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  1. AZLance

    alamo lake reports

    we caught 26 the first day, struggled the second day with only 10 fish
  2. AZLance

    alamo lake reports

    yup, we finished 10th
  3. AZLance

    alamo lake reports

    good bite... 86 fish in 4 days. Fish in 4-7 feet of water. water temp is 70-72°.
  4. AZLance

    Elk in Unit 22 South

    buy your crew some new boots and tell them to wear them out!
  5. AZLance

    alamo lake reports

    anyone been to Alamo lake recently?
  6. AZLance

    How bout them Devils!

    $5??? Where was that sale at? I just paid almost $11.
  7. AZLance

    How bout them Devils!

  8. AZLance

    22S Early Muzzle Loader Bull tags

    I've killed 2 nice bulls on that hunt, and never saw another hunter, good luck! PS, don't hang a tree stand in that unit the thieves up there are thick...
  9. AZLance

    How bout them Devils!

    hey, what time does ASU men's basketball play this week, I must have missed it #marchmaddness
  10. AZLance

    Garage door installers??

    I'm in need of a new garage door installed. Any one do this in Tucson area??
  11. AZLance

    Roosevelt report?

    the bite was good today, caught most of them between 5' - 8' deep. water temp was 62° at noon. seems like the girls are moving up looking for place to bed. The lake was packed today (Tuesday) with bass boats. I guess the word is out that the bite is on. water visibility middle lake was 12 ft., in the Salt end it was more like 7 ft.
  12. AZLance

    Where my fellow Doge coin billionaires at?

    your Prius stock is thru the roof I bet!
  13. AZLance

    So how much of a pig do you take?

    that's good dog food right there!
  14. AZLance

    Credit Card hit thread

    Bingo! got a cc hit for $135!