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  1. G_E_E

    1987 Suzuki Samurai Tin Top

    Yup, I'll take it for starting bid at 500
  2. I used a big buddy heater in my pop up all night on medium in 20 degrees. It was awesome, very comfortable, we would have froze without it. Ran a hose outside to the 5 gal propane tank which way barely any lighter after using it all night for two nights.
  3. G_E_E

    2001 Forest River Flagstaff camp trailer

    Pics of the main bed in the front? Weight?
  4. G_E_E

    Tikka 308 for sale

  5. G_E_E

    Scope Shopping

    I just bought a Zeiss v4 6-24x50 that I have put a few boxes of ammo through. So far a awesome scope that's easy to dial, holds zero and had my 12 year old shooting steel at 650 yards with.
  6. G_E_E

    I'm shopping for a travel trailer

    I been doing some research on trailers as well. One big thing to check is for water damage. Tap on the exterior walls and listen and feel for Delamination. The condition of the roof will tell you a lot on how well they took care if it as well.
  7. G_E_E

    Wife tagged out opening day

    Sweet buck
  8. G_E_E

    Cool Finds

    That's awesome, I'm picturing someone sitting under that tree swigging the whiskey then sipping the Pepsi, enjoying the outdoors.
  9. G_E_E

    37A history

    Those old school pics are awesome, thanks for sharing.
  10. G_E_E

    37A history

    Let's see pics of your 1970's bucks.
  11. G_E_E

    Assorted bunch of 6.5 creedmoor ammo for sale

    2nd on eldx or the super performance
  12. G_E_E

    University of Arizona looking to change its 'UA' abbreviation

    Funny, these Phoenicians dogging on Tucson and U of A. Phoenix is just a shittier Tucson. Way worse, with the number of people, traffic, heat and over all shity congested living without the decent weather.
  13. dang, if I had some extra money laying around I'd be on this. Great location.