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  1. jdown

    A Man & His Dog

    Pets at Peace. 602-818-6999. Dr Tiffany. She did everything perfect. Quiet, caring, took time to explain every step. Stood back when she needed too to allow us time and shared so much empathy. I'm sorry you need her but she made it as peaceful an experience as it possibly could be. I'll never drop one off at a vet again. Worth a little more.
  2. jdown

    A Man & His Dog

    If it helps, we used a in home euthanesia for the first time and dr was absolutely amazing and brought some peace to know she was comfortable until the end. Happy to recommend her.
  3. jdown

    A Man & His Dog

    Well crap. We literally just put my son's lab down at 4:17pm today. He got her when he was 12 and that was 12 Christmases ago. Abby was an amazing companion, hunting partner, and family member. Thanks for posting at such an opportune time. dang old dogs, they suck you in every time. Not sure I can show him this yet but in time.
  4. 10pcs, all pristine condition. Call/Text Josh 480-369-4923 Gilbert
  5. jdown


    Price drop $25
  6. jdown


  7. jdown

    How old is it?

    I would have said 7 as well
  8. jdown

    Which rifle to brake?

    I put a brake on my wife\daughter's savage lightweight 6.5 as much to remove muzzle flip as to reduce recoil and I love it. I ended up taking it my Oct hunt ' to make sure it was safe' and shot my deer with it at 250 with very low light on 14x and watched it drop in the scope and my wife shot her deer at about 150 on 14x on a morning hunt and watched it drop. I enjoy the reduced muzzle flip maybe even more than the recoil reduction but both are nice. This is the lightest caliber I have shot with a brake but I'm not adverse to it for that reason.
  9. jdown

    sold thank you Big A$$ Mirror - $40

    Why do you think I'm selling...?
  10. 87.5"x39" $40 - Unless you are throwing a big coke party, then let's say $4k. Located in Gilbert Call or Text Josh 480-369-4923
  11. jdown

    Build your own pool

    Pools are awesome for young families. As the kids got older, it got used less. We are using more this year so far than probably the last 2 years combined and I hope that keeps up. They are expensive to put and up keep, but it is what it is. I would love to fill mine in, but dang near as expensive to build and we aren't quite there yet in terms of use. But someday I have envisions of a nice fire pit, bbq etc where the pool is now.
  12. jdown

    Build your own pool

    Come take mine.. please
  13. jdown

    223 WSSM Ammo - Price drop

    I wish I still had mine...Bought a used one that shot great until it didn't.. sent it back to browning and they ended up giving me a credit for $750 so ordered a new xbolt 22-250. I assume they were having issues with the pressure and wanted the gun off the street maybe - couldn't complain though! Either way love the round and keep thinking about getting into this AR thing and doing one in that caliber... Good luck with sale.
  14. jdown

    Opinions on Barrel

    IN case this helps with some of your questions. I just got my first proof in 280AI. I'm mounting it up tonight. Anxious to get it out!
  15. jdown

    Woods Canyon Lake

    Canero gets a lot of scout traffic though...