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    Youth hunting round

    I started my boys with short bbl light rifles in 243 and 7/08. I learned my lesson and 12 years later My daughter started with a broken 270wsm. I do ensure hearing protection for her but have been next to her on two elk and next to my wife with that gun and my broken 300why on two elk and noise has not been a problem for me. what's that? Haha really not too bad in the field.
  2. jdown

    Wounding bulls

    I'm my opinion, you can't practice field conditions or the effects of the situation or how a live target may adjust during the shot. Hitting a pie plate in shorts at the range or a fixed gong lying prone on your shooting mat on a flat surface at the range is a relatively small % of what can happen in hunting conditions. Some people pull it off, but many more try that can't pull it off or the conditions affect the outcome including a crap load of wounded animals that are either not known to be hit or hit poorly. And the distance certainly compounds all of those effects. I don't see how that can be disputed. Again in my opinion
  3. jdown

    Eye Guard Growth

    That's cool. I always thought deer had them (after maturing) or not. genetics more than nutrients or age. Thanks for sharing
  4. jdown

    Wounding bulls

    I've never missed a shot when I killed something--and most of those were one shot kills, all the other shots just supported or led up to that one shot. I think that what he meant. It's all semantics!
  5. jdown

    Wounding bulls

    Dustler are you a SEEKER of being a Master Bow Hunter? LOL
  6. jdown

    22S Last Night

    +1 I just posted the same thing on the wounding bulls post... archery and rifle!
  7. jdown

    Wounding bulls

    Hahahaha.. now that's funny s#!t right there....
  8. jdown

    Wounding bulls

    I hate leaving wounded game, I mean I'll look for a freaking quail for an hour. I don't think there is ever going to be a definitive right and wrong here, each hunter has to be there own moral guide based on the hit and situation. But two thoughts here... I'll take my chances at under 50 yards with my bow vs over 500 with a rifle like these long range guys are trying to do and wounding animals they don't even know they wounded and be fair to the animal and give it a good effort. Not 10min like the 22S guy or hit 5 like the unit 9 guy on the other thread. So quit shooting 80+ with your bow. That animal can take 2-3 steps in that arrow flight and not be even close to an ethical shot and quit shooting 800 yards with your rifle. You have no fn clue if you even hit or miss most of the time and you have to go over there anyway. Oh that's right if they don't drop you don't have to. I forgot that lesson in the long range hunting (it isn't hunting, it's shooting until you hit something) class.
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    22S Last Night

  10. jdown

    22S Last Night

    Lots of 30-35lb bows out there too not getting the penetration needed...That rule needs to change to kinetic energy, but of course no way to field test that... I would be in favor of an 'archery' class or make the hunter safety class more than just knowing the difference between a recurve and a compound.
  11. jdown

    22S Last Night

    I know a guy last year stuck 3, never recovered any. He worked hard on all of them including one on video that looked like a perfect shot, only thing we can figure is leg came back and deflected the arrow's path back. My son stuck one a few years ago that was a Xring shot and it did that. It looked like such a great shot, typical 30-45min, ended up bumping her. Let her go for another 4 hours and she was dead just over the next ridge. I think one more bump and she might have just walked off. Arrow went in perfect and got deflected back and to the brisket. It can happen, but sounds like to me that G&F should raise their 35% harvest to actually closer to 100%. If 35% actually kill and harvest and some % of them stick more than one and some % stick and don't harvest... The math probably works out to 80-100% stuck. Now what % live from that. As we have all said, lower the tags!!! Especially the baby makers!!
  12. Big and ugly (My brother in law and the case) but great quality military hard case. I had it mounted to a board, so it has five 3/8" holes in it that I assume you could epoxy or use for similar mounting. Inside is L-47"x W-15"X H-11". I'm re-purposing the foam I bought for it from Tempe Sales (about $30 to config). In the configuration I had, it held 4 rifles or 2 rifles + optics. Great latches and o-ring seal. Completely Weather tight when mounted from moisture and dust. Call or text Josh (Gilbert/Tempe) 480-369-49two3
  13. Wheels are actually bolted on not roll pin and are good to go. Looks like they have hardly been on the ground. Let me know if any other questions. Thanks!
  14. jdown

    Rut Activity

    That's a heart breaker! I can imagine 2 sec after the video cuts off, one freaking cow bark and the woods explode while waiting for an angle on that bull. At least that is my dooms day as it has happened to me more than once and I'm sure many. So cool!
  15. I think I knocked the wheels out - just a roll pin. I'll look when I get home to see if I still have them. I'm a hoarder, so I probably do. I can let you know if I have them and if they function this evening.
  16. jdown

    22S Last Night

    Scum bag!
  17. jdown

    Input sought from elk hunters

    I've sent a couple of emails on observations the last couple of years on elk, deer herds and habitat (roads that have been 'opened' by recreational users over the years that have just become a normal road now that are killing great habitat in one particular until that I have hunted for 35 years now and have seen it change for the worse. I have received 0 response. If they are listening to their biologists, I would be shocked too. I think they also have forgotten where babies come from...
  18. jdown

    Tree Stand Recomendations

    I really like Xstands
  19. I agree, no perfect system and if they are calling up until 5pm the night before, they are doing their job. Totally agree on not taking that tag if you have not been up there scouting at all preseason. Especially for antelope
  20. Do they not offer anything after 5pm the night before the hunt starts? So those surrendered tags that don't get filled just mean a few less goats shot this year? I already mentioned it, but all I could think about last night was getting that call for 5b. After trailing my son for those 9 days on the archery hunt before he killed and watching those bucks pass by at 120 yards and/or stomp their feet as we got picked off time and time again....I couldn't help but think revenge on just one more of them! haha
  21. oh good call. I'll start at 165 for about 30min then go up about 10 degrees every 30 min to 185 or so adding smoke at each interval,.so total cook/smoke time about 2 hours. Then open the vents and go up to 225 for 15-20 min and the bacon will crisp up. You can also cheat and pull them and put in the oven on broil for about 10min. Way better with the bacon crispy.
  22. I wish I got that call. Just spent 10 days there. Even if could just hunt weekend, you can cover enough ground to see enough goats. But not having any time up there and risking 26 points? I don't blame you. Hopefully you get a crack at it next year, you are 7 years ahead of me.
  23. Filet and wrap with a slice of green chili and/or jalepeno and a piece of bacon. Hold together with a tooth pick and smoke (165-185deg). We do this with duck and quail as well. Always comes out as delicious apps for Tgiving/Xmas or poker night.