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  1. AZLance

    Low elevation bears

    seen them in Three Points, AZ
  2. AZLance


    the AZ border
  3. AZLance

    Patagonia Lake 9/25 & 9/26

    the bite is a bit slow right now... this one was on a black n blue chatterbait yesterday
  4. AZLance


    uh no...
  5. AZLance

    View from my office window

    .almost as nice as my office today...
  6. AZLance


    I have a case ill sell you if you're really interested
  7. AZLance


    Defenders of Wildlife haven't got any pictures of Jaguars in AZ... thats actually pretty funny
  8. AZLance

    Early fire season

    because I don't have a tag... lol
  9. AZLance

    Early fire season

    shut it down until Dec 1st!
  10. AZLance

    Early fire season

    time to shut the forest down
  11. AZLance

    Spring Bear 2023?

    it was good while it lasted... my son's 13 bonus points for bear were a waste of $$$
  12. AZLance

    Air Gun coming to archery seasons in AZ

    Love my air bow! make it legal!
  13. AZLance

    A Crappie Roosevelt Discussion

    don't you have a boat???
  14. AZLance

    Minnows at Roosevelt

    crap... mine is 9ft in diameter
  15. AZLance

    Needing a place to live

    find a stash house to stay at