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  1. G_E_E

    2019 Polaris Ranger xp1000

    Cool to see another backcountry edition, their pretty rare, and pretty sure they stopped making that edition. I have the same machine except a crew. They come with some nice factory upgrades. GLWS
  2. G_E_E

    45/70 thunder five revolver

    Those are cool pistols I have a thunder five but in the usual .410/45lc. Not as good looking as that one but still works flawlessly.
  3. G_E_E

    TWO Igloo elk coolers SOLD

    These really are great coolers for the price. I have one and upgraded the latches and hinges because I noticed how well they perform. Free bump!
  4. G_E_E

    Motor oil question

    I would change my oil at least once a year even with low miles driven. Oil is cheap compared to a engine swap. Sucks that the OP is having trouble finding oil. I started changing my own oil a long time ago and won't go back to wasting time and money at a shop. At least you have piece of mind that it's done right and with the right products. Use this as a opportunity to stock up on your oil when it's available and have it on hand to change on your own time👍.
  5. G_E_E


    How'd the elk hunt go? I might be interested. Intrigued on how it works without a center post. I guess it's tall enough to negate a center post?
  6. G_E_E


    Yup I got the same message here and following me🙄
  7. G_E_E

    Leupold rangefinder

    Where are you located?
  8. G_E_E

    WTB rangefinder

    Well, my trusty bushnell 1000 arc is starting to go out on me. Looking to upgrade, hoping to keep it under $400, unless there's something I really want for more. Let me know what you got in the Tucson area.
  9. G_E_E

    7E Cow

    ooh ya sure did, that's what I meant. It was a awesome weekend with good friends.
  10. G_E_E

    7E Cow

    Sounds a lot like our hunt went!
  11. G_E_E

    7E Cow

    How's it going out? You able to dig em out of where ever the heck they were hiding in that unit.
  12. G_E_E

    7E Cow

    Good luck to you guys. I was there last weekend helping some buddies on their late bull hunt. SUPER TOUGH hunt, the elk just weren't anywhere I've seen them in the past few years. Hopefully they'll move into the more glassable country for you, the only recent sign for any elk were in the thick timber, all we saw was a flash of 2 running away. Has been unseasonably warm too. Just when I thought I had 7E figured out, got punched in the gut and humbled.
  13. G_E_E

    Beware of Alexkb

    Most likely a spammer, dm'ed me about swaros from Indiana with only a Gmail as contact info. Then deleted messages when I said, it so happens I would be in indiana this week and asked for a contract number.🤣
  14. G_E_E

    DIY Gong Stands

    True that, definitely very limited type of shooting I do now. When it comes to hunting rounds, confirm the zero with 2 or 3 shots(some times more, we all been there with those bad shooters) then hit plates, or very close at 600 yards a few times and done. Sucks big time not being able to practice more. Definitely gonna be a lot of hunters out there that need more practice. I guess that's the nature of the beast right now🙄.
  15. G_E_E

    DIY Gong Stands

    Awesome info! Been thinking of putting together some steel stands. Now I have some better ideas.