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  1. jdown

    Stupid hunter

    Oh - gotcha. I didn't catch the dog part.... thanks!
  2. jdown

    Stupid hunter

    Looks legal from my quick read.... Wolf Quotas: Statewide, trapping district specific and WMU 313 specific harvest quotas have been established. When a quota is reached, all hunting and trapping for the state, the trapping district and/or WMU 313 will close upon a 24-hour notice, but no later than March 15, 2023....Wolf Harvest Monitoring: Harvests will be updated on the MTFWP website at myfwp.mt.gov/ fwpPub/speciesHuntingGuide between 11am and 1 pm daily. Resident and nonresident hunters and trappers may harvest any wolf in any open WMU or trapping district statewide during the archery only, general and trapping seasons. A person can take up to 20 wolves with no more than 10 via hunting and no more than 10 via trapping (maximum harvest of 20 wolves per person). For hunting, a separate license is required for each wolf. For trapping, only a trapping license is required. Season Dates Archery Only Season: September 3- September 14, 2022 General Season: September 15 - March 15, 2023
  3. jdown

    Just wondering

    Odd texts from a MA number too when searching for an item.
  4. jdown

    Dove bbq

    not us.. we fillet the breast first and just wrap and eat like poppers once you get the bacon crisp. Put a little season all is about it. But if you like bbq go for it!
  5. jdown

    Dove bbq

    If you want to go for broke add a little cream cheese spread to the bacon before you wrap and chunk of jalepeno as well as the bacon and green chili. Good stuff!
  6. jdown

    Anyone got an 8 archery tag?

    Have to start fining (these poopoo heads) storing their trailers up there and even those going back and forth on weekends scouting and hunting. Sorry can’t maintain a campsite just because you are going to come back up. Sticker at 2 weeks and start yanking them out at 3. Stack them along I40 for all I care with wheel locks on them until you pay your fine.
  7. jdown

    **SOLD** Misc Shotgun Ammo 12G & 410: **SOLD**

    I’ll take 2nds just in case. josh 480-369-4923
  8. jdown

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    Either headed to a draw or minimum antler points for a few of these units. It doesn't matter what you set the harvest limit at if you have the until Wed and sundown rule. Sure is an education to me on some of these harvest numbers.
  9. Price reduced to $100 for the set. Rims are good, I have the lugs if you need the too.
  10. jdown


    I can’t shoot a handgun because I have restless arm syndrome so I should be able to hunt with a rifle during handgun season. And oh yeah I can’t see well enough to tie on flys so I should be able to use night crawlers in trophy waters. Oh yeah I can’t take time off work during my hunt so I should be able to hunt whenever I want too and oh yeah I’m too fat to walk so I should be allowed to drive through the woods too. I mean really man it’s not a right to hunt every season. If you can’t use the equipment for the season then hunt a different season. Send a note to the commission to ban xbows and airbows during archery season. Use them to your hearts content during the general hunts.
  11. jdown

    Archery Kills rolling in already

    So many hurt shoulders out there archery hunting... Sorry if you can't hunt with a bow, then you can't bow hunt - it's not a right. Hope they ban those stupid things.
  12. what do I have to do to get you into a new set of wheels today?
  13. Price reduced... Feel free to make an offer to. Thanks
  14. jdown

    Upholsterer in AZ for Tent Repair

    Might want to try Ed’s shoe repair on Warner and 10. He fixed a zipper on a double blind for me. Old world craftsman kind of dude.