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  1. G_E_E

    Electric dirt bike

    Any chance you'll be near Tucson soon?
  2. G_E_E

    Doves and pellet guns

    🤣 Deterrents*
  3. G_E_E

    Doves and pellet guns

    I'm pretty much in the same boat now. Dumb birds pooping all over my pool. I've tried a few different detergents but so far nothing has worked.
  4. G_E_E

    New truck considerations

    But also, I'll be looking at the Ford f250 in a few years to upgrade from my 06 Silverado. This☝️
  5. G_E_E

    New truck considerations

  6. G_E_E

    Son is looking for a *Nintendo Switch*

    Oregon trail was the best. I also played it on the school computers. I still remember praying that my wagon would make those river crossings 😆
  7. G_E_E

    Anyone else hate HOAs?

    I moved away from HOAs 4 years ago and will never move back to one. You should have the freedom to do what ever you want with your property. Even if someone in your neighborhood is an idiot and doesn't take care of their yard or parks a extra car on the street. That should be their right as a home owner.
  8. G_E_E

    Leave No Trace

    So cool man, I'm always looking for cool relics from the past. So far nothing but a few horse shoes
  9. G_E_E

    OHV decal

    This happened to me yesterday for my new ranger as well. I received that "no decal" tag, but still haven't received my license plate, even though it has one listed on my registration. I haven't called yet, but sounds like it won't be easy to resolve.
  10. G_E_E

    34 A/B

    Fingers crossed he makes his way back to 34b in August
  11. G_E_E

    34 A/B

    Very nice!!! Thanks for sharing.
  12. G_E_E

    34 A/B

    Awesome, that is one of the bigger ones I've seen. I know which gate that is as well.
  13. G_E_E

    Tags in the mail

    Got my wife's and mine 7e late bull and my pronghorn 34a/b archery tag yesterday!!!
  14. G_E_E

    Yard art

    That is cool, jealous that you're out there looking for gold, while I'm still just thinking about it. Did you find anything around it while dredging?