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  1. G_E_E

    Which Tires?

    Yeah I have to agree with nitto grapplers as well, they wear slowly and have got me in and out of some nasty 4x4ing. Bought my truck with them already on with only about 5k driven on them. I have put about 20k of hard driving and towing on them and still there's probably a little under half tread life left. Only problem is a very slow leak in one of the side walls from a sharp rock, the only down side is they don't have a very aggressive side wall compared to some other ATs.
  2. G_E_E

    7E Kachina Peaks October Hunt

    I had the early archery hunt last September in 7E. Was definitely tough but fun, I did a little hunting in the peaks area where's there's tons of sign but could be hard to navigate cause of blow downs and the thickness. We got into some elk up there but basically just saw flashes of them running away through the trees, as it's pretty difficult to be stealthy walking through there without knowing exactly where their at.
  3. G_E_E


    Well 25-06 apparently you have nothing better to do in your life than troll people's post. Good job👍.
  4. G_E_E


    Price drop
  5. G_E_E


    Would make a great project gun.
  6. G_E_E


    Yup, I know there's plenty of you tube videos out there on restoring rusty guns. I might end up doing that if I can't sell it. Looks ugly but that has no effect on the function of it, I have shot many rounds through this thing with no problems.
  7. G_E_E


    Yup rusty, but accepting offers. Thanks for pointing out the obvious🙄
  8. G_E_E

    FS: REDUCED!!! Trius Trapmaster target thrower

    Actually I might have a friend coming down from up North after this weekend, let me double check he's gonna go through Phoenix and not safford.
  9. G_E_E

    FS: REDUCED!!! Trius Trapmaster target thrower

    If you were in Tucson I'd be all over it
  10. G_E_E

    Tripod, head, monopods

    Second on the tri clawps if sale falls through
  11. G_E_E

    Meopta Riflescopes

    This is a great thread. I'm shopping for a rifle and scope set up right now as well. I don't wanna steal the thread, but keep some recommendations coming for a budget of 1000 for glass and about 600 for a rifle.
  12. G_E_E


    Gen 1 or 2?
  13. Willing to separate scope and rifle? How much for just the rifle?