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  1. For sale Davis wall tent 12x14 SOLD I won this tent in a raffle in May 2020. It was setup once and I took a few pictures. I anticipated using it on extended elk hunt but bought a trailer in 2022. Includes poles and angle sections. I bought a Rubbermaid rolling trash bin to store and transport the tent. Keeps dry and away from critters.
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    For sale Rem 700 .270 SPF Serial #6689XXX (mfg before letter prefix) Round count unknown. I bought it used from gun shop in 1997. I killed a couple deer and elk before upgrading. My son shot a cow elk with it in 2014 and it has sat in the safe since. I had kick-eez butt pad install by gunsmith prior to his hunt. Missing rear sight. Comes with Leupold rings North Peoria - Happy Valley & Lake Pleasant Pkwy
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    Home found

    https://www.halorescue.org/ This is a no kill shelter here in Phoenix. Cute boy should get adopted fast. My son is in the WestMec vet assistance program and recommends HALO.
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    Electric Dirtbike For Sale

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    SOLD - SEVR 2.0 Broadheads (4)

    You inbox is full
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    Your mailbox is full. Please text me and we can arrange to meet in Tucson. Shane Luke 623-866-2262
  8. Your inbox is full. Please text me to arrange purchase of the Omega muzzy. Shane Luke 623-866-2262
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    Got the call from game and fish

    Primary target is a coues buck but he can take either with the muzzy tag. I also found out it is good for both 35 A&B units.
  10. Shane.A.Luke

    Got the call from game and fish

    We had almost the exact experience. Going back after Xmas while my son is off of school. Hopefully they will be rutting.
  11. Shane.A.Luke

    Got the call from game and fish

    I’ll be down there with my 14 y/o son. He has the any buck muzzy tag. We will be in a White F250 w Leer cap. Stop by if you see us glassing.
  12. I am looking for a good mechanic to service my 2013 Yamaha 150 four stroke outboard. I also believe my trim motor is going out. Please post any suggestions in the Phoenix metro area. Thanks in advance
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    Any spring leftover tags?

    Yes put most desired unit in both 1st & 2nd then remaining in 3/4/5
  14. Shane.A.Luke

    Any spring leftover tags?

    Drawing 2nd choice when there are leftover tags for 1st choice happens when you are drawn in the initial Max bonus point round for the 2nd choice. You did not have enough BPs to draw in the initial max pool for 1st choice but did for the 2nd choice. It happened to me with my son on a youth hunt. Some javelina units you can draw in max round with loyalty point and hunter ed point. AZGFD explained that I needed to put 1st choice unit in both 1st and 2nd slot cause these are only considered in max BP round.