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  1. Shane.A.Luke

    2018 Gould's and 2019 Merriam's full mounts

    Very nice. Thanks for sharing. I have a Merriam's and Rio mount. Can't wait for a Gould's tag to do something unique like the flight bird.
  2. Shane.A.Luke

    2020 youth hunt

    Congratulations! Solid buck.
  3. Shane.A.Luke

    My WILD 12AW Late Hunt Trip

    Congrats. Super buck!
  4. Shane.A.Luke

    Spare tire for Rhino

    I have a 14” wheel/maxis tire from Ranger that you can have. Don’t know if it’s same bolt pattern.
  5. Shane.A.Luke


    PM sent
  6. Shane.A.Luke

    Couse Success!

    Congratulations! nice buck. How is the smoke flavor from the 2x4? I generally prefer mesquite in coues country.
  7. Shane.A.Luke

    11 years in the making.

    Congrats. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Shane.A.Luke

    Garage clean out

    I would like the ladder and stand. I may consider the sleeping pad. I am not far at Lk. Plez & HV. I will PM you to coordinate
  9. Shane.A.Luke


    Where are you located?
  10. Shane.A.Luke

    10yr Old Daughter's rifle bull

    Memories for life. Love seeing youth success. Congrats on making it happen.
  11. Shane.A.Luke

    Youth cow elk success!

    Big congratulations to hunters & guides. Memories for a lifetime.
  12. Shane.A.Luke


    PM sent
  13. Shane.A.Luke

    First Bull With A Bow

    Thanks for sharing. Great story. Archery hunting is an addictive passion especially after taste of success. Way to keep at it.
  14. Shane.A.Luke

    For sale Swarovski 10x42 $950 price drop

    Where are you located?