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    Bug screens for truck

    Is anyone running and have thoughts on and/or have a line on a decent bug screen to protect the coolant systems on trucks (radiator, trans cooler, turbo cooler etc)? I was looking at the behind the grill ones mainly just for the cosmetics of it, but I'm not sure I like how they attach. Looking for any thoughts? Only two I can find for behind the grill are: Not sure I like the attach points on this one https://www.bugscreenwarehouse.com/products/behind-the-grille-bug-screen/behind-the-grille-bug-screen-ford/ I've heard good things about the D-bug screen, but I think they are out of business and last ones on ebay are not for my model https://www.ebay.com/i/221212280442?chn=ps Thanks
  2. jdown

    Bug screens for truck

    Thanks. Seems simple enough. Are you attaching to the inside of the grill or outside of the radiator?
  3. jdown

    Glassing Seat/Pad from Phoenix Shooting Bags

    HI Stallone, I received mine and think it is going to a necessity to have going forward. I"m going to PM you a question.. thank you.
  4. Not sure where to go with this, so looking for advice to buy something or see if anyone has an idea or can make something. We inherited a 12 piece carving set that has some family sentimentality and I'm looking for a way to display them. I'm not sure if a shadow box on the wall type or find a more traditional carving set box that you put away in a closet somewhere and pull out when you are ready for the next in line to inherit it... I'm thinking the former. If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions, talent to build one, please let me know. I can finish the project, but need some ideas on framing and really the interior to hold the knives in place and display them is where I'm really struggling. Thanks! Josh 480-369-4923
  5. jdown

    Carving set display case WTB or Make

    I'll take a look! Maybe that will do it. I guess I'm not sure what I want is my problem.. lol. These look doable though.
  6. 1989 Stratos 289FS. 19' 150 Johnson. Powerhead rebuilt in 2004. Garage kept, well maintained and cared for. Primarily used as a bass boat, probably only towed 2 skiers in it's life. Never abused and in great shape. Now she is 30 years old, so not like new, but I would say the best looking 30 year old boat out there. Motor runs great, newer batteries and tires on the trailer and ready to fish/tow or cruise. Seats 6 comfortably. I affectionately call this boat our station wagon but she will fish, we have fished all over the US, Powell and all local lakes as a bass boat, but also nice to throw the family in and enjoy the water. I really can't find a comp, but going to ask 7K. Towable cover, never used Bimini top and extra bass chairs included Call or Text Josh 480-369-4923
  7. jdown

    Any boat guys want to give advice?

    I sent you a pm. Happy to discuss whether interested or not. Thank you
  8. jdown

    Sold Bass/Ski boat Stratos 289 FS

    Lake ready
  9. Never been used, but came off of 08 F250. I think it covers many years and models. I'm fairly certain 08-15 Call or Text Josh 480-369-4923
  10. jdown

    Sold - Ford Receiver Hitch $40 '08-'15

    Pretty certain this will fit an '08-'15.
  11. jdown

    ISO Muzzle Break

    PCR put a little bastard on my wife/daughter's 6.5 last year--little savage 16 light weight stainless jobber... looks and performs well.
  12. jdown


    Verde Valley Taxidermy (in camp verde) does really nice work from their show room although I've never used them, However we shot a couple of antelope in the last few years out of 10 and took a chance of Authentic taxidermy in Chino. We liked him (Troy), and his work enough to make him our only taxidermist now and we live in the east valley. Worth the drive. for us He's done a 2nd goat for us, a couple of pigs, badger and has a bear for us now along with a 2 from our buddies. He's just a great guy, super creative and accommodating and has a great wood guy that compliments his work. Happy to share pictures if you would like. Good luck!
  13. jdown

    Sold - Ford Receiver Hitch $40 '08-'15

    Price drop to $40
  14. White 6 16" spoke trailer rim. I don't think it's ever been on the ground. Tire on it is an old spare (good shape, but 2012 tire I think) so I wouldn't count on it. 235/80/R16 E tire Call or text Josh 480-369-4923
  15. jdown

    Sold thanks - Trailer rim 16" $35

    Hump day bump
  16. jdown

    Sold. sink. $20

    No cracks, no leaks. Josh 480-369-4923
  17. jdown

    Sold thanks - Trailer rim 16" $35

    TTT - Make an offer if you need an extra wheel for something. Like I said, I wouldn't put the tire on the ground except for a get me town spare at 30mph
  18. jdown

    Killer badlands deals

    Well crap, I missed this thread and the deal! If you hear of another, keep us posted..Thank you!