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  1. yorick1

    Swarovski ATS 65mm Spotting Scope

    I’ll take it. PM sent.
  2. yorick1

    Knife making belt grinder $250 price drop.

    Price drop. $250. I’m trying to save up for a kid size atv but at this point might consider trades. Been looking for a 22 automatic ruger mk 2,3, or 4 Colt woodsman. Etc. Contender barrels...
  3. yorick1

    Knife making belt grinder $250 price drop.

    Did I mention that this thing is made right here in the USA, Minnesota to be exact?
  4. Here is a belt grinder I’ve had for a few years. Uses 2.5”x48” belts sell for $500 new at Texas knife maker supply, I want $250 which includes a box of belts. grinder is in good shape, has a gouge out of the drive wheel but that doesn’t harm function. I won’t ship, too heavy, you can pick it up in Flagstaff I added a picture of a knife I made with the grinder so you can see what it’s capable of. ( not included) Geoffrey
  5. yorick1

    Old tape game call FREE Johnny Stewart.

    Caller is gone.
  6. yorick1

    Old tape game call FREE Johnny Stewart.

    I really don’t want to ship anything.
  7. yorick1

    Old tape game call FREE Johnny Stewart.

    Old school for sure. , I never used one of the record player ones they were the really vintage game callers.
  8. yorick1

    Cat quiver for sale

  9. Anybody want this thing? Batteries are shot, replacements are available but it’s not worth it to me. it’s going in the trash if someone doesn’t want it. Has tapes and the speaker. In flagstaff.
  10. yorick1

    Cat quiver for sale

    I have a cat quiver by rancho safari for sale. I’m not sure how old it is or the model. Has the main pocket, two side pockets and a front pocket, and of course the quiver. Main pack looks to be 16” x 10”. It is made from fleece so as to be stealthy arrows fit in fletching up which protects them, and allows for retrieving an arrow while stalking. Give me a shout with any questions. I’m in flagstaff. And would really rather not ship, if I have to set foot in the post office I’m gonna scream. Price: $50. Thanks
  11. Well, finally decided to sell my trailer, got a wall tent and never looked back, plus I have the use of a bigger unit, when my family comes... so, this is a 1970 aristocrat land commander. I believe it is 16 feet inside twin mattress, and the table folds down to another twin. Best part about this trailer is that it runs of of propane, no batteries or generator required. Fridge and heater are both propane powered, I installed propane lights, perfect hunting rig, now for the down side. The interior paneling on one wall could use replacement, looks like there is a roof leak on that side of the trailer. So, great fix it up opportunity not bad for a 50 year old trailer. $1200 obo.
  12. yorick1

    .223 contender barrel for sale or trade

    Photos now added.
  13. Looking to sell Or trade a 10” .223 contender barrel. Blue finish has holster wear. Bore is in good condition. $225 or trade for a 7-30 Waters Contender carbine barrel. Give me a shout. I’m up in flagstaff but could ship a barrel buyer pays for shipping. I’ll try to get some pictures put up tomorrow, Thanks Geoffrey.