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  1. jdown

    PSA Baseball bats are not legal to hunt with

    Ran into one guy hunting pigs this year that was trying to shoot one in the skull for his kid or nephew because he thought it would be a cool skull mount. No idea how many he wounded trying and pretty sure he didn't care, we watched him wound one. Not as bad as this but still left a bad taste in the mouth and the animals deserve better. I mean shoot one and then put one in the skull if that is your thing I guess but to me shameful.
  2. jdown

    2016 Polaris Ranger Crew 900

    Free bump for a great guy and good looking rig. GLWS
  3. jdown

    Crossbow Question

    You can always pull less poundage too.. plenty of elk getting killed with 50-60lbs bows
  4. jdown

    Savage 110 sa classic stock only

    Confirmed they do not have retail website or listing. Sorry about that.
  5. jdown

    Savage 110 sa classic stock only

    I'll see what I can find out. As I recall it is a smaller shop that makes stocks only for Savage and probably other MFGs, but I'll snoop around a bit and see if I can get any names. It is a pretty headsy design!
  6. jdown

    Savage 110 sa classic stock only

    If I recall it is a smaller stock maker on the east coast that savage sources this stock through. I don't recall the name of the shop but can try and get for you if interested.
  7. jdown


    I posted this for the original sale so might as well share and/or give a free bmup at min ----If it helps I set two of these up in 6.5c for my wife and daughter over the last few years. They both shoot very well (3/4 at 100 with factory eldx) and I’ve shot out to 600 with them both and they track and hold spot on. I did group one at 500 and didn't put a caliper to it but it was 2 shots in the 3" diamond I did have PCR put a brake on them as well. In my opinion one of the best women’s/bigger kid rifle going. When I put the first one together I took it on my coues hunt (you know just to test it out and make sure it was safe) and loved to carry it and it worked great. Since then the girls have shot a few pigs and deer and these little rifles perform very well. Glws
  8. jdown

    Elk suicide by hanging.

    Looks like some jackazz was too lazy or stupid to cut out his clothesline or rope he hung is meat with and the elk was just fn with it and got tangled up. People don't pick up anything anymore...
  9. jdown


    Chad Smith and Vaquerro outfitters
  10. jdown


    Have to get the picture on Instapost! All that matters.
  11. jdown


    I don't know all the details but if a guide/outfitter was involved - they need to pay a much heftier price than signing their business over to a relative. They are supposed to be representative of the sport and culture not to mention entrusted by G&F. When they violate - it should be life time bans and extend further than to just being the name on the license.
  12. jdown

    .270 Savage 116 Light Weight Hunter

    If it helps and you are considering and want to shoulder one first I’m in Gilbert. Happy to pull one out of the safe.
  13. jdown

    Welding/machine shop looking for help?

    Anyone local to Gilbert area?
  14. jdown

    What to do with Savage 110FP?

    Not sure what your budget is - but what Nate said with a proof barrel. I have a couple of their ULs and am very happy with them in both weight and accuracy. One I did bottom metal and bedded stock (added about 15oz) and one is standard UL. They shoot!