    ? On Muzzleloaders reg change.

    Why don’t they make hunters use only a recurve or long bow in archery season too while we are at it?
  2. Codywhi1


    Drinking bros podcast
  3. Codywhi1

    Best place to get a cowboy hat

    I order mine online American hat company
  4. Codywhi1

    FS 20GA Double Barrel

    All take it
  5. Codywhi1

    Vortex razor hd 27-60x85 with digiscope

    No trades thanks
  6. I picked this up from another member haven’t used it much, has small scratch on lens nothing that you can see looking threw it, comes with tines up camera and adapter 950$. Located in sahuarita.
  7. Any one have any cage traps that they are looking to sell? Just wanted to ask around before I order some. If so drop me pm. Thank you.
  8. Codywhi1

    Savage 11 260 Remington

    What’s your draw length?
  9. Codywhi1

    Vortex Kaibab HD 18x vs 20x thoughts

    I ran the 20x exclusively last year and I will be running them again this year the heat waves are a little bad during the summer thats the only bad thing about them, they have trouble gathering light on overcast days, they take a bit to get use to if you have been running 15x but once your use to them there a decent optic.
  10. Codywhi1

    Az shed hunting video

    Thanks J! Its pretty cool where these little Coues can be found.
  11. Codywhi1

    Az shed hunting video

    Just a quick video I threw together of the first part of shed season, hope it helps pass the time tell the season starts. https://youtu.be/R8-8TjeYdXM
  12. Codywhi1

    Coues Shed Video

    Good stuff J!
  13. Codywhi1

    Backpack water filtration

    i have ran a couple different pump filters in the past and they where a pain in the but just took to much time, I have the steri pen now and I love that little thing, Im on the 2ed battery now and have drank some nasty looking water and have never got sick, I run 2 Algine water bottles a 2l and 1L I use a screen to lower the bugs and other water crawlers that I catch in the water bottles, I keep the 2l dirty and have a lid with a drinking spout on the 1L to avoid putting your mouth on the bottle to avoid getting sick if that make sense, it take about 30-40 seconds to purify the 1L water bottle, if you dont mind drinking a little dirt or bugs you will be fine.
  14. Codywhi1

    Backpacking on a budget

    My backpacking gear all come from Walmart or craigslist, half the time we just throw are pads and Walmart 35 dollar 45 deg bags on the ground if its cold we use bag liners and a cheap Walmart tent, the only thing I dont skimp on is water filter, if your just starting or I wouldnt recommend spending a lot of money it always sounds like its a great idea tell your 3 days in and 12 miles from the truck, get some decent used gear take a few 1-2 day trips just to see if its for you, I have seen guys pay 1000 bucks for equipment then sissy out 2 days into the trip, or just find a guy like this and buy his gear.
  15. Codywhi1

    Calf Killer Down

    Your the man Keith!