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  1. jdown

    3C Rodeo

    You're an idiot.
  2. jdown

    3C Rodeo

    I don't see anything wrong with this person writing the atv group and requesting them to consider the youth hunting schedule in the future and sharing this here for others with perhaps the same sentiment. They didn't come here and complain or start a protest. It sounds like they handled it politely and professionally and if you disagree then don't follow their lead. Simple as that to me. No reason to light them up. Lots of elk habitat close to or inbetween roads and with first time or inexperienced hunters adding extra commotion and that can easily hurt the experience, especially if not planned. Not everyone packs in 10 miles with their 10 year old and packs out an elk like Del must.
  3. jdown

    Boots need new soles

    Ed's shoe repair on Warner and 48th has done a few things for me, but honestly not a pair of hunting boots, although I think he has/had some vibram soles there one time when I looked. A little eastern europoen guy that does really nice work on everything I have seen. I have a pair that I'm going to take him after this year's deer hunts and see if it is worth doing.
  4. jdown

    Tripods Vortex, & Slik

    The sprint pro is in good hands, thanks Will. Thanks all.
  5. jdown

    Tripods Vortex, & Slik

    Will do thanks. Sprint pro II - SPF If anyone has a need for the other two, happy to donate to someone getting started.
  6. jdown

    Tripods Vortex, & Slik

    Vortex spf. Will I'll take the slik with me to work tomorrow in case closer on that side of town.
  7. jdown

    Tripods Vortex, & Slik

    Ok sounds good. Text me and we can get together. 480-369-4923
  8. jdown

    Tripods Vortex, & Slik

    Gilbert and work on I10 and Warner
  9. jdown

    Tripods Vortex, & Slik

    Vortex High Country with ball head & case - $40 - SPF Slik Sprint Pro II with pan head- $40 -SOLD Slik SDV-30 - $Free to good home Bushnell table top - $Free to good home Call or text Josh - 480-36nine- 4nine23
  10. jdown

    22S Last Night

    Lots of dead elk in my house from steelheads and none lost. I'll take the accuracy and forgiveness over hunting conditions vs the small gains from fixed heads. My .02
  11. jdown

    Youth hunting round

    I started my boys with short bbl light rifles in 243 and 7/08. I learned my lesson and 12 years later My daughter started with a broken 270wsm. I do ensure hearing protection for her but have been next to her on two elk and next to my wife with that gun and my broken 300why on two elk and noise has not been a problem for me. what's that? Haha really not too bad in the field.
  12. jdown

    Wounding bulls

    I'm my opinion, you can't practice field conditions or the effects of the situation or how a live target may adjust during the shot. Hitting a pie plate in shorts at the range or a fixed gong lying prone on your shooting mat on a flat surface at the range is a relatively small % of what can happen in hunting conditions. Some people pull it off, but many more try that can't pull it off or the conditions affect the outcome including a crap load of wounded animals that are either not known to be hit or hit poorly. And the distance certainly compounds all of those effects. I don't see how that can be disputed. Again in my opinion
  13. jdown

    Eye Guard Growth

    That's cool. I always thought deer had them (after maturing) or not. genetics more than nutrients or age. Thanks for sharing
  14. jdown

    Wounding bulls

    I've never missed a shot when I killed something--and most of those were one shot kills, all the other shots just supported or led up to that one shot. I think that what he meant. It's all semantics!
  15. jdown

    Wounding bulls

    Dustler are you a SEEKER of being a Master Bow Hunter? LOL