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  1. Shane.A.Luke

    Transporting a Turkey on an Airplane for Taxidermy

    I brought one back from TX. Bought big girl pantyhose and cut them in half and slide it down one leg to keep feathers in place. Recommended by taxi. Then froze solid and put in trash bag inside luggage. Must be solid or they get funny. It was still hard in PHX this was in April.
  2. Shane.A.Luke


    Post pic of serial number or they are not real. JK but it does tell you how old they are.
  3. Shane.A.Luke

    Backpack stolen from truck

    Can’t wait to see the kids with kills. Go get busy now your back in the game. Nice outcome for bad start. Good luck!
  4. Shane.A.Luke

    Daughters first kill

    50 yards, What a blast getting that close. Congratulations!
  5. Shane.A.Luke

    Swarovski 80 HD STS Spotting Scope

    Text sent
  6. Shane.A.Luke

    Youth stink pig, good luck to all

  7. Shane.A.Luke

    Thomas got it done again!

    Congratulations! Nice way to start 2019.
  8. Shane.A.Luke

    Draw Odds Question

    It may not apply above but, PointGuard is messing up the figures and max points needed. People are donating and turning in their tags because it wasn't a great growth year or various other reasons. In some cases the next applicant was contacted so they can hunt and it uses their points (and no longer in the pool) but in others the tag went to non-profit orgs to distribute (no points removed from pool). These tags can take a lifetime to draw and with PointGuard we are going to experience point creep that it may take two lifetimes. It's messed up when a guy donates the tag to keep his points and then the non-profit grants that tag to his son. Whenever there are rules, people will play them. What are your thoughts?
  9. Shane.A.Luke

    Zodi X-40 Hot Tap Shower

    http://zodi.com/hot-showers/x-40-shower This is a real man's shower unit (not good for backpacking). Hooks up to bulk propane tank for long hot showers to get all the blood, guts, grease and grim off. Works great! I bought a trailer with inside and outside shower, so no longer need this bad boy. X-40 is ~$500 new. I will take $250. Not best pictures but it’s what I have. We setup on a trailer to allow water to drain and you dry off without getting muddy. Privacy tent NOT included
  10. Shane.A.Luke

    2 per year question

    I sure wouldn’t want to lose my license over a javelina but I’m sure some do. The BS ticket is the one where the guy walks around a tank looking for tracks and left his tag in the truck. AZGF considers that hunting/poaching since the tag isn’t on yourself and it’s during season. My boys wear their lic & tags around their necks on red lanyards so we don’t get into trouble.
  11. Shane.A.Luke

    2 per year question

    AZGFD will sell you as many left over tags as you want but the tags have to be different hunt numbers. My boys drew archery tags and I bought them another archery tag for unit on other side of road we hunt, then a HAM and general hunt tags. It would be great if we limited out on 2 but they are trying each time with a bow for their first archery javelina kill. We wanted as many opportunities but that doesn’t mean we kill each hunt.
  12. Shane.A.Luke

    2019 archery deer

    Cool buck. Congrats
  13. Shane.A.Luke

    Daughters 1st archery buck

    Best feeling in the world to help your child achieve successful big game harvest. They put their electronics down and actual talk to you during the hunt. Memories we will never forget. Congrats on successes and on getting them outdoors. Keep it up.
  14. Shane.A.Luke

    Daughters 1st archery buck

    Congratulations!!! Small bucks are trophies also. My sons each killed mulie bucks with a muzzleloader this fall. Can you tell which one is happier from their smiles? NO WAY! They both achieved a successful harvest. That spike made the best steaks and summer sausage we’ve had in a long time. That was a trip I will never forget because it was a leftover permit in a unit we had never hunted plus with school we had one day. We saw another beautiful part of AZ and he took a trophy that we are all proud of. Then my older son was excited when his younger brother took a great muzzy buck in December. Just enjoy the outdoors.
  15. Shane.A.Luke

    Swarovski 10x42 question + vortex 15x50

    Recurveman; Amen! Get out in the field no matter what you have and enjoy nature. I’ve never killed anything at work except my lower back. PS my Swarovski 15x56WB from 1999 still see animals further than I want to hike some days. Non-HD and I can spot more animals than others with HD ELs cause I am used to them and know where to look.