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  1. jdown

    Wtb Gooseneck hitch

    that's too bad, I have a never used ford bolt on trailer hitch/receiver for a ford that I was going to try and use as trade bait for something from him.
  2. jdown

    Wtb Gooseneck hitch

    Not sure if he is still there, but there used to be a guy with a booth at that swap meet in east mesa. I swear he had every hitch ever made the last time I was taken hostage and had to go out there.
  3. jdown

    Crawfish Advice

    Can of cat food with some holes punched in it is our favorite. Easy to keep fresh and transport vs liver or anything else perishable and works better than anything else we have tried. We typically soak for 2-4 hours and pick up or leave overnight if we really want to (traps need to be marked with ID and license number). I'm not sure it is legal to transport them live, we always just pull tails put on ice to boil and dispose carcasses (not into the whole sucking the crap out the heads or whatever people do). Good catching all summer long in almost every northern lake. I've never tried in southern lakes. Don't overlook any smaller water way, stream or bog. We pulled over 1000 'keepers' in 2 days out a little nothing stream a few years ago and I'm sure could have kept going and going. They get big and multiply quickly.
  4. Gilbert and work in Tempe (I10/Warner).
  5. jdown

    Archery Lope how many BPs

    I'm in that middle ground.. I hate to give my 16 points away to an archery tag now, but I also hate the idea of waiting another 10 years. I wish I could cash in 1/2 my points for an archery tag and keep 1/2.
  6. jdown

    Cactus Bounders!

    could be overall, I won't argue with you. We've killed pigs out of the same 4 herds now for the last 10 (mostly archery, but a few rifle hunts sprinkled in). We did see all 4 herds this year, but I would say herd sizes are 2/3 what they were over the last year or two. Maybe just a cycle. I'm just not a fan of adding more tags and more hunts and more opportunity in general (Deer/elk/goats and Pigs).. we are up to what, now 5 pig hunts year with the 2 youth hunts, Archery, HAM and General? Same with Deer in most southern units (4-5 hunts per unit). Just seems like a lot to me and I would assume will take a toll at some point if it hasn't already (not sure when these animals get to be animals). We know it has on Deer and Elk (quality and quantity) in those hardest hit units.
  7. jdown

    Cactus Bounders!

    Like everything else, G&F's goal appears to wipe all game animals off the face of the earth. Add more hunts and hey, let's shoot 2 as well, what the heck. I just don't get it. I guess at some point we all we be applying for permits to glass up some condors, black footed ferrets and maybe watch some hump back chubs swim around.
  8. Hey Richie, I'm interested in the 3200 rain cover. I'll pm you. Thanks!
  9. jdown

    new to shed hunting, advice?

    We got lucky and found 4 sheds in 4 trips archery hunting this Dec/Jan + 1 we glassed up but haven't gotten to them yet a decent 4pt mulie that I think the glassed up one is the match and nice little 4pt coues in the mix. a couple of decent elk sheds in Oct bear hunting including one glassed up that was just way to big of canyon to even think about. I have never done the spring thing, but sure see some full loads coming down 60 once in awhile. I assume reservation guys?
  10. jdown

    Arrow tree

    Has to be $2000 worth of arrows in that tree!
  11. jdown

    Need New Mexico antelope tag

    what's the going rate these days? I would be interested as well.