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  1. jdown

    Layke Industries AR

    I added some pics. It looks like a quality made upper and lower and from my understand do some custom finishing with phosphorus coating and match grade triggers. I'm not sure where he won it, but can ask him. From what I read they do well. He is interested in selling the package if anyone is interested let me know. The closest comp I can find is rifle only for $1500, I think that is what he is asking with 800rnds of ammo, case, extra mags, red dot, case etc.... He did fire it once (I'm guessing about 200 rnds worth).
  2. jdown

    Layke Industries AR

    Well this is kind of a classified add - I have a buddy who won a Layke Industry AR and is now looking to sell. I see their site and few on a 3rd party site for sale, but I haven't talked to anyone that has heard of them. I'm trying to help him with value of the gun ( I see what it sells for) but hard to get value for something nobody knows about plus he isn't one just to throw up on a broker site. Is there anyone that happens to know much about them and desirability? Great looking machine work on the receiver, kind of an unusual laminate wood stock however. Thanks in advance
  3. jdown

    Transfer pump

    Yes--every time so far. I usually have an old aluminum arrow zip tied to the end that goes into the drum to keep the hose straight and to the bottom of the tank if you are using it on big tanks. If just on 6gal for washing meat or whatever then you don't need.
  4. jdown

    sold - thank you Tortoise with habitat

    Updated with picture. It is funny that they become attached. He will follow us around the house or yard. Tortoise itself was $120, habitat, lights and all that are around $150. We have some dirt and supplies as well to get a new owner started. Holler if interested.
  5. jdown

    Transfer pump

    Hard to lift a 50 gal jug above an rv fill and the pressure works great to wash down meat (yourself included). Here is my pump. I mounted it to a board for ease of use.
  6. jdown

    Transfer pump

    Sure, I'll take a picture in the morning. I've probably had this one for 15-20 years.
  7. jdown

    Transfer pump

    We just use a 12v water pump like they put in rvs. A clear hose and electrical run to a cigarette lighter with an online on\off switch. Works great for hosing off game meat or a quick shower too I carry one in a little duffel in the truck
  8. jdown

    sold - thank you Tortoise with habitat

    No not like those monsters at the zoo. He is an inside tortoise. Just in a habitat. I'll post a picture tomorrow but he is full grown at around 6" i would guess. He will walk around outside or around house but just back to cage for the most part
  9. jdown

    sold - thank you Tortoise with habitat

    I believe it is a Russian box or a hermanns. But will verify if I can find the pet club receipt. If you know how I can tell otherwise, let me know. Thank you
  10. Tortoise with 50 gal habitat, heat lamp, basking lamp, shelter, pond and food dish. Owned for 1.5 years and fully grown. $100 Call or text Josh 480-369-4923
  11. sold, please delete. Thank you
  12. They are spf on Thursday. If something happens where they don't sell, I will text you. Thank you
  13. jdown

    Unit 9

    Never hunted 9 but will say we had our first archery goat tag 2 years ago (my son and he drew again this year) and got a lot of trial by fire. I think it was stalk 25 or 26 on day 7 when it all came together. Four or five other stalks during the week resulted in bow range but couldn't get it done for one reason or another. The goat decoy (dunton) worked twice as I recall but didn't work several times (they love to get to about 100-120 with it and turn away). We ran to town and got the cow decoy on day 5 or 6 and didn't work a few times but then worked like a charm on the one that counted. And two stalks without anything got within bow range as the cover worked out. We were in 10 so couldn't sit water but wasn't high on his list to do anyway. I think the biggest lesson we learned after day 3 or 4 was to pick your poison and not go after everything. We probably put in 5-6 stalks in each of the first couple of days and after that it was 2 or 3 with mostly better results. Fun to hunt a species that you can learn as you go and still have opportunity each day! Good luck!
  14. jdown

    Polaris wheels and tires $400. Sold!!!

    sent you a pm. Thanks