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  1. AZLance

    Bull shot... what happened??

    this is the 3rd bull I've heard of shot by a Montec G5 and not recovered this year...
  2. AZLance

    AGFD - Don’t forget the non-lead ammo

    screw condors! what a waste of tax dollars!
  3. AZLance

    Bear size?

    avg 150-200 pound bear
  4. AZLance

    Anyone use cell phone booster for rv

    we use the WE-Boost ones at work, and they really do work when you have no service.
  5. AZLance

    Would you shoot it

    he will be a big bull in like 7 years
  6. AZLance

    West coast fires

    anyone have the web page where I can send money for more gasoline?
  7. AZLance


    air now is the ticket... the new ones are deadly out to 150 yds!. after my injuries I can barley cock my crossbow anymore. airbow is the answer
  8. AZLance

    Some People’s Attitudes!!!!

    is there a better forum?
  9. AZLance

    Mature Big Desert Muley Buck Down

    I'm guessing like high 160s on score. Good Job.
  10. AZLance

    Hunting Access From Highways

    ain't that the truth...waste of tax dollars!
  11. AZLance

    Canned Pronghorn

    I do?
  12. AZLance

    Hunting Access From Highways

    wait! you saw game and fish in the field? its been 22 years since I've seen G&F in the field...
  13. AZLance

    Chadwick boseman?

    did he ever kill a big game animal?
  14. AZLance

    Chadwick boseman?

    was he a hunter?