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  1. G_E_E

    Costco is getting emptied

    I'm just curious, in your opinion why has the value of gold gone up so much? It just seems like it's not something a lot of people flash around so much any more. And if shoot hit the fan to where people are fighting for survival, I don't see the value there as well. More of a global value I guess?
  2. G_E_E

    34 A/B

    Yea definitely going to be fun looking them over and making some stalks. I just feel really lucky to be have an opportunity to chase them.
  3. G_E_E

    34 A/B

    Ok, so it's looking like I got pretty lucky drawing this archery hunt with only 3 points (very surprised to draw it). I know the area pretty well, I've seen plenty of pronghorn bucks around the units, just not very big. Just curious if any one here have hunted these units for pronghorn. I am just very surprised I drew this tag with 3 points, so don't really know much about hunting pronghorn, let alone in these units. I know where I can find some so that's not what I'm asking about. Just curious about others hunting experience have been in the area given that the units do not give out a lot of tags.
  4. G_E_E

    Zeiss V4 6-24x50

    Yup, I have the same scope and it's awesome. Good deal.
  5. Very lucky year for me. 3rd bull tag in a row for me(2018 early archery, 2019 late rifle and now late rifle) granted they been in the less desirable 7e, but Im figuring that unit out and just happy to have a chance at a bull. The best part is a archery antelope tag in unit 10 with 3 points!!!! That was shocking. Congrats to everyone else lucky enough to start planning elk/antelope hunts this year.
  6. G_E_E

    Having a Blast with the Past

    That's really cool, hope you keep us updated on your restoration progress.
  7. G_E_E

    Any big buddy heaters for sale ?

    Keep an eye on CL and offer up. I found a big buddy for 50 bucks on offer up a while back.
  8. G_E_E

    Pop up retrieval north of Flagstaff

    Haha, I thought you said where not why when I first read this. I set it up before the storm rolled in thinking it was in a accessable spot to get to even with snow, but I was wrong. For the first 3 days of the hunt I was in a air bnb house with the family, but planned to stay in pop up the rest of the hunt once the family went back to school/work. Well I didn't choose a good spot with 3 to 4 foot snow drifts over the road leading to it.
  9. So my pop-up got snowed in at 7E during this past late bull hunt. I'm curious if anyone has been in the area north of the peaks off FSR 514. How does the 514 and near by roads look now? Has the new snow in the area been bad? I'm planning on heading up to retrieve it tomorrow. Fingers crossed its still ok. Thanks for any information.
  10. G_E_E

    Roof leaking???

    Do you work in Tucson area as well?
  11. G_E_E

    Pre rut

  12. G_E_E

    Pre rut

    Definitely pre rut going on down in the southern units with smaller bucks. Watched a forky chase a doe around for a while, and a decent 2x2 with about 10 does, gathering them together. Can't wait to see the big boys show up and take over.
  13. G_E_E

    late bull elk

    Thanks guys
  14. G_E_E

    Unit 27 Semi Live Late Bull Hunt

    Congrats on your bull and all the awesome other bulls here. On a side note to the 6.5 CM discussion, I killed my bull at 615 yards with him bedded quartering away with 143 eldx. I shot twice but according to my friend probably didn't need the second shot. He never got up, his head went back and down and a couple kicks later was stoned dead. With that said, we never did find the exact impact hole on him, I think it hit the base of neck somewhere, hitting an artery, because the amount of blood in that area and thicker hide there which can hide a hole easier. Also crazy amount of blood that came out of him while cleaning him up. We probably would have spent more time looking for a hole but it was late and cold so in a hurry to get out of there.
  15. G_E_E

    late bull elk

    Between hwy 180 and hwy 89 climbing around the craters. It was a pain hiking in that snow but our 8 mile hike paid off.