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  1. jdown

    5.56 ammo

    Pm sent
  2. jdown

    Ammo 7mm, 300 Wby MAG

    I'm interested in the 300why. Where are you located? Josh 480-369-4923 Thank you
  3. jdown


    Where are you located? Interested
  4. jdown

    300 PRC for Trade

    SPF, will update once confirmed. Thank you
  5. jdown

    22LR up at SG

  6. jdown

    300 PRC for Trade

  7. jdown

    300 PRC for Trade

    I have 3 boxes of 300 PRC 212 ELD-x that I purchased for a build that I ended up not doing. Would like to trade these for any of the below ammo. May sell at later date if no trades available. Federal 7mm rem mag 168 gr Berger hybrid hunter A22 22 win mag Hornady 6.5 Creedmoor 143 gr ELD-x Federal 280AI 168 gr Berger hybrid hunter possibly take brass 5.56 ammo thanks, Jacob 4805183325
  8. jdown

    Best tires for diesel trucks

    I was just going to say the same thing. I put these on and first trip out peppered the crap out of my trailer. Took them off and went back to Michelin LTX AT2. Just a bit more tread then highway, but not nearly an AT. All I do is pull with this truck though.
  9. jdown

    223 AR

    Nice looking rifle and good luck with the sale!
  10. jdown

    WTB/Trade for CCI A22 WMR

    I don't, but I know where I can get some!
  11. jdown

    WTB/Trade for CCI A22 WMR

    I'm not desperate enough to pay the Ted's price so back up in case anyone has some they may not need or want to trade out. Thanks
  12. jdown

    6.5 Creedmoor ammo for trade

    Interested as well in the 143eldx ty
  13. jdown

    Elk archery setup

    Just one thought to add to all the good advice above is that since you are shooting such a relatively short arrow (assuming 25-26" - shorter arrows are stiffer) you can actually get by with a heavier spine. AT 65lbs, you could shoot 400 spine and pick up a little Ke as well perhaps. I doubt you will notice it, but if you are experimenting a 400 with a 100gr fixed (The fixed head not only doesn't give you the loss of energy that opener does, but it is also is longer which even that can point to a stiffer spline. If it was me, assuming you are happy with the shooting performance/accuracy (most important), I would chrono the 400 with 100 and the 340 with both 100 and 125 and then see what gives you your best Ke.
  14. Anyone have any small rifle primers or retumbo I can buy to trade for this ammo? Interested in buying if you decide to sell.
  15. jdown

    5.56 ammo for sale

    I'd buy if you want to meet anywhere... like Gilbert and Hunt Hwy or something.