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  1. check your messages re Black Wildebeest Thx Dan!
  2. Traveler

    ISO/WTB Mathews Switchback XT

    I have a 28" Matthews Drenalin - you would have to get the longer mod for 29" off ebay / web. they run $40 to 60 bucks. - e.g. https://www.mintonarchery.com/product/mathews-drenalin-rh-cam-29-draw
  3. Traveler


    Check your PM
  4. Traveler

    Lake Powell

    Scary! Nice report and good to hear the fish are benefitting from the record shad spawn last year. Lake Powell is awesome but has lots of hazards Glad you are ok!
  5. Traveler

    Black River Closed

    Dan- Appreciate the updates from the San Carlos
  6. Traveler

    My 2019 Opening Day Buck

    Beautiful! Big Congrats. Thanks again for sharing
  7. Traveler

    Montana Flathead River

    Nice! Montana is a good place to be in the summer. Be careful playing with that fairy wand, flyfishing can be addicting.
  8. Traveler

    Heat's 7W Archery Bull Elk Hunt

    Thanks for sharing your story and Pics! BIG Congrats! Dan
  9. Traveler

    Wood box Half buried

    So this wooden box wrapped in corrugated roofing 3/4 buried in the desert wondered what it was? I was guessing some sort of snake trap....
  10. Traveler

    Kodiak Island 2016

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Traveler


    Most BLM offices will have one - you can call and confirm Also Amazon- http://www.amazon.com/Map-Arizona-Strip-Visitors/dp/B005N3B6X4
  12. Traveler

    Idaho shiras moose tag!!!

    Good Luck and Congrats! I just made my usual donations to UT, WY and ID for Shiras
  13. Some of the seminars and workshops that looked most interesting to me; Glassing for Trophy Animals by Duwane Adams Wilderness Conditioning and Nutrition by Cameron Hanes Do-it-Yourself Coues' Deer Hunting by Phil Dalrymple Bowhunting High Country Mulies by South Cox Elk Hunting in the Southwest by Randy Ulmer Shooting Clinic by Dick Tone and Tom Clum Wilderness First Aid by Amy LePage
  14. Wondered if anyone here is planning on attending the Pope & Young Convention next month in Phoenix?