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  1. I accidently purchased two of these so selling one of them. NEW IN THE BOX WRAPPED! Horaday Match Grade Die Set 6.5 .264 Pay what I paid with Shipping: $95.00 ( I rounded up .18 cents) Only Serious Cash buyers please Text me 602-904-2134
  2. Fors3

    6.5 prc trade

    PM if interested in selling
  3. Fors3


    Interested Pm me your location and if can meet tomorrow AM?
  4. Fors3

    6.5 PRC ELDX for 6.5 PRC ELDM

    Still available? I do not have trade but will buy PM me
  5. Fors3


    Still available?
  6. Fors3


    How old, are they? any damage or lens scratches? what level of quality are these? pm me
  7. Fors3

    6.5 PRC Hornady Custom Grade Dies

    Still available?
  8. Fors3

    6.5 PRC Brass for trade

    How much do you want if sell? pm me