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  1. jdown

    Diesel Rebuild Shops

    +1 for Bartling
  2. Without reference to action, stock etc... what are the thoughts on carbon wrapped barrels in general? Too much weight reduction, harmonics, barrel life, etc.. Anything come to mind and any barrel manufactures to stay away from? Thanks
  3. jdown

    UNIT 11 M for 12/13/2019

    All while being a marine sniper, navy seal and master taxidermist for 87 years.
  4. jdown

    Weight Distribution Hitch recommendations

    guess that is what I meant by hitch weight and yeah I would rather have too much than too little for the reasons 360 said. I assume the trailer has trailer brakes? You should be totally fine.. plenty of truck to handle that trailer and tongue weight. 360 brings up a good point.. If you are throwing a UTV in the back of that trailer and not over or forward of the axels, you can get a lot of sway. Keep the weight on the hitch! You have plenty of truck to support it.
  5. jdown

    Weight Distribution Hitch recommendations

    in my humble opinion you would not need any distribution hitches for that load with that truck. In fact taking too much weight off the hitch can be more dangerous than carrying that weight. If it were me I would give it a tow without anything to Rye or Globe and see if you are comfortable. If you do end up going with something the EZ lift system worked well for me with a 7K trailer with 550 tough weight. I would invest in a heavy duty hitch however.
  6. jdown

    12BW: My Oops Hunt with a Great Buck

    I didn't catch paying for a second tag in the story, maybe I missed that part? Yes on auction, but since not legally his deer, It's not really a penalty to buy a set of horns.
  7. jdown

    12BW: My Oops Hunt with a Great Buck

    That's just buying the 2nd set.. you still get to keep the one you tagged! Maybe that's the right consequence, you have to pay market price per lb for the deer and horns you tagged or lose it - LOL!
  8. jdown

    12BW: My Oops Hunt with a Great Buck

    I agree and not at all attacking the OP, he was willing to accept whatever came his way. Just saying I'm very surprised that there isn't some sort of fine for the loss of the animal or suspension. I really don't know what the right consequence is but feels like a dangerous precedent for a lot of frustrated hunters waiting 20+ years for a tag and just way too easy to do a oops. That's all I'm saying. Not the 99% of us and not the guys that are killing stuff to just to kill it or collect horns, but I could see more oops's start to happen if there is literally no penalty and you get a chance to buy your horns even.
  9. jdown

    12BW: My Oops Hunt with a Great Buck

    3 others? Holy cripe. I've hunted with a group for 40 years now and I don't know 1 that this has happened too. I guess if g&f don't care, it might start though. Just crazy to me to even think there is no consequences.
  10. jdown

    Diesel Gelling?

    Looks like 17 may be opened back up.
  11. jdown

    12BW: My Oops Hunt with a Great Buck

    I have to be honest, I'm a little disappointed in our G&F on this one with the fact there is not a harsher consequence for these actions. I get the whole self reporting and accidents happen etc, and no offense to the poster here as you were prepared to suffer whatever was thrown at you, but if after waiting XX amount of years for a trophy tag and dumping two bucks and the only consequence is that I only get to keep one and I probably can't get away with it twice.... that seems like our G&F is setting up a 1X poachers playbook exemption. I don't know what the right consequence is for this but feels like there needs to be some deterrent.
  12. jdown

    Unit 1 Semi live late archery hunt

    Sounds like it was a pretty long shot.
  13. jdown

    SOLD Triclawps $50

    SPF Yes aluminum one. Purchased 4 years ago and taken out 2X.
  14. jdown

    SOLD Triclawps $50

    Dual cam model, used on 2 hunts. Like new condition. Call/Text Josh 480-36nine-49two3