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  1. AZLance

    Showlow lake, Rainbow, Fools hallow boat ramp access

    Threw everything in the boat at Showlow lake and not even a bite!
  2. AZLance

    Showlow lake, Rainbow, Fools hallow boat ramp access

    Fools Hollow is Full and boat ramps are open! Water is very muddy and lots of debris floating everywhere. Caught a nice bass at Fools on a white spinnerbait in 3 ft of water. Rainbow was still extremely low as of yesterday and can't launch a boat.
  3. AZLance

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    boy after this gets spread around...Randy better hire security for his next hunt here... going to be at of pissed of people. And Game & Fish thought trail cams were inciting violence...lol
  4. AZLance

    Fishing partner for Patagonia/Parker Canyon

    Parker doesn't have too many tourneys... the AZ Frog tourneys go there one or twice a year, and the 520 Bass Club goes there once or twice a year. Both groups are on Facebook.
  5. AZLance

    AZGFD paying youtubers?

    G&F been doing this for awhile now, not new
  6. AZLance

    Draw Results Posted?

    let's go catch some smallies!
  7. AZLance

    Apache Trail improvements

    "historically" a bad road
  8. AZLance

    Finally Rain!!

    no rain in Tucson today... we have only got about .25" so far here at base of Reddington Pass
  9. AZLance

    Roosevelt report

    raining when I got on the lake this morning... bite was slower for me than latley, only boated 10 fish in 6 hours
  10. AZLance

    AZ Draw Major Card Overcharge?

    is this agency capable of doing anything right?
  11. AZLance

    Roosevelt report

    I just can't fish more than 8 hrs anymore after breaking my back...
  12. AZLance

    Roosevelt report

    I'll be launching at grapevine at 5am tomorrow, anyone else going?
  13. AZLance

    Where am I?

    by a lake?
  14. AZLance

    Another fire near Superior

    hopefully these jets are abiding by the Forest Closures!
  15. AZLance

    Roosevelt report

    divers at lake havasu also use a cage now while diving...