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  1. AZLance

    UMAREX AIRSABER -air bow

    SPF... thanks Phil
  2. AZLance

    UMAREX AIRSABER -air bow

    I bought this a couple years ago, and only shot it once to sight it in. Scope is adjustable depending on arrow speed and has lines from 20yds to 100yds. Comes with original box, a box of 3 air bow Umarex arrows and manual. New they are $399, I sell to CWT member for $300. no trades. in Tucson.
  3. AZLance

    Horse Rentals

    there is guy out of Chino Valley that has pack lamas for hunting trips. Good guy, and a good hunter!
  4. AZLance

    A 2022 6A elk hunting saga

    you get a book contract for that post?
  5. AZLance

    Duwane Adams ?

    isn't Ward making more money guiding now than before his 5 year ban? Mexico has been good to him. growing his client list for when his 5 year thingy is up. Dwane will do the same
  6. AZLance

    New IPhone 14 with satellite communication

    good story
  7. AZLance

    Patagonia full?

    it was full on Saturday... east end was a little muddy, west end was clear
  8. Dream come True!!!
  9. AZLance

    Tag question

    I left that agency a year ago
  10. AZLance

    More Blessings from the Hunting Gods!!

    congrats on a super buck!!!
  11. AZLance

    Tag question

    I mean, I don't blame it on the individual wardens... they are just over worked and stretched beyond limits.
  12. AZLance

    Tag question

    seriously... im always ready with my license ... hoping someday before I'm done hunting
  13. AZLance

    Tag question

    haven't seen a warden in field while hunting in 25 years of hunting and guiding...
  14. AZLance

    Bitter Sweet Ending

    way to stick with it...most archery hunters would gave given up and killed another buck! props to you!
  15. AZLance

    I've been blessed again!

    middle of the day