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  1. jdown

    Kenetrek Mountain Extreme Boots 12M

    Sent you a PM
  2. jdown

    Advice wanted - crazy gun sale

    I had a similar situation while I managed a gun store. It actually happened 3 times that I'm aware of.One was literally in the car just minutes after and I spoke with the family on scene. Just was shock but no follow up conversation. One was a murder suicide an hour later that I had spent an hour with them picking out the gun, holster, etc never even occurred to me was a possibility. and one was the mother bringing the gun back to the store to remove it from her life. Very difficult conversation but she was just grief stricken. In today's world though and given a choice, I would opt out. Good luck. That's a hard one. I would consult a lawyer if you decide to.
  3. Vizio 26". Works great no issues (not sure if have a remote for this one still looking) TV measures 25"X17" when on stand. M260VA - $40 NIB Sony DVD Player (never unwrapped) DVP-SR201P - $20 Gently used Sony DVD player DVP-SR200P (all cables and remote)- $20 Call or Text Josh 480-369-4ninetwo3
  4. We went up and picked up my son's 3rd Az antelope in 4 years (rifle '15, archery '17 and archery '19 - stupid lucky sh!t). Troy does a great job and even though he is in Paulden and not as convenient, his work is worth the drive plus always nice to get out of the valley check out some 19a and 17b goats along the way. I now have 3 or 4 other buddies using as well since we took the first goat there and all are pleased. He's done these 3 goats, a bear rug, a badger and couple of pigs for us and then a couple of bears and pending coues for some friends and all have been accommodating, quick and well done! Worth a look if you are looking for someone. Few pictures below of his work for us (buddies half bear).
  5. jdown

    Float tube

    Just making a joke. Most pictures I see on here have trophies in the back drop, but since yours was taken outside.. Just making a funny. Good luck with sale.
  6. jdown

    Float tube

    I just don't understand why you didn't move all your mounts out to the patio to inconspicuously have them in the background of the picture...
  7. Updated to reflect what is still available. Thanks
  8. no sir, removable top only.
  9. Sorry, always forget to add that.. Gilbert. Thanks!