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  1. jdown


    what app is that?
  2. jdown

    6.5cm hornandy 147match and 300prc

    Bunch of 243 fed premium too. I didn’t look at the load
  3. Just saw two boxes at Creed firearms in Gilbert. I think I saw 37.99 - in case anyone is looking. also had 300prc eldx. I think I saw 79.99
  4. jdown

    UPDATED, Firearms, and Scopes

    Message sent on ammo
  5. jdown

    UPDATED, Firearms, and Scopes

    If the 20ga deal falls through please let me know. thank you josh 480-369-4923
  6. In case anyone has any CCI A22 and is looking to or able to trade round for round of Maxi Mag - I would be interested. Located in Gilbert Josh 480-369-4923 Thanks!
  7. jdown

    Applying for a New Unit?

    Don’t see how you just move off of bonus points after 30 years - that won’t cause a stink I’m sure.
  8. jdown

    Applying for a New Unit?

    I’m thinking we will have to go to min points to enter the draw at some point. something like 2 for javelina and deer, 4 for elk and antelope, 8 for sheep. Something like this to help balance the amount of additional applicants to keep draw odds somewhat obtainable.
  9. jdown

    Fly fishing

    I fly fish a little but have a buddy that is big into it. I take him bass fishing a few times a year and while I catch 4:1 his are way cool and he catches some good ones!
  10. jdown

    Sold - Hornady 6.5cm 143ELD-X Ammo

    I’m sorry man. If I come across any I will let you know.
  11. jdown

    Sold - Hornady 6.5cm 143ELD-X Ammo

    Right now they are SPF, meeting up at 4.. if something does not go as planned, yes I will ship. I think I actually sent you an IM yesterday.... Sorry we didn't connect.
  12. jdown

    Can you see him? Lil fun

    Yeah nice looking buck
  13. I have four left if you are looking. $60/box located in Gilbert but can ship. Josh 480-36nine-4nine23 Thanks!