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  1. Quantum Tour KVD PT Brand New still has Barcode on it. Never used Length 6'8" Action: Moderate Power: medium Text jake 4805183325 $100
  2. jdown

    poem needs help-anyone?

    Good enough for Dr suess, good enough for me!
  3. jdown

    poem needs help-anyone?

    I go for shorter, more lymric and more of an anthem myself--not what you are going after but here is light version: It was the 3rd June in O'Three When a new he!! called us to be An evening of anguish as giant blooms fill the sky Not of the heavens but from a devilish guy The next morn brings hope until we see That the winds have stirred the flames like a hive full of angry bee The maelstrom has gone unwrangled How appropriate this Rodeo leaves everything in its path mangled The Lord once asked who shall I send, who will go for us The warriors respond like armies, including our leader who goes without fuss Lupe leads his men of courage Send one send all as we make a stand to steal this beast's forage Lupe and his men succeed Despite the wrath of the fire that only wants to be freed Lupe will go home to be heroic ever more To his native land, Apache to the core A year after this victorious fight We lost this man, full of might This tribute is to this great man Who gave his life for all in yet another stand
  4. jdown

    Towing out of terminal 4 garage sky harbor

    Going down that spiral ramp with no power brakes.... That would be interesting even in low gear and emergency brake. I can't believe a two rope would work either- pretty tight turns there. That's a tough call. If not something I could fix, vote for mobile mechanic or as mentioned contact the airport regarding a row. Good luck!
  5. jdown

    Bug screens for truck

    Did mine today. Came out good I think. Time will tell. Thanks for the encouragement! I used the existing plastic pins and a few screws attaching the grill etc. Hope it holds if not I'm out $8. Thanks again
  6. jdown

    Bug screens for truck

    Thanks. Seems simple enough. Are you attaching to the inside of the grill or outside of the radiator?
  7. jdown

    Bug screens for truck

    Is anyone running and have thoughts on and/or have a line on a decent bug screen to protect the coolant systems on trucks (radiator, trans cooler, turbo cooler etc)? I was looking at the behind the grill ones mainly just for the cosmetics of it, but I'm not sure I like how they attach. Looking for any thoughts? Only two I can find for behind the grill are: Not sure I like the attach points on this one https://www.bugscreenwarehouse.com/products/behind-the-grille-bug-screen/behind-the-grille-bug-screen-ford/ I've heard good things about the D-bug screen, but I think they are out of business and last ones on ebay are not for my model https://www.ebay.com/i/221212280442?chn=ps Thanks
  8. jdown

    Glassing Seat/Pad from Phoenix Shooting Bags

    HI Stallone, I received mine and think it is going to a necessity to have going forward. I"m going to PM you a question.. thank you.
  9. jdown

    Carving set display case WTB or Make

    I'll take a look! Maybe that will do it. I guess I'm not sure what I want is my problem.. lol. These look doable though.
  10. Not sure where to go with this, so looking for advice to buy something or see if anyone has an idea or can make something. We inherited a 12 piece carving set that has some family sentimentality and I'm looking for a way to display them. I'm not sure if a shadow box on the wall type or find a more traditional carving set box that you put away in a closet somewhere and pull out when you are ready for the next in line to inherit it... I'm thinking the former. If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions, talent to build one, please let me know. I can finish the project, but need some ideas on framing and really the interior to hold the knives in place and display them is where I'm really struggling. Thanks! Josh 480-369-4923
  11. jdown

    Any boat guys want to give advice?

    I sent you a pm. Happy to discuss whether interested or not. Thank you
  12. jdown

    Sold Bass/Ski boat Stratos 289 FS

    Lake ready
  13. 1989 Stratos 289FS. 19' 150 Johnson. Powerhead rebuilt in 2004. Garage kept, well maintained and cared for. Primarily used as a bass boat, probably only towed 2 skiers in it's life. Never abused and in great shape. Now she is 30 years old, so not like new, but I would say the best looking 30 year old boat out there. Motor runs great, newer batteries and tires on the trailer and ready to fish/tow or cruise. Seats 6 comfortably. I affectionately call this boat our station wagon but she will fish, we have fished all over the US, Powell and all local lakes as a bass boat, but also nice to throw the family in and enjoy the water. I really can't find a comp, but going to ask 7K. Towable cover, never used Bimini top and extra bass chairs included Call or Text Josh 480-369-4923