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  1. AZLance


    Maybe ash causes golden algea?
  2. AZLance


    I thought it was the Golden Algae bloom that did the fish in ...??
  3. Rosemont Mine is located off of Hwy 83 on the east side of the Santa Rita mountains. This property is on the NW side of the Santa Rita mountains nestled at the base of the Foothills around mt Fagan. Not even really close to mine area. I grew up hunting on this property... mule deer, coues, javalina, lion, quail. My parents have decided to sell and want out quick due to some personal issues. The area around this lot is being developed as Ocotillo Preserve with water, elec, and other utilities to lot line. Custom homes are being built on lots to the west of this one which will go from $600K to $1mil and those are on 4-5 acres lots without Forest Service access. The 13 acre lot down the street just sold for $320K This is a good deal for who ever gets it.
  4. AZLance

    Smoking prime rib, then travel

    Sounds like you have a good plan...that's how I do it
  5. AZLance

    Arizona Coues Highlight Reel

    Sent you a PM a couple weeks ago
  6. AZLance

    Ethics or not?

    Typical unit 5 stuff
  7. AZLance

    How much water to take, 2 day pack-in

    A waterless shower is how we survive when hunting up to two weeks in the field. Using Hunters field wash wipes
  8. Dodd said the 5-year-old boy’s body was found about 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) downstream of the crossing which had been closed hours before the truck tried to cross Friday despite barricades and warning signs. Drivers “really need to not ignore that. It’s very dangerous. It’s very hazardous,” Sheriff Dodd said in announcing the first death. “In this case, this horrible and tragic incident ... that’s what happens when you ignore these types of signs.” AZ Daily Sun, Flagstaff
  9. Sounds like Stupid Mortorist Law... very unfortunate and sad for the children! "There were barricades across the road at the time, and signs that say do not cross when flooded", according to Sheriff Dodd. - AZ Central
  10. Parents going to be charged with child endangerment?
  11. AZLance

    Point Guard

    Who cares how he uses point guard... G&F gets the money...and there will be 1 more elk next season, or 1 lucky hunter who pays G&F an additional tag fee they normally wouldnt of had. Win/Win for G&F and maybe the elk herd...
  12. AZLance

    **f/s TIKKA T3 LIGHT 300 WIN MAG**

    I'll start the bidding off at $100
  13. AZLance

    Location Advice in Unit 33 Mid Jan.

    In January if you get more than a hundred yards from the road, there will be zero pressure!
  14. AZLance

    Uh oh...

    marijuana coming across the border in az is still going to Colorado... why you ask, it's legal there... because mexican weed is 60 - 70% cheaper especially with no tax on it. The Cartels arnt going away anytime soon.
  15. AZLance

    Uh oh...

    Legalize money laundering?