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  1. jdown

    Storage tote ideas for Camp Chef 3 burner stove...

  2. jdown

    Storage tote ideas for Camp Chef 3 burner stove...

    There is a guy in Phx that sells a ton of military cases. I don’t have facegram or whatever that shat is but he’s on there. Az cases or something like that. I have a double burner in a hard plastic molded tote but I don’t think it would fit a triple.
  3. jdown

    WTB hornady 6.5 prc 143 eldx

    If you are $5 a round desperate, I see a handful of places are gouging, I mean listing....
  4. jdown

    Legal definition of a buck

    Hey that always been my reasoning!
  5. jdown

    Late Season Archery Bull tag Unit 22N

    Why is there a picture of a guy on a mule in the middle of all of this?
  6. jdown

    Doe hunts????

    I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure baby deer come from female deer. More female deer = more deer some of which (maybe 50%?) will be male deer. It feels like that lesson was lost on elk by the pure insanity of the number of cow elk tags/slaughter on some hunt and in some units. I hope that call is never given on our deer population.
  7. jdown

    Dumb Question

    I don't think you would get the bolt to close if you put a 308 into a 6.5c... but I suppose with a big enough hammer anything is possible.
  8. jdown

    19A 2021 General Antelope tag

    Troy has done several things for us including 3 goats - he is without question the best I have worked with - both him and his work. I've posted a few things on the Taxidermy page here over the years recommending him. Worth the drive from the valley for us.
  9. SPF- will update. Thank you
  10. Update with location and pics
  11. Polaris oem glass tip out. Glass is in mint condition. Fits the pro style full size rangers (900 and 1000). Hydraulic arms work great and have all pieces needed to install. call of text josh located in Gilbert 480-369-4923.
  12. jdown

    Polaris Ranger 1/2 Windshield $50

    SPF - Thanks Briant
  13. Bought this from a member here and going to go a different direction. It's a poly 1/2 and fits all the pro model full size rangers (900/1000). Located in Gilbert Call/Text Josh 480.369.4923
  14. jdown

    135 years ago today

    I actually just finished that book. Got an itch after I finished reading killing crazy horse. Good read and is literally seeing the events of his life from his words and very matter of fact. No embellishments.