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    Ford Receiver Hitch $40

    Never been used, but came off of 08 F250. I think it covers many years and models. Call or Text Josh 480-369-4923
  2. jdown


    Verde Valley Taxidermy (in camp verde) does really nice work from their show room although I've never used them, However we shot a couple of antelope in the last few years out of 10 and took a chance of Authentic taxidermy in Chino. We liked him (Troy), and his work enough to make him our only taxidermist now and we live in the east valley. Worth the drive. for us He's done a 2nd goat for us, a couple of pigs, badger and has a bear for us now along with a 2 from our buddies. He's just a great guy, super creative and accommodating and has a great wood guy that compliments his work. Happy to share pictures if you would like. Good luck!
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    Ford Receiver Hitch $40

    Easter bump
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    Ford Receiver Hitch $40

  5. jdown

    Ford Receiver Hitch $40

  6. jdown

    Ford Receiver Hitch $40

    Price drop to $40
  7. White 6 16" spoke trailer rim. I don't think it's ever been on the ground. Tire on it is an old spare (good shape, but 2012 tire I think) so I wouldn't count on it. 235/80/R16 E tire Call or text Josh 480-369-4923
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    Sold thanks - Trailer rim 16" $35

    Hump day bump
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    Sold. sink. $20

    No cracks, no leaks. Josh 480-369-4923
  10. jdown

    Sold thanks - Trailer rim 16" $35

    TTT - Make an offer if you need an extra wheel for something. Like I said, I wouldn't put the tire on the ground except for a get me town spare at 30mph
  11. jdown

    Killer badlands deals

    Well crap, I missed this thread and the deal! If you hear of another, keep us posted..Thank you!
  12. In good shape and works well. Lightly used. Call or tex Josh 480-369-4923
  13. jdown

    New bow opinions

    Totally agree. If my calculations are correct, you are looking at about a 12 to 13' drop at 100 yards and about 80fps loss in speed at that distance (not as much as I would have guessed actually). So aiming at something 12' high, then hoping your release is perfect on that shot, there is no wind effect and oh yeah hoping the animal doesn't take a step or two or put it's head down to feed in that 1-2secs of arrow travel time is all unrealistic to be fair to our game in my opinion. But people try it all the time and few connect somewhere on the animal I'm sure here and there....Just more dead heads out there I guess. Lots of good bows out there.. I just played with the Vertix, Traverse, Triax and Bow Tech Realm at a buddy's shop out east a few weeks ago and all were impressive. I actually liked the Traverse the best, but I wouldn't be unhappy with any of them. So many good options to play with out there.
  14. jdown

    San Carlos success

    We were up there 4 weeks ago.. you will not believe the water. Every tank is literally overflowing however it made many roads impassible. I'm assuming it's calming now. Saw birds everywhere and more toms that typical.
  15. jdown

    Vortex Viper HD and Layout Blind for Sale

    Hump day bump for a great guy!
  16. Primos Drag strip, Lil Hook up, and 7 diaphragms. All never opened in box. Call or text Josh 480-369-4923
  17. I would consider selling in two lots if someone wanted, I realize that's a lot of mouth calls. Say the slate and 3 diaphrams for $40 and the box and 4 diaphrams for $40 or you can have the whole lot for $60.
  18. jdown

    DISH portable system

    Looks like it.. The only think I didn't see in the description was HD and satellite switching... does it go from 110 to 119 without having to re-scan? All very much first world problems...
  19. jdown

    DISH portable system

    I think this is the set up I got, but they were running a sale for $349 and I had a $50 off coupon--I think it was a 4th of July thing. Still too much, but it's been nice on a few family outings. https://www.campingworld.com/king-tailgater-satellite-antenna-with-dish-vip211z-satellite-receiver-110134.html
  20. jdown

    DISH portable system

    Correct, power from the cable and I've run it on a 100' chord with no problems. I try and put mine on the roof to just keep the honest folks from walking off with it or it getting broken, but have left on the ground too. As mentioned clear view to the south is all you need. Mine is the smokey round one with a carry handle, but I imagine they all work about the same. I think some only are 1 channel though, so if you want both satellites at one time, you need one that supports dual. I think that is how it works anyway.
  21. jdown

    DISH portable system

    Mine did come with a free receiver too, but I never took it out of the box, I just steal one from the house as I'm walking out. I think you are right on the 211Z.
  22. jdown

    DISH portable system

    Might be the newer and improved version.. I'm not sure. Mine says something like Dish King Tailgator. I got it from Camping World, but I'm sure available everywhere. It receives both 110 and 119 (or whatever the HD ones are now) at the same time.