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  1. Shane.A.Luke

    11 years in the making.

    Congrats. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Shane.A.Luke

    Garage clean out

    I would like the ladder and stand. I may consider the sleeping pad. I am not far at Lk. Plez & HV. I will PM you to coordinate
  3. Shane.A.Luke


    Where are you located?
  4. Shane.A.Luke

    10yr Old Daughter's rifle bull

    Memories for life. Love seeing youth success. Congrats on making it happen.
  5. Shane.A.Luke

    Youth cow elk success!

    Big congratulations to hunters & guides. Memories for a lifetime.
  6. Shane.A.Luke


    PM sent
  7. Shane.A.Luke

    First Bull With A Bow

    Thanks for sharing. Great story. Archery hunting is an addictive passion especially after taste of success. Way to keep at it.
  8. Shane.A.Luke

    For sale Swarovski 10x42 $950 price drop

    Where are you located?
  9. Shane.A.Luke

    2020 Archery OTC Coues

    People think this is common but like OP it can take years for all the factors to come together for archery success. Way to stick it out and head to plan "B" now "The Honey Hole". What are the gps coordinates? JK Congrats!
  10. Shane.A.Luke

    My 12 year old sons 2020 Archery Coues

    Agree, a STUD BUCK for a STUD! Great work young man. Love seeing kids succeed.
  11. Shane.A.Luke

    EnChroma Color blind glasses

    I have read in multiple places that red/green colorblind traits come from hunter who can spot animal better due to the trait. I’m not disabled, I have a super power. JK. But good luck blood trailing. “From an evolutionary perspective a hunting group will be more effective if it includes a color blind hunter (one in twenty) who can spot prey that others cannot.” Read more: https://shivamber.com/the-benefits-of-color-blindness/
  12. Shane.A.Luke

    Another 2020 NM Pronghorn Hunt

    Glad you did not let COVID ruin 2020. Wonderful to get out with family and enjoy God's country. Great read. Thanks
  13. Shane.A.Luke

    camp shower

    I have a Zodi X-40 for sale that works great. Only reason it’s for sale is I bought a Chalet A-frame trailer that has shower. http://zodi.com/hot-showers/x-40-shower Retail $500. I’m asking $200. It runs off bulk tank. I put up privacy tent on top of my UTV trailer so water flows thru boards and you stay clean while drying off.
  14. Shane.A.Luke

    Glassing chair for big dudes

    FYI: This is scam. Filed claim today. Chinese seller thru PayPal with bogus delivery by UPS to Other address in same zip code so they can claim delivery. I’ll be going to Outdoorsman for live purchase.
  15. Shane.A.Luke

    Looking for recommendations for a Pellet Smoker

    I have a Green Mountain Grill. Said to be built better than Traeger. I love mine and use it a lot. Did brisket flat again yesterday with amazing results. Really easy. 9# flat on at 9:30pm at 200°. Woke and wrapped at 5:30am (165-170°) bumped up smoker temp to 250°. Took off at 12:30 @205° rest until 1:30 before serving. I season 24 hr before with Kinder’s The Blend (salt, pepper, course garlic).