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    Ok one last bump but I’ll sweeten the pot. $1000 even and I can meet someone in camp verde. Headed for eBay next. Thanks for looking.
  3. yorick1


    I’m sure it doesn’t have a warranty at this point, it’s several years old. They have been making this model for a long time and it’s still in production, so parts shouldn’t be an issue if you needed them. But I’ve never dealt with their customer support system so I couldn’t tell you. I can say that the lathe is a good beginner model, big enough to make real projects, and act like a real lathe, but cheap enough to see if you like machining. Attached is a picture of a model steam engine I made with the lathe. (Just an example of the kinda thing that you could make with the lathe)
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    Price drop. $1100.00 obo
  5. yorick1


    Selling my lathe to upgrade to one that will be big enough to barrel a rifle. This one is in great shape. Runs on 120 v household current. Comes with 3 and 4 jaw chucks, faceplate and other stuff as pictured. Does not come with the bench it is pictured on. Give me a call at+19283104798 if you want to check it out. $1000 obo. Grizzly G0602. Im located in flagstaff, cash only and I won’t be shipping this one. I will help you load it.
  6. yorick1

    Tent, stove and generator

    Pm sent
  7. yorick1

    Canvas Tent- SOLD

    Pm sent Ill take it if its not mouldy
  8. yorick1

    Black gold bow sight SOLD

  9. yorick1

    Looking to buy 12AW and 12AE flatline maps

    In that case you need a grand canyon national park map. Ha ha
  10. yorick1

    Coach shotgun. External hammer sxs

    For anyone thats interested Ill be in pheonix feb 17 and 18 could bring this gun and meet up somewhere.
  11. yorick1

    “Remington” 1858 cap and ball revolver

    That would be fun to shoot a javelina withHeck yea, buy it now and Ill throw in Javalina call
  12. yorick1

    “Remington” 1858 cap and ball revolver

    Weather is pretty nice I Flagstaff today.
  13. yorick1

    Black gold bow sight SOLD

    To the top
  14. yorick1

    Black gold bow sight SOLD

    Price drop $175.00