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  1. Savageman2506

    Schnees boots

    I picked up a pair of beartooth 0g and a pair of Wilderness 0g for $50 each from a family friend whose husband tragically passed away in a freak accident. She didn't want any of his hunting stuff, so lots of his clothing she was basically giving away. Only worn on one hunt, still had the box and original invoice inside.
  2. Savageman2506

    Boat for sale. 15 foot Rinker

    Man I wish I had a house with a driveway instead of an apartment, Perfect AZ boat. GLWS
  3. Savageman2506

    mesa precision carbon altitude and grayboe eagle pro rem700 stocks

    dang. I already ordered a Grayboe I'm waiting for, or I'd be on it. GLWS
  4. Savageman2506

    Run Flat Tires on SUV/Crossovers - or mt 3pk tires

    +1 for falken wildpeaks AT3Ws. I run 34" tires on my F-150, they handle snow decently and very good for on-road and decent offroad. Quiet, durable. I've put 60k on mine, time for a new set before next winter.
  5. Savageman2506

    Magnetospeed sporter and MK machining mount

    PM sent
  6. Savageman2506

    When will results posted on portal accounts

    Definitely not Sportsman's Warehouse. If it was Id work some magic to make sure I got a tag 😂
  7. Savageman2506

    Couple new shotguns

    I sent a PM about the Mossberg
  8. Savageman2506


    bump for my buddy.
  9. It would be a year or more before I'd be serious about it.... College kid, I'd be eating ramen for a year to get it. But if it's around I'll PM you if/when I get the money.
  10. I'd love to get some, but now's not the right time. GLWS.
  11. Savageman2506


  12. Savageman2506


    bump for a beauty of a shotgun. I'm a sucker for nice O&U's
  13. Savageman2506

    Bonus Point Report numbers????

    🤷‍♂️. Its been that way on all the reports I've viewed.
  14. Savageman2506

    Sound Bear Country Advice

    .44 mag bear spray disregards wind 😂
  15. Savageman2506

    Pretty Sweet

    You first 😂