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Found 53 results

  1. Fors3

    African Taxidermy Mounts

    African Taxidermy Mounts For Sale I have two mounts for sale that were my Father's Shot in South Africa and both are VERY Good size Bulls Gemsbok (Oryx) Bull: $650 obo Blue Wildebeest Bull: $650 obo Both in great shape and would look great on anyone's wall. PM me Local Pick up Gilbert, AZ
  2. Team STO

    STO GameStop Taxidermy

    My fifteen year old son Bryce has not only notched 20 big game kills already, he is now a young entrepreneur. STO evolved to cure the Covid lockdown boredom when we shot family outdoor themed videos for his new Sportsmens Tradition Outdoors YouTube channel. Then he designed a logo, sold hats, and started to build his website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. STO GameStop was the next step in his vision and he currently does timely and fair prices Euromounts while offering several options. A few you can view below. He wants to evolve into Taxidermy and Processing, as well as becoming a guide. As of now he is getting stuff out in one week but I have not opened the floodgates yet. If you are in need of getting a euro mount completed, give us a shout.
  3. WildHeritageTaxidermy

    Lifesize Az lion finished up.

    A hunters first lion with his own dogs, Congratulations, great accomplishment!
  4. Pick6Outdoors

    Euro Mount

    Hey y’all! If you’re on the FB groups I’m sure you’ve seen my comments on... a small number of posts 😉don’t worry this is all I’ll put here 👍🏼 I’m in Queen Creek and do euro mounts and turkey fan/feather at a very fair price. I have a price sheet, references, and photos I can send if you’re interested. You can also find me on Instagram and YouTube @Pick6Outdoors — Good luck out there!
  5. wildwoody

    Fighting bucks

    I'm looking for pics and ideas on how to do my 2 Mexico bucks fighting like they were on the hill. Need some ideas on the forms I need to buy from Makenzie's. Thanks
  6. wildwoody

    Coues whitetail cape

    Well I shot a real nice buck in Mexico, was with a great group of guys. Hit him a little back and couldn't located due to had to leave the next day. He's been found , I go back Wednesday to get him. So on that note they cut his head of and enjoyed the meat, so now I need a cape, if anyone has one that hasn't been sliced up the front that you want to part with let me know. Tubed is preferred but I'm open to anything. No spikes please.. Thanks guys and gals
  7. So I'm new to the forum and apologize if this is in the wrong section but I'm curious on how you go about pricing large TROPHY CLASS coues deer. This buck scores maybe around 129" and is just insane but i dont know where to start.
  8. WildHeritageTaxidermy

    Az Pronghorn and Cinnamon Black bear

    Two more trophies going home....these "wall pedestals" are becoming a very popular way to upgrade your mount without the space and cost of a full pedestal. Love the color on this bear....
  9. I have a nice 6x6 bull elk for sale. Huge 4ths. Asking $450.00 obo located in Scottsdale text 208 921 2044
  10. I have a nice shiras moose for sale. Asking $450.00 obo. Text 208 921 2044 located in scottsdale
  11. "I have a skinned out female Bobcat pelt" make me an offer... also open to trading for guns or anything related.
  12. couesaholic65

    Mature Coues Cape for sale...

    I was debating on mounting this nice mature coues buck, i ended up European mounting it. asking 75 $ for cape. also check out the bobcat hide i have for sale. thanks.
  13. This beautiful symmetrical 6x6 was harvested in 2015 near Flagstaff. It's a 330 class bull that will look great in some one's home or cabin. Taxidermy work was completed by Alvin's Artistic Taxidermy in Flagstaff. Delivery can be arranged depending on distance. $700 contact stephen 602-326-8397
  14. couesdeerhntr

    Another taxidermy nightmare

    This was my 2013 coues deer that i shot with my bow in velvet. I had put a deposit down and yes i didnt follow up as much as i should of. Everytime i thought about it i didnt have the money to really drop on it so i let it slide. I did check on it a few times when i droped off a turkey fan and got a turkey strut mount done durring that time and i got the excuse that it was either still drying in freezer or he was having a tanner issue until i saw it on the hang line in his shop which he said he should be getting done soon. Well just this past month i decided to stop in and i was actually just going to pick them up and have someone else do the mount for me and didnt see them on line rack or in progress so i got worried. Then i get this showed to me. He had them on line and mice or something got to the and i guess never decided to call me or even fix them. He told me he didnt no how to fix velvet but could fix the antler and was going get ahold of someone who does replicas to fix. So i said ok i will let you fix them but i am going to pick them up after that. Well two weeks later and i call and he doesnt know who i am at first then goes oh well i called the guy i know to fix them and he hasnt called me back. Next day i am at shop picking them up and my deposit. As i am leaving he goes i wish you would of let me fix them and i told him u had three years plus after i found out i gave you two weeks to do something about it and he made no attempt to fix so it is what it is. Cant believe there was not even an offer to take care of mount or really no ergency to fix Especially after i have spent a few thousand throughout the years with them. Oh well no more from now on. Now the delema is to find someone to fix these. Sorry pics always flip
  15. Huntmoore

    Caribou Shoulder Mount

    Hey guys! A friend of mine just had a death in the family and is looking for a home for a beautiful caribou Mount that was killed by grandpa in AK around 1955. They are asking $1,950 obo and would love to see it go to someone who values the trophy like the family does. If you know anyone looking to add to the trophy wall at a lodge or home, let me know!
  16. wildwoody

    Tanning a snake skin

    i have a snake skin I want to tan for a friend , i have the tan but i cant remember the marinade mixture. it's some kind of alcohol and something else and soak in a mason jar. any heip would be great. thx
  17. When I fill out my hunting license and apply for a draw I do so believing that the AZGFD is keeping my information confidential. It is not that I am paranoid but I absolutely hate solicitors, if I want your product or service I will come to you don't come banging on my door or send me junk in the mail. So, the root of this all... I was lucky to receive an Antelope tag this year 1 of 4 for the area I chose. I came home to find a post card with my name on it that says Congrats on your Antelope Draw! you have received 10% off your next mount. The post card came from a private business so I must be oblivious to the fact that azgfd is giving away my name and address every time I draw for a hunt or these guys are dug up my info some other way. Has this happened to you?
  18. AZHNTR67

    Pheasant Taxidermy

    Here are the 2 pheasants. One in flight. Looks like Bighorn Taxidermy mounted these as their business card is stapled to the back of the wood on the one in flight...
  19. AZHNTR67


    It is with a heavy heart that a dear friend of mine lost her husband to cancer several months back. Many of you have purchased several of the items I am selling for her which has been very difficult for her as you can imagine.
  20. AZHNTR67


    It is with a heavy heart that a dear friend of mine lost her husband to cancer several months back. Many of you have purchased several of the items I am selling for her which has been very difficult for her as you
  21. 5alivefishing


    Attention Taxidermists, This item is a Flesh-All Miniflesher in like new condition with an extra blade. My wife has suffered a major spinal injury and is forced to close her business. If interested please give us a call at (928) 727-0071. Price $100 plus shipping. Thank you, Tim Sold TY
  22. yorick1

    Bison sholder mount

    Hello, Im selling my Bison sholder mount. I didn't shoot it, I got it in a swap several years ago. (when I was a single man) anyway, it has been deemed inappropriate decor for the new babys room, so it has to go. It is in fair shape only problem is a few small cracks in the lips. It is (about) 30 inches nose to wall, 38 inches top to bottem, and 22 inches side to side. Im looking for $650 and I live in Flagstaff, if youre interested send me a pm and Ill call you back, thanks for looking
  23. AZHNTR67

    European Elk Mount

    For sale is my unit 9 Bull Elk European Mount - Moving and no room - First $150 takes it home. This was professionally done at Signature Taxidermy! Thank you! Call or Text: 602-525-9988
  24. Javelina Shoulder Mount for sale - non smoking home, no hair slipping. First $300 takes it home. Call or Text: 602-525-9988