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  1. jdown

    7mm reloading stuff.

    Interested in the whole lot. How much for all? Josh 480-369-4923
  2. jdown

    Snake Quiz

    Only way to tell a snakes age is kill it and cut it in half and count the rings.. Or just kill it and walk away. Sorry snake lovers!
  3. jdown

    WTB .300 Weatherby Mag Ammo

    I shoot the 165 spire points. Shoots lights out and has performed well on everything from Buffalo to Bear to Elk to Coues.
  4. jdown

    WTB .300 Weatherby Mag Ammo

    Weatherby ammo prices came down a ton in recent years (2-3 years ago). I used to pay close to 80 and the last box I bought I think was 40-45. Creeping back up now of course because everyone can take advantage of consumer buying habits these days...
  5. jdown

    Bloodiest Guns

    That's really cool. Would be fun to check that out. My bloodiest would probably have to be: Rem SP10 - 10ga. Lots of fur (coyotes and foxes) and feathers (turkey, Geese, Ducks and even the occasional quail that was on the way back from jumping a tank) Weatherby alaskan 300wby - (7-8 coues, 3 eastern wt, 1 bear, 3 elk (none of mine - I only archery elk), 1 buffalo (not mine) Probably that Rem 541T - took it on a p-dog shoot in NW Co and shot 2 bricks through it (along with a few hundred 22-250 rounds). 3 days and only stopped shooting to eat and clean/rotate guns. Never seen so many targets.
  6. jdown

    Bloodiest Guns

    I've got a 541T HB that will out shoot it my MR (with me me shooting them both that is), but I have never really dialed in different loads for each.. But that 541 shoots amazing with everything I have ever put down it. I can't imagine how accurate those true target guns really are.
  7. jdown

    Bloodiest Guns

    I have one exactly like it! Lights out shooter!
  8. jdown

    Interesting To See...

    That is him enjoying his last breath of daylight air while at a tank.. getting ready to go completely nocturnal for the Oct hunts.
  9. jdown

    Poaching justice

    Thanks for sharing. I'm glad they called out the TV show part.. in many of those shows there is either wasted game meat (stiff whole animal photo shoot the next morning with good light, or something fishy about the shot and all of a sudden the animal is dead or in camp and of course all the reacted garbage. All about the horns for some of those jack wagons.
  10. jdown

    San Carlos Turkey hunt cancelled?

    Did SC open for bear? I heard it did for a few days?
  11. jdown

    Prairie Dogs

    Big Bo, but it will cost you...
  12. jdown

    Arizona Unit 20b Youth hunt

    Sounds Like a successful hunt to me! Good luck next to around.
  13. Good luck to you and nephew. I made a poor assumption this was a do or die buck for a kid and covering the hills with eyes until someone sees him so the harvest can happen vs the hunt. All good and good luck!
  14. Good Lord we are 12 now. You win sir